Little Walkers Creek

Combs Family 

Combs; originally designated a dweller in a valley, dale, glen, deep hollow, pit, ravine, or bottom land.[1]


John Combs, born in Grayson County, Virginia 10 December 1815, was the son of Zedekiah (often called “Zadoc”) Combs and Elizabeth Johnson. Zedekiah was born about 1775 probably in North Carolina and died in Grayson County before August 1821 (date of estate inventory. He was the father of seven children: Joseph born 1802, Sarah born 1804, Jeremiah born 1806, William born 1810, Nancy born 1811, John 1815 and Melinda 1820. Zedekiah lived in Paul’s Creek and Crooked Creek area of Grayson, same as the Allen family.


Just as the Allen family, John Combs left Grayson County and moved to Raleigh County, Virginia (now West Virginia). John Combs 1st  married Penninah Jane Beller. She was born 24 April 1822 in Grayson County and died 02 May 1883 in Pulaski County. Her parents were Elias Beller and Nancy Wills. John Combs married 2nd  Phoebe R. Wills on 02 November 1883 in Pulaski County.


On June 16 1873, John Combs bought 45 acres from James M. Johnson and wife Hester—corner to HiramDavis’s patent land.[2]


John bought 700 acres of land in the area of Alum Springs on Little Walkers Creek from William L. Hunter on January 26, 1876. This deed was not recorded until May 12, 1905.[3]


On June 7, 1877, Jesse Morris was conveyed 300 acres by John Combs and wife Peniah “…near a line between Hunter and said Combs…”.[4]


John Combs and Phebe his wife conveyed 125 acres “…between John Morris and said John Combs…” to Joseph W. Combs for “natural love and affection” on February 27, 1888.[5]


John and Phebe conveyed 125 acres to the children of John W. Combs for “…natural love and affection…” on February 27, 1888.6 and to John W. Combs “for natural love and affection…” 125 acres between William Hunterand John Combs.[6]


John Combs wrote his will on September 6, 1889:

“1st I request to be decently buried; after death, my executors may have my burial expense and all debts paid out of my estate.

2nd I bequeath to my 3 daughters, Nettie M., Georgiana and Vergie Bell my tract of land and wife Phebe to share jointly with them her lifetime; also to daughters-one bond worth $600 held against John D. and Allen Hall.

3rd To wife and 3 daughters all my household and kitchen furniture, my gray mare, 2 cows and my mowing machine and rake—Joe W. Combs holding equal share in machine and rake. Unto daughter Nettie, my watch.

4th To son Joe W. all my blacksmith tools he may select and request that he does blacksmith for my wife and the 3 children—balance of said tools to be sold.

5th I request my executors sell all personal property not before mentioned at public auction all things not necessary for the place.

6th I request my executors collect all debts owed to me.

7th To my son M. J.. I have already paid his part.

8th To daughter Nancy Combs I have already paid her part.

9th To granddaughter Madona Cook $75 of Raleigh County, West Virginia.

10th To Liza Allen deceased her children $88.25 as they become of age.

11th To Son John W. I have already paid his part.

12th To son Joe W.. I have already paid his part.

13th To daughter Mary White $25 plus what I have already paid.

14th Paulina Akers and children $65 plus what I have already given.

15th To son William R.. my love and affection

16th I request executors to use the money left from the estate and use to best advantage for my wife and daughters.

17th I appoint Joe W. Combs as my executor.

Witnesses were R. M. T. Hunter and S. M. B Morris


John Combs added on September 8, 1889 “J. W. Combs made guardian of children Nettie, Georgiana and Virgie Bell” Witnesses R. M. T. Hunter and J. B. King.


John added on March 3, 1890 “Request and will that should any more children be born unto my wife during my life or within nine months after my death, they should share equally with my daughters. Witnesses were R. M. T. Hunter and William A. Morris. John Combs’ will was probated on January 4, 1892.[7]  He is, most likely, buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Pulaski County, Virginia.


John Combs and Penninah Jane Beller’s children:

1.       Mandeville Jackson born 06 April 1841 married Henrietta E. Martin on 27 July 1871 in Giles County, Virginia. Children:[8]

1.1.        John W. born about 1872.

1.2.        William J. born 31 December 1875.[9]

1.3.        Lizzie J. born about 1878.

1.4.        Charles C. born 25 January 1880.[10]

1.5.        Everett born 10 August 1884.[11]

1.6.        James born 05 October 1886.[12]


Mandeville disappeared from Pulaski after 1880. He may have died between 1880 and 1900.


Mandeville Jackson served with the 36th Infantry Regiment Virginia, Company C; enlisted on October 6, 1862.  Promoted to Full Corporal on August 10, 1864. He was paroled on June 12, 1865.[13]


2.       Nancy Ann born 22 August 1842 married Jeremiah Combs on 3 April 1860 probably in Raleigh County, Virginia.

3.       Eliza J. C. married William Carr Allen. *See Allen Family.

4.       John W. born about 1848 married Mary J. T. Williams on 30 January 1879 in Pulaski. He married 2nd  in Raleigh County, West Virginia, Mary Ann Combs on 24 March 1904. John and Mary Williams’ children from Pulaski County Births-1853-1893:

4.1.       John born 29 December 1872.

4.2.       James born 22 February 1880.

4.3.       William “Cam” Cameron born 21 March 1884 married Bertha Haga and had the following children from the 1930 Pulaski County census:

4.3.1.         Lena born about 1921.

4.3.2.         Virginia born about 1923.

4.3.3.         Mary E. born about 1925.

4.3.4.         William Victor born about 1927 married Violet Virginia Davis.

4.3.5.         Herbert D. born about 1928.

4.4.        Creed Frank born 30 March 1887[14] married Lula E. Harrell on 29 January 1913 in Pulaski.


On June 14, 1905 J. W. Combs and wife Mary Ann of Raleigh County, West Virginia conveyed all interest in his father’s land to W. C. Combs and C. F. Combs of Pulaski…bounded by lines of P. R. Combs and children—west of R. M. T. Hunter and North of Ballard Harrell. 125 acres.[15]


5.       Joseph W. born 12 January 1851, married Matilda K. Robertson on 17 September 1874 in Giles County. Joseph died on 06 May 1902. Matilda was born January 1856 and died 25 July 1946. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County. Children:

5.1.          Infant female born 15 May 1875.[16]

5.2.        William Hix born 30 March 1877[17], never married. His mother was living with him in 1930.[18] William died 30 October 1954, buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Pulaski County.

5.3.          Nannie Della born 12 June 1879, married John Bell Morris on 19 September 1896 in Pulaski County. Nannie died 19 July 1966, buried in the Hunter Cemetery. John was born 29 April 1874 to Joseph Johnson Morris and Sarah Shinault. He died on 28 March 1958, buried in the Hunter Cemetery. Their children:[19]

5.3.1.       Delia B. born December 1897 in Pulaski.

5.3.2.       Harris H. born April 1900 in Pulaski.

5.3.3.       Fanny born about 1902.

5.3.4.       Mary born about 1906.

5.3.5.       Glen born about 1909.

5.3.6.       Myrtle M. born about 1911 married Jackson Vest on 13 March 1937 in Pulaski. Jackson was the son of William Vest and Ettie Woodyard.

5.3.7.       Lelia born about 1914 married Robert Woodyard on 01 January 1937 in Pulaski. Robert was the son of Sidney Woodyard and Rhoda White.

5.3.8.       Edith born about 1915 married Cecil Woodyard on 28 June 1934. He was the son of Sidney Woodyard and Rhoda White.

5.3.9.       John Bell, Jr. born about 1921.

5.4.        Robert V. born February 1880 married Agnes Underwood on 19 November 1899 in Pulaski; the daughter of Andrew Joshua Underwood and Sarah Jane Kennedy. Agnes is listed as widowed in the 1920 and 1930 Pulaski County census. Children:

5.4.1.         Jessie Savella born 09 March 1900 in Pulaski married Edward Luther Haynes Stafford.[20]

5.4.2.         Mary Alva born about 1903.[21]

5.4.3.         Lee Roy born about 1907.

5.4.4.         Harry Genett.[22]

5.5.        Myrtle born 26 February 1881 married Robert L. Underwood on 07 October 1902 in Pulaski. Robert was the son of Andrew Joshua Underwood and Sarah Jane Kennedy. Robert died 23 July 1905; Myrtle died 19 February 1912. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery. Children:[23]

5.5.1.      Herbert born about 1903.

5.5.2.         Stella born about 1905.

5.6.          George Edward born about 1882 married Lucinda Motley on 17 January 1903 in Pulaski County.


On August 1, 1905 G. E. Combs and Lucinda his wife of Pulaski and Robert Combs and Aggie his wife of Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia conveyed to Cam Combs and Frank Combs of Pulaski all their interest in their father’s land 125 acres.[24]


5.7.        Nellie G. born 01 October 18837 married John Milton Underwood 29 November 1904 in Pulaski. John was the son of Andrew Joshua Underwood and Sarah Jane Kennedy. Nellie died in 1914, buried in the Hunter Cemetery. John was born 28 July 1880 and died 11 April 1957, also buried in the Hunter Cemetery. They had two daughters:

5.7.1.          Jennie.

5.7.2.       Lucille.

5.8.        Foy Crockett born about 1886 married Alice Stone on 20 February 1915 in Pulaski County. Children from the 1920 and 1930 Pulaski County census:

5.8.1.       Robert Wesley born 09 October 1915 married Lela Hazel Woodyard. She was the daughter of Albert Sidney Woodyard and Rhoda P. White. Robert died 09 November 1985. Robert served in World War II.

5.8.2.       Evelyn born about 1918.

5.8.3.       Dorothy born about 1920.

5.8.4.       Dicie born about 1922.

5.8.5.       Foy Crockett, Jr. born 02 March 1924 and died 21 December 1956; buried in the Hunter Cemetery. Served in World War II.

5.8.6.       Joseph W. born about 1926.

5.8.7.       Mary E. born about 1930.

5.9.        Frank.

5.10.     Charles W. born 22 March 1888 married Ethel Vest on 22 June 1921in Pulaski .

5.11.       Mabel B. born November 1893 married Oscar Leroy Millirons on 14 September 1914 in Pulaski County. Children:

5.11.1.     Franklin Hicks..

5.11.2.      Glenn.

5.11.3.       Opal.

5.11.4.   Raymond.

6.       Mary Arabella born 07 April 1854 married Turner Bascom Wheeler 01 February 1877 in Giles County.

7.        Paulina C. born 03 October 1858 married David Crockett Akers on 31 January 1874 in Pulaski County. He was the son of Davidson Akers and Rachel Graham. Their children:[25]

7.1.        Mary Lizzie born 04 July 1876 in Pulaski.

7.2.        Willie born 11 February 1878 in Pulaski.

7.3.        Emma V. born December 1879 in Pulaski.

7.4.        William C. born 03 November 1881 in Pulaski.

7.5.        Pearl R. born August 1883 in Pulaski.

7.6.        Maggie L. born 28 August 1891 in Pulaski.

7.7.          William McKinley born June 1897.[26]


John Combs and Phoebe R. Wills’ children:

8.       Neta Morgan born August 1884 in Pulaski[27] married George Julian Allen on 02 May 1913. *See Allen Family.

9.       Georgiana born 10 February 1886 in Pulaski.[28]

10.   Argie Bell born 18 February 1888 in Pulaski.[29]

11.   Henry born about 1890.[30]

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