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Little Walkers Creek



English, patronymic (of, relating to, or derived from the name of one's father or a paternal ancestor) derived from the Old Testament name David “beloved”, the patron saint of Wales.[1]


Henry Davis Family


William Davis was born about 1781 in Virginia.[2]. He died between 1850 and 1860 as he was not listed in the 1860 Carroll County, Virginia census. William married Judith; her maiden name is unknown. She was born about 1803 in Virginia.[3] She died 28 February 1865 in Carroll County. William and Judith had four known children: Angelina born about 1831 married Andrew J. Franklin; James born about 1842; Susan Elizabeth born about 1843 married William Anderson Smythers and Henry.


Henry Davis was born in Carroll County, Virginia on 05 May 1844. He died on 15 February 1906 in Wytheville, Wythe County. On 28 February 1863, he married Margaret Fowler in Carroll County. She was the daughter of  Samuel L. Fowler and Margaret Stoots. Margaret was born 05 March 1841 in Carroll County and died 02 May 1905 in Bland. Henry and Margaret are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.[4]


It is not known why Henry moved to Bland County. From the 1870 Bland census, page 380, Henry was living in the Mechanicsburg district but not on Little Walkers Creek. Neighbors included the following families: Almarine Woodyard, Letitia Raines, William P. Mustard, A. J. Nye and J. H. Hoiliman. Henry was listed as not owning real estate.


Henry Davis bought land from the Joshua Mustard heirs sometime between 1870 and 1880. The land was not conveyed until after Henry had died. On September 10, 1906, the land was conveyed to “…C. A. Davis, J. E. Davis, F. V. Davis, Mrs. L. V. Davis, C. C. Davis, Mrs. B. J. Kitts, Mrs. T.. B. Parcell, Mrs. A. J. Ritter, H. H. Davis, J. J. Davis, who are the children and heirs at law of Henry Davis deceased…” by Arthur J. Porterfield, special commissioner of Bland County. “That whereas by decree of the Circuit Court of Bland County, Virginia duly rendered by the Judge thereof in vacation as prescribed by law in the Chancery cause therein pending in the name of Henry Davis v. Nye Mustard et. als. and which after the death of said Henry Davis by decree therein rendered on the 15th day of March 1906 was duly revived in the name of the said parties of the second part as the heirs at law of said Henry Davis Dec’d., and in which cause amended and supplemental bill was filed and duly matured against all the defendants therein including the heirs at law of Nye Mustard deceased and J. H. Mustard deceased and in said cause amongst other things it was adjudged, ordered and decreed that the said Henry Davis in his lifetime had fully paid the purchase money for the lands in the bill and proceedings mentioned which he bought of J. J. Mustard and J. H. Mustard and which the said J. J. Mustard and J. H. Mustard had purchased from the Court’s Comr. In the Chancery suit of Sol. B. King v. Joshua Mustard’s heirs and others that the said Henry Davis in his lifetime was entitled to a deed conveying to him the legal title to the said land and all interest therein and it was further decreed that the said A. H. Porterfield as the Court’s Commissioner should by proper deed with covenants or special warranty should convey the said land in said Chancery causes mentioned to the said parties of the second part as the heirs at law of Henry Davis Deceased. Now therefore this deed witnesseth that in consideration of the premises aforesaid and by virtue of the decree aforesaid the said party of the first part as Commissioner as aforesaid doth hereby grant and convey of special warranty unto the said parties of the second part that certain tract or parcel of land in said Chancery causes mentioned and being what is known as the old Joshua Mustard tract of land and which lies on the waters of Walker’s Little Creek in Bland County, Virginia near the Pulaski County line and adjoins the lands owned or formerly owned by Saml. C. Davis and others and being the same lands owned by Joshua Mustard Deceased and the same lands owned and occupied by the said Henry Davis in his lifetime and now owned and occupied by his heirs. It being the intention and effect to convey all the land in said tract as fully to all intents and purposes as if the land was specifically described by metes and bounds”.[5]


On November 4, 1884, W. J. Lambert and wife Sarah E. conveyed 7 acres to Henry Davis being the same land bought of David Y. Hamblin.[6]


W. N. Harman and wife Orlevia conveyed 8 acres to Henry Davis… corner of land sold to W. Hamblin and to Wm Lambert, thence with said Hamblin’s line to said Davis old patent line and thence with the calls of said patent line to where the same intersects the said Harman’s line of the 2832 acre patent at the county line…”. [7]


Henry Davis applied to the Post Office Department in Washington, DC on May 4, 1891 for the establishment of a post office at Long Spur, Bland County, Virginia. The application was sent to Mr. Henry Davis care of the Post Master of Bland C. H. [Court House]. The Long Spur Post Office was to be located in the Township of Mechanicsburg; which would be carried from Long Spur to Wytheville, Virginia, on which no mail was then being carried on Route number 11725 [postal route number]. The mail would be carried once per week. The names of the nearest post offices: Mechanicsburg, six miles to the north; Pulaski City, fifteen miles to the south; Point Pleasant, 8 miles to the northwest. The nearest creek was Walkers Little Creek and the post office would be located mile on the north side of it. The number of residents supplied by the new post office was two hundred. A map was supplied by Henry Davis drawn at random and without instruments by W. A. Harman of Point Pleasant, Virginia. At the same time, a new post office was opened in Crockett’s Cove, Wythe County.[8]


From Minnie Davis Parsell’s articles: “There had never been a Post Office on Little Creek or a mail route. Daddy told Mother he was going to get up a petition for a post office. He went out with a paper and come back and said everyone had signed it . He sent it off and it soon came back and he had the Post Office. A 2c stamp sent a letter and a postal was 1c. He needed a Postmaster and a place for the Post Office. He went to his mill and upstairs to the store at the end of the counter he set up his Post Office. It was very private. This was in 1865.” Also, “Jack Carr worked the year around for Daddy for 25c a day and his board. He made him the mail carrier. There was just mail on Saturday. He had to carry it on his shoulder. He walked about two miles up Spur Branch, then across Big Walkers Mountain. There wasn’t any road across the mountain, just a walking path. The mail was carried to Mechanicsburg and back. This post office was named Larton. The mail was carried like this for several years. They changed the mail route to go down the creek to Poplar Hill and the name was changed to Long Spur, Virginia. This route had five fords to cross. My brother, Coma, took the mail on horseback a long while and then he used a horse buggy until the cars came in. Even then they still had to ford the water.” Later, Comie’s son, Jasper Hampton carried the mail for many years.


On Tuesday, March 12, 1907, a suit was brought before the Circuit Court of Bland County between J. E. Davis et als [meaning “and others”] Complainants versus C. C. Davis et als. Defendants “…whereof it is adjudged, ordered, anddecreed that the Complainants and Defendants as the heirs at law and devisees of Henry Davis deceased, are entitled to partition of the lands in the bill and proceedings mentioned and to have the same partitioned in kind, it is therefore adjudged, ordered and decreed that S. C. Chumbley, Jno. C. Mustard and L. D. Repass be, and they are hereby appointed Commissioners for the purpose, and are directed, at as early a day as possible to go upon the lands of which the said Henry Davis died seized and possessed and which lies on Walker’s Little Creek in Bland County, Virginia, and is the same lands set forth in Complainant’s bill and the same land devised by the will of the said Henry Davis as stated in the bill, and said commissioners will divide and partition said land amongst the children and devisees of said Henry Davis…”. It further reads “some of the heirs of Henry Davis have sold their shares to some of the other heirs…that Henry Davis in his lifetime sold to Elizabeth Carr who is now the wife of C. A. Davis, a small parcel of land set forth in a contract in writing signed by the said Henry Davis dated on the 15th of May 1897, and which is filed with the records of this suit…” it goes on to say Elizabeth Carr now Elizabeth Davis land will be laid off first. This partition lists the following:

Lot No.1—assigned to Coma A. Davis, it being 3/11 in value of the whole tract…2/11 bought of J. J. Davis and Mrs. Alice Ritter. It contained a total of 108 acres and 60 square rods.

Lot No.2—assigned to Charles C. Davis being 3/11 in value of the whole tract…2/11 bought of W. T. Davis and H.H. Davis. It contained 86 acres and 122 square rods.

Lot No.3—assigned to Robert H. Kitts and Mrs. Bertha J. Kitts being 4/11 in value of the whole tract…purchased from J. E. Davis, Louisa V. Davis and F. V. Davis. It contained 130 acres and 70 square rods.

Lot No.4—assigned to Ms. T. D. Parsell, being her share containing 32 acres and 125 square rods.


Henry and Margaret Fowler Davis’s children: 

James Edward Davis, Ollie E. Byrd & son


Submitted by Juanita Bentley

1.      James Edward born 01 May 1864 in Carroll County and died 24 October 1934. James married Ollie E. Byrd on 27 May 1886 in Bland. Ollie was born 02 April 1866 in Bland and died on 27 October 1934. Her parents were John and Susan Byrd. James and Ollie are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. James and Ollie lived on the Pulaski side of Little Walker’sCreek about three miles from the Bland County line in thesame house Walter “Pug” Vance Millirons lived in later years.


On October 16, 1908 Charles W. Fletcher and Aldora Fletcher, his wife conveyed land to Ollie E. Davis and J. E. Davis her husband two tracts of land on Little Walkers Creek. The first containing 20 acres and the second tract 96 acres. The two tracts are the same that was conveyed to Charles Fletcher from Mariah Mustard by deed bearing date the 5th day of April, 1902.[9]


John S. Draper, special commissioner of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County in Chancery cause of J. M. LeFew, Guardian -vs- Beatrice and Gladys King 1913 was directed to sell at public auction 16 acres the property of said Kings. Draper sold the land to J. E. Davis and wife, he being the highest bidder. J. E. Davis directed the deed be made to Morrison Vandergrift. This was the same land conveyed to Bessie King by M. N. King and wife April 7, 1907…refer to Deed Book 27, page 148.[10] This land was actually conveyed to Bessie King by F. V. Davis and wife. *Note (Bessie was the wife of Isaac Henry King; her maiden name was LeFew; Isaac was called Harvey in all records, he died on 13 April 1911).


In September 1914, James and Ollie Davis conveyed 27 acres to Morrison Vandergrift.[11]


Morrison Vandergrift (bachelor) of Keystone, McDowell County, West Virginia conveyed to R. L. Chandler 27 acres on January 3, 1919.[12]


James E. and Ollie to R. L. Chandler 12 acres in May 1919.[13]


Ollie E. and husband J. E. Davis to R. L. Chandler 16.6 acres …”corner to T. B. King…” in September 1926.[14]


James Edward Davis’s heirs sold the remainder of his land to Carl and Ralph Chandler sons of Robert Lee Chandler.[15]


James and Ollie’s children:

1.1.        Wise L. born 18 November 1888; he married Martha Ethel Parsell on 26 November 1913 in Bland County. Martha was born in July 1896 to Calvin “Kelly” Parsell and Cynthia Margaret Pegram. Clayton Parcell of Giles County believes Martha Parsell Davis died in Maryland.

1.2.        Susan born 19 November 1889; she married John William Patton on 22 April 1908 in Bland County. He was born about 1876 and was the son of J. R. and Mary Patton. They were living in Pulaski in 1910.5 John and Susan are buried in the Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Bland County. James Edward Davis built the future “Chandler” house for his daughter and son-in-law Susan and John Patton in 1901. The house burned down in February 1979.

1.3.          Ada Ann was born about 1896 married Preston S. Amburn on 03 January 1912 in Pulaski County. They were living in Pulaski in 1920. Children from the 1920 Pulaski census; in the 1930 census they were in Bluefield, Tazewell County, Virginia. Children were:

1.3.1.      W. E.

1.3.2.      Preston S. Jr.

1.3.3.      Katherine.

1.3.4.      Ada Mary.

1.3.5.      David.

1.3.6.      Edward.

1.3.7.      Doris.

1.4.    Estel Vance was born 20 May 1903; he married Aryce Selma Davis on 28 March 1924 in Pulaski. Arcie was born 10 April 1905 to Fabious Victor Davis and Susannah Holloway. Children:

1.4.1.       Zelda Mae.

1.4.2.       Daniel.

1.4.3.       David.

1.4.4.       Linda Jane.

William T. and Nellie Davis Family


Submitted by Rebecca Sowers

2.       William Thomas born 23 November 1865 in Carroll County and died 30 December 1951 in Wythe County. He married Permelia Ann “Nellie” Davis on 30 October 1889 in Bland County. She was the daughter of Samuel Caddell Davis and Elizabeth Agnes Patterson. Permelia was born 04 October 1871 in Bland County and died 07 January 1928 in Wythe County. William and Permelia are buried in the Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery in Wythe County. They lived in Pulaski and later moved to Smith Hollow, Wythe County.


From left to right back row: Edna, William B., Millard, Roxie, Florence, Front row: Nellie, William T., Russell, Permelia "Nellie", Little Henry on her lap, Bessie standing to left of her mother and Edith to the right of  her  mother.    

William Thomas and Permelia Ann’s children are:

2.1.       Roxie Mae never married, was born 30 January 1891 in Pulaski and died 20 August 1961 in Wythe County. She is buried in the Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery in Wythe County.

2.2.       Millard Floyd born 31 August 1893 in Pulaski and died 27 December 1973 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. He married Ethel Virginia Bowles daughter of Marcus Lafayette Bowles and Mary Etta Tickle. Ethel was born July 1899 and died 12 November 1966. Millard was a World War I veteran. Millard and Ethel are buried in the Glen Haven Memorial Gardens, Clark County, Ohio. Children:

2.2.1.     Agnes married William Hunt.

2.2.2.     Lucille married Thomas Rife.

2.2.3.     Mary Ann married Robert Winegardner.

2.2.4.     Julia married Charles Richard Meranda.

2.2.5.  Martin L. married Carolyn Davis

2.3.   Edna M. was born 08 January 1896 in Pulaski and died 05 February 1984 in Wythe. She married Robert E. Buchanan 16 April 1924 in Wythe. He was born 13 September 1893 and died May 1967 They are buried in the St Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wythe. Children:

2.3.1.       Raymond.

2.3.2.       Victor.

2.4.       William B. was born 10 January 1898 in Pulaski married Ruth Trent. He died 03 January 1980 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana. Children:

2.4.1.           Gregory.

2.4.2.           Debbie.

2.4.3.        Ronald W.

2.5.       Florence was born 18 October 1900 in Pulaski and died 26 July 1990. She is buried in the St. Luke Church Cemetery, Wythe County. She married Carl Cecil Halsey, son of Thomas Reed Halsey and Ella M. Bowles. He was born 05 September 1904 and died 25 September 1948. Carl and Florence are buried in the St Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wythe County. Children:

2.5.1.       James William.

2.5.2.       Thomas.

2.5.3.       Helen Genevieve.

2.5.4.       Carl Cecil, Jr.

2.5.5.       Gladys Louise.

2.5.6.       Thelma Louise.

2.6.       Russell James was born 03 June 1904 in Pulaski and died 24 October 1984 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. He married Annie Bowles, daughter of Marcus Lafayette Bowles and Mary Etta Tickle. Russell married 2nd Mary Derr. Russell and Annie are buried in the Glen Haven Memorial Gardens.

Russell and Annie’s children:

2.6.1.      Betty Lou.

2.6.2.      Russell James, Jr.

2.7.       Edith Virginia was born 16 November 1906 in Wythe and died 16 January 1937. She married Robinette Brown Blankenship born to H. J. Blankenship and Mary Hounshell on 28 September 1905. Robinette and Edith are buried in the in the Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery in Wythe County. He died 04 June 1977 .Children:

2.7.1.      Robinette Brown, Jr.

2.7.2.      Donald L.

2.8.        Nellie P. was born 29 March 1909 in Wythe and died 27 January 1991. She married William Odell Hoback.

2.9.        Bessie A. was born 07 December 1910 in Wythe and died 03 October 1997. She married Martin Luther Felty. Children:

2.9.1.      Lois.

2.9.2.      Mary Ellen.

2.10.     Henry Samuel “Little Henry” never married, was born 22 May 1913 and died 21 December 1985. He is buried in the Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery in Wythe.

Fabious Davis


Submitted by Juanita Bentley

Susannah Holloway


Submitted by Juanita Bentley

3.       3. Fabious Victor was born 13 December 1868 in Bland and died 17 December 1957. He married Susannah Holloway; she was born 25 May 1880 in Butler County, Tennessee and died 04 November 1921 in Pulaski County. Fabious married 2nd Nela Tickle on 07 August 1951 in Pulaski County. Fabious and Susannah are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Fabious lived in Pulaski County less than mile from the Bland County line on Little Walkers Creek. Fabious served in the Spanish American War, the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry USA Company M.


       Fabious and Susannah’s children:

3.1.        Infant (2) 1898/1901 buried in Tennessee.

3.2.        Fred Pierce was born 05 April 1903 and died 27 October 1982. He married Martha Lawson. Fred and Martha’s children were:

3.2.1.      Kathleen.

3.2.2.      Garland Pierce.

3.2.3.      Clifford.

3.2.4.      Eugene.

3.2.5.       Lockie L.

3.2.6.      Peggy Jane.

3.3.        Aryce Selma was born 10 April 1905 and died 10 March 1971. She married Estel Vance Davis.

3.4.        Lee Earl, Sr. was born 27 September 1906 and died 04 April 1966. he married Virginia Myrenthia “Vergie’ Roark. Children:

3.4.1.      Lee Earl, Jr.

3.4.2.      Aileen Gayle.

3.4.3.      Joseph Donald.

3.5.        Therman O. was born 07 April 1909 and died 23 May 1981. He married Vergie Gleason. Children:

3.5.1.      David.

3.5.2.      Irene.

3.5.3.  Michael.

3.6.    Alvin Howard was born 23 December 1910 and died 16 September 1996. He married Dollie Cox. Children:

3.6.1.      Clevell.

3.6.2.      Donald Alvin Mauyer.

3.7.        Eavie E. born 03 August 1912 and died 23 May 1946. She married William G. Gleason. Children:

3.7.1.      Thomas W.

3.7.2.      Rosalee.

3.7.3.      Evelyn.

3.8.        Cora Lee born 01 July 1914; married William Walker Cox. Children:

3.8.1.      William Edward.

3.8.2.      Juanita B.

3.8.3.      Wilma May.

3.9.        Elwood was born 10 September 1915 and died 11 November 1978. He married Hazel Maxine Shell. Children:

3.9.1.      Robert Elwood.

3.9.2.       Shelby Jean.

3.9.3.   Alicia.

3.10.     Darce Benjamin was born 12 March 1918 and died 18 August 1985. He married Minnie Harris. Children:

3.10.1.  Larry Benjamin.

3.10.2.   Carol Jean.

3.11.     Ruby V. born 18 April 1920 and died 26 November 1920.

4.       Louisa Virginia was born on 03 February 1870 in Bland County and died 22 March 1917 in Bland County. She married Charles William Davison 29 September 1891 in Bland. He was born on 17 May 1865 and died 15 October 1950 and was the son of Samuel Caddell Davis and Elizabeth Agnes Patterson. Charles William and Louisa Virginia are buried in the old “Davis” Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek. From Minnie Davis Parsell’s articles, “My sister, Louisa, married Charles Davis. They lived on a farm on Little Creek and had several children. Louisa had a stroke and didn’t live long.” Charles and Louisa’s children:

4.1.    Effie Ethel married Robert Kelley Brunk. *See Brunk Family.

4.2.        Andrew W. married Mary Francis Parsell on 23 March 1915 in Bland County. He was born 11 March 1894 and died 29 December 1961 in Giles County. Mary Francis was the daughter of Calvin “Kelly” Parsell and Cynthia Margaret Pegram. She was born on 14 October 1893 in Bland and died 25 August  1980 in Giles County. Andrew and Mary are buried in the Birtchlawn Cemetery, Giles County. Children:

4.2.1.   Hubert C.

4.2.2.      Frank.

4.2.3.   Wayne William.

4.2.4.      Macie.

4.2.5.   Margaret.

4.2.6.      Doris.

4.2.7.      Charles C.

4.3.    Genoa Agnes married Houston Neel Brunk. *See Brunk Family.

4.4.    Ina Augusta married Claude William Lefler on 27 October 1920 in Bland County. She was born 13 March 1902 and died 29 August 1994 in Pulaski. Claude was born 28 February 1900 and died 1969 in Pulaski. He was the son of Thomas Reed Lefler and Mary Jane Kitts. Ina and Claude are buried in the Thornspring Cemetery, Pulaski County.

          Ina and Claude’s children:

4.4.1.      Damon Cassell.

4.4.2.      Helen Virginia.

4.4.3.      Mary Beatrice.

4.4.4.      Raymond Isaac.

4.4.5.      Claude, Jr.

4.4.6.      Margaret Irene.

4.4.7.      James Thomas.

4.4.8.      Alma Marie.

4.4.9.      Beulah Mae.

4.4.10.  William Dennis.

4.5.        Dorothy M. married Albert Brunk. *See Brunk Family

4.6.          Minnie Alberta married Woodrow Wilson Collins. She was born 10 April 1915 in Bland and died 24 December 1992 in Pulaski. Children:

4.6.1.      Betty.

4.6.2.      Lucille.

4.6.3.      Douglas W.

4.7.   Arthur Adam married Curtis Andrews. He was born 21 October 1916 and died February 1985. Arthur served in the 121st Squadron, F Company, 106th Calvary Group, WWII and received a Bronze Star.

Comie Albert Davis, Edna C. Davis


Submitted by Juanita Bentley

5.    Comie Albert married Elizabeth “Nannie” Ellen Carr on 13 July 1893 in Bland County. He was born on 04 February 1872 in Bland and died 17 March 1945 in Bland. Nannie was born 29 November 1876 and died 07 December 1912. She was the daughter of John J. and Elizabeth Carr. Comie married 2nd  Edna C. Davis; she was the daughter of James Whitten Davis and Nancy Jane King, Edna was born on 15 September 1891 and died 12 October 1973. Comie, Nannie and Edna are buried in Goshen Church Cemetery.


      On November 7, 1898, Max Grief conveyed 53 acres and 87 rods to C. A. Davis…”beginning on a corner to S. C. Davis…reserving right for wagon road across said land…”[16]


On October 21, 1926 C. A. Davis sold to E. M. Davis 6.8 acres.[17]


Comie and Nannie’s children:

5.1.        Lucy Clara married Charles Calvin Davis on 24 January 1911 in Bland. She was born in August 1893 and died in 1938. Charles was the son of John Troy Davis and Mary D. Bowles. He was born on 25 September 1887 and died in 1929. Lucy married 2nd  Garnett Terry on 25 July 1934 in Pulaski. Garnett was the son of William Saunders Terry and Eugenia Thomas King. He was born 25 June 1904 and died 03 January 1960. Lucy and Charles are buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery; Garnett in the Hidden Valley #1 Cemetery, Bland. Charles and Lucy had children:

5.1.1.      Charlie Ray married Ethel Mae Collins, daughter of George William Collins and Bessie L. Hancock.

5.1.2.      Vance Calvin married Ethel Letha Kitts, daughter of Robert Hutsel Kitts and Bertha J. Davis.They had one son:    Duane Calvin

5.1.3.      Phillip Astor married Violet Etta King on 11 April 1934. Violet was the daughter of Joseph S. King and Emily Etta Pegram.

5.1.4.      Carl Brown married Ida Kate Terry on 11 April 1936 in Bland. Kate was the daughter of William Saunders Terry and Eugenia Thomas King.

5.1.5.   Ruth Agnes married James Larkin Corder, son of Benjamin Larkin Corder and Frances Bell Davis. *See Corder Family.

5.2.            Emily Jane married Walter Wirt Hall on 12 February 1917 in Bland. Emily was born 04 January 1896 and died 24 January 1982. Walter was born in 1897 and died in 1967. Walter and Emily are buried in the Bland Cemetery, Bland County. Two sons were listed in the 1920 Bland County census, Walter age one year and eleven months and Ervin age one month. Ervin Blake married Lois Katherine Davis; daughter of Claude Swanson Davis and Gladys C. Davis.

5.3.            Allie Belle married Edgar Carpenter on 23 June 1919 in Bland. Allie was born on 24 February 1897 and died 06 April 1968. Edgar was born on 27 June 1897 in Carroll County and died 28 October 1958. They are buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery. One daughter is buried in the Goshen Cemetery: Lorene M. born 1927 and died 1927. Other children from the 1930 Wythe County Census:

5.3.1.      Comie.

5.3.2.      Raymond.

5.3.3.      Ruby.

5.3.4.      Ernest.

5.3.5.      Geraldine

5.4.           Albert Jackson married Nannie Virginia Davis on 11 February 1918 in Bland. Albert was born April 1898. Nannie was born 25 March 1899. She was the daughter of James Whitten Davis and Nancy Jane King. Albert and Nannie were living in the city of Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia in 1920 with daughter Beulah who was 1 years old. Sister-in-law, Amie Davis was living with them. In 1930, Nannie was listed with sister Amy and her son David Martin and her own two daughters, Beulah and Helen .[18]

5.5.           Miranda Elizabeth married Adam McKinley Crisco on 06 September 1923 in Pulaski County. She wasborn 28 September 1900 and died 13 October 1988. Children:

5.5.1.  Calvin Orrin.

5.5.2.  Andrew Wayne.

5.5.3.  McKinley Adam.

5.5.4.  Donald.

Leonard and Arnold Hamblin


Submitted by Christine Hamblin Distelhorst

5.6.    Lena Gray married Estell Crockett Hamblin on 22 July 1925 in Bland. Lena was born on 04 May 1902and died 21 October 1952. Estell was born 11 December 1893 and died 23 March 1970. Estell was the son of John M. Stafford Hamblin and Sarah Catherine Croy. Children:

5.6.1.      Leonard Hensley.

5.6.2.      Kenneth Stafford.

5.6.3.      Arnold Wade.

5.6.4.      Naomi Adeline.

5.6.5.      Edgar Albert.

5.6.6.      Alma Mae.

5.6.7.      Estell Lewis.

5.6.8.      Eleanor.

5.6.9.      Clinton born 1942; died 1942.

5.6.10.  Lena Bell.

5.7.        Clarence L. was born 1905 and died 1962.

5.8.        Glen Caudell married Lucy Alberta Meadows. Lucy was the daughter of Wiley Vincent Meadows and Dana Rhoena Hamblin. Glen was born on 31 August 1907 and died 19 May 1984 in Wythe County. Lucy was born on 11 November 1909 and died 21 July 1981 in Wythe County. They are buried in the Beasley Cemetery, Austinville, Wythe County. Children:

5.8.1.      Cadwell.

5.8.2.      Ellen.

5.8.3.      Wesley.

5.8.4.  Carlton Albert.

5.9.        Gladys C. married Claude Swanson Davis. Claude was born on 12 May 1905 and died 25 December 1975. He was the son of Hiram Newton Davis and Elizabeth Catherine Farmer. Gladys was born 07 February 1910 and died 26 July 1952. Claude and Gladys are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Children:

5.9.1.      Lois Katherine.

5.9.2.      Franklin.

5.9.3.      Marie.

5.9.4.      Loraine.

5.9.5.      Edith Jane.

5.9.6.      Aletta.

5.9.7.      Gerald.


Comie and Edna’s children:

5.10.     Norman married Ruby Irene Meadows. He was born on 16 May 1916 and died 09 November 1961. Ruby was the daughter of Albert Terry Meadows and Laura Emily Millirons.

5.11.  Gilbert Frazier married Ola Belle Meadows. He was born in 1919 and died in 1951. Ola was the daughter of John Jesse Meadows and Mary Alberta Davis. She was born 21 July 1920 and died in 1984. An infant son born and died 30 April 1940 is buried at the Goshen Cemetery.

5.12.     Jasper Hampton married Mary Edith Meadows. Mary is the daughter of John Jesse Meadows and Mary Alberta Davis. Jasper was born on 26 February 1920 and died 29 February 2000. He is buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery.

5.13.     Violet Virginia married William Victor Combs.

5.14.     Margaret Naomi married Raymond Linkous.

5.15.   Ranald Lee married Alma Mildred Leeson. She is the daughter of Thomas J. Leeson and Annie Banes.

5.16. Earl Bowman born 19 December 1931.

6.       Charles Clinton married Willie Floyd Davis on 29 June 1898 in Bland. Charles was born on 27 June 1875 in Bland and died 15 June 1932. Willie was the daughter of John Troy Davis and Mary D. Bowles. She was born 17 September 1877 in Bland and died 18 April 1942. Charles and Willie are buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery.


On September 17, 1917 C. C. Davis and Willie his wife conveyed 12 acres 126 rods toW. S. Terry and Eugenia his wife being part of the land bought of J. T.. and H. N.Davis.[19]

Charles and Willie’s children:

6.1.        Infant son buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

6.2.   Infant son buried Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

6.3.        Cecil Thelma was born 17 February 1899 and died 27 May 1977. She married Edgar Hampton Millirons 20 November 1919 in Bland. Edgar wasborn 06 June 1896 and died 06 November 1966. He was the son of Rufus Lee Millirons and Annie Kate King. Edgar and Cecil are buried in the Thornspring Cemetery, Pulaski County.

         Cecil Thelma and Edgar’s children:

6.3.1.      Geraldine married Robert Lloyd Mathews.

6.3.2.      Marie Gertrude married Edward L. Gilbert.

6.3.3.      Owen Hampton married Doris Mabe.

6.4.        Lilia M. was born 23 June 1901 and died 28 March 1977. She married Elmer C. Eversole 31 December 1927 in Pulaski County. Elmer was born 26 June 1905 and died 31 December 1962. Elmer and Lilia are buried in the Thornspring Cemetery, Pulaski County.

6.5.        Kyle C. was born 06 September 1903. He married Sally Smith.

6.6.        Wilma was born 23 December 1904 and died March 12 March 1919. She is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

6.7.        Hazel Irene was born 03 April 1909. She married Gomez Dalton.

6.8.        Paul Preston was born 24 July 1914.

6.9.        Wallace Green was born 25 March 1920 and died 18 January 1973. He married Aileen Hale.

7.        Minnie Bell was born 19 December 1877 and died 03 August 1982 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She married Tobias “Tobe” Daniel Parsell on 16 June 1891 in Bland. Tobias was the son of John William Parsell and Mary Ann Coleman. He was born 26 May 1869 in Franklin County, Virginia and died 21 December 1940 in Giles County. Tobias and Minnie are buried in the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery, Giles County.


Minnie Bell Davis Parsell wrote a series of articles rewritten by Minnie’s niece, Mrs. Jessie D. Felty of Wytheville for publication in the Bland Messenger and Southwest Virginia Enterprise. Minnie wrote this before her 100th birthday, 19 December 1976. The series of articles were called  A Hundred Years of Livin. There were sixteen articles in this series. Minnie Bell was truly an amazing woman. She begins, “In my sunset years I have decided to write this history of my life, family, and Bland County. I am quoting some of her writings throughout this book.


Minnie writes of her husband, “Some people ask me how I met my husband. We grew up together in the same neighborhood. His parents lived about five miles from my parents. He was Tobias Parsell. After we were married, he told me when I was a child, he made up his mind to marry me when I grew up, and that’s just what happened.” She goes on with the story later, “I have heard from my mother say that Tobe’s mother, Mrs. Parsell, came and delivered me. Some people say marriages were made in heaven. It seems ours was almost made there.”


Tobias and Minnie later sold her father’s land to Charles Lee Parsell. On August 24, 1907, Minnie Parsell and husband conveyed 32 acres and 125 square rods to C. L. Parsell.[20]


Tobias and Minnie’s children:

7.1.        Visa Alma was born 01 August 1893. She married Clarence Johnston.

7.2.        Nina Leecester was born 09 January 1895. She married Kenny Web.

7.3.        Ernest Victor was born 30 November 1896. He married Verna Darnell Fuqua.

7.4.        Elsie Virginia was born 27 February 1899 and died 17 December 1903. She is buried in the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery.

7.5.        Zular Bell was born 30 August 1899 and died 23 September 1903. She is buried in the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery.

7.6.        Lester Guy was born 30 July 1901.

7.7.        Laura Elizabeth was born 21 August 1903 and died 09 December 1903. She is buried in the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery.

7.8.        John Henry was born 19 August 1909 and died in 1962. He married Elizabeth Watts.

7.9.        William Dailey was born 01 July 1912. He married Rhoda Loutta Brown.

7.10.     Lewis Russell was born 16 September 1913. He married Lebran Poff.

7.11.    Tobias Daniel, Jr. was born 20 January 1917. He married Salatha Brown.

7.12.    Paul Mason was born 01 April 1923. He married Daisy Virginia Caldwell.

Robert Kitts & Bertha Davis


Submitted by Juanita Bentley

Robert and Bertha's Home


Submitted by Rebecca Sowers

8.       Bertha J. was born 22 December 1879 and died 24 May 1938. She married Robert Hutsel Kitts 26 December 1900 in Bland; he was born on 10 September 1874 and died 05 December 1964. Robert was the son of Jacob Franklin Kitts and Cynthia Wyrick. Robert and Bertha are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.


Robert was the second Postmaster at the Long Spur Post Office confirmed on March 15, 1906. He retired on January 31, 1945.[21]


From Minnie Davis Parsell’s articles, “My Father hired a young man by the month. His name was Robert Kitts. After a year or two, he and my younger sister, Bertha, were married about 1899. He worked on for my Daddy as long as Daddy lived. He must have been a very reliable man because in 1906 Daddy made him Assistant Postmaster and clerk in the store. Robert and Bertha lived in a house near the mill and store, and he became the wealthiest man on Little Creek at one time.”   

Parsell Hollow, located near the current day corner of Little Creek Hwy and Spur Branch Road.  The building in the picture is the 1st Post Office for Spur Branch, built in 1891.  The property also contained a very nice house owned by Robert and Bertha Davis Kitts, a store and a mill. 

Photograph taken by Catherine “Katy” S. Sowers, daughter of the author.

Robert and Bertha’s children:

8.1.        Lute married Mr. Harrington.

8.2.       Ethel Letha married 1st  Hugh David Hamblin on September 12 September 1919 in Bland. Hugh was the son of John M. Stafford Hamblin and Sarah Catherine Croy. Hugh was born 18 March 1892; died on 22 December 1920; buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery. She married 2nd  Chester Setliff on 12 March 1923 in Pulaski County. Ethel married 3rd  Vance Calvin Davis. He was the son of Charles Calvin Davis and Lucy Clara Davis. Ethel was born on 05 December 1901 and died 01 October 1978. Vance was born on 03 December 1911 and died 30 December 1960. Vance and Ethel are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Ethel and Hugh had one son:

8.2.1.       John Robert born 06 August 1920 married Clemens Robertson .

One son with husband Vance:

8.2.2.        Duane Calvin married Betty Newberry.

8.3.        Clora married Dewey B. Millirons on 25 November 1926 in Pulaski County. He was the son of William Newton Millirons and Mary Morgan. Lived in Pontiac, Michigan. One son

8.3.1.      Edward.

8.4.          Eunice A. married 1st Rome Hancock on 11 November 1924 in Wythe County; she married 2nd  Mr. Lucas.

8.5.          Alford R. married Ora Lee King. She was the daughter of Joseph S. King and Emily Etta Pegram. Alford was born on 10 August 1908 and died in a logging accident on 13 August 1936. Alford is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Children:

8.5.1.      Madeline.

8.5.2.      Geneva.


From Minnie Davis Parsell’s articles, “I have written before of my sister, Bertha, and her husband, Robert Kitts. They had a terrible tragedy in their family. Born to them were nine girls and one boy. Two of the girls died when they were small. Alfred, their only son was 28 years old. He was married and had two children. He was logging, dragging logs to the sawmill out of the mountain, when the horse ran off. Alfred fell and got his feet and legs tangled in the chains, and the horse dragged him to his death. This was a very sad occasion. This was in 1936.”


8.6.        Mabel Gertrude married John Thomas Davis. He was the son of Stuart P. Davis and Ethel Murray. He was born on 02 September 1906 and died on 20 April 1970. Mabel was born on 01 March 1910 and died 19 April 1998. They are buried in the Hidden Valley Cemetery #2. Children:

8.6.1.      Euvada.

8.6.2.      Thomas Dayton.

8.6.3.      Mildred.

8.7.        Beatrice married Gilford Lafayette Davis. He was the son of Samuel David Davis and Della Rose King. He was born 25 November 1905 and died 05 July 1966. Beatrice was born on 25 August 1911 and died 19 March 1983. Guilford and Beatrice are buried in the Hidden Valley Cemetery #2. Children:

8.7.1.      Clarina.

8.7.2.      Della.

8.7.3.      Gilford David.

8.7.4.      Peggy.

8.7.5.      James Robert.

8.7.6.      Naomi Katherine.

8.7.7.      Judy.

8.8.   Ruth married Carl Miller Newberry on 04 February 1937 in Pulaski County.

8.9.    Viola E. Lee was born on 02 January 1916 and died 16 March 1916. She is buried in the Goshen Cemetery.

8.10.  Fay Rena was born on 22 December 1919 and died 24 December 1924. She is buried in the Goshen Church Cemetery.

9.       Alice Gray was born 14 November 1881. She married Edward Ritter on 14 April 1901 in Bland. Edward was born 01 August 1881 and died on 15 April 1946. He was the son of David Spencer Ritter and Hettie Locritta Shufflebarger. Alice died 21 August 1959. They are buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski County. Children:

9.1.    Howard.

9.2.        Lawson.

9.3.        Wendell H.

9.4.        Richard.

9.5.        Macy V.

9.6.        Wilber S.

9.7.        James.

10.   Henry Hampton was born on 12 March 1884 and died 30 December 1962 in Wythe. He married 1st  Victoria Agnes Davis Vandergrift on 14 November 1906 in Bland County. She was born 15 September 1875 and died 29 September 1928 of a heart condition. Victoria’s parents were John Troy Davis and Mary D. Bowles.



From Minnie Parsell’s articles “Brother Henry, the twin, lived in West Virginia and worked there for several years. He married a widow who had twin sons. She was Victoria Vandergrift. She and Henry had two sons of their own. They moved to Wythe County, bought a farm in the head of the Cove. She had heart trouble and was not able to do much. Henry could make the best biscuits of anyone.”


Henry and Victoria’s children:

10.1.     Raymond Earl married Genoa Thelma Hamblin on 01 October 1928 in Bland County. Genoa was the daughter of Edward L. Hamblin and Olive Virginia Millirons;

10.2.  Audrey Hampton married Myrtle Thelma Davis on 08 March 1930 in Bland County. Myrtle was the daughter of Stuart P. Davis and Ethel Murray.


Henry Hampton married 2nd Ida Augusta Parsell on 23 November 1929.  Ida was born 14 September 1891 and died 26 July 1957 in Wythe. Her parents were Charles Lee Parsell and Martha Jane Davis.


Henry and Victoria are buried in the Patterson Cemetery in Crockett’s Cove, Wythe County. Ida is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Henry and Ida had no children.


11.   John Jasper was born 12 March 1884 and married Julian B. King on 14 January 1907 in Pulaski County. She was the daughter of William Davis King and Olivia Virginia Thompson. Julian was born 08 February 1888.[22] One daughter found: Pansy F. born about 1908.[23]


From Minnie Davis Parsell’s articles, “John, one of the twins, married Julia Bell King and they made their home in Beckley, West Virginia. He had six children. He worked with mines there.”

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