Little Walkers Creek

Collins Family


English; patronymic( of, relating to, or derived from the name of one's father or a paternal ancestor) derived from the middle and last part of the Biblical name Nicholas “people's victory”, a very popular saint's name known throughout the Western World due to St. Nicholas, the fourth century Bishop of Myra, patron saint of children.[1]


James Collins was born in NC in about 1821 and was married to Mary Ann who was born about 1823 in NC. Mary Ann’s maiden name is unknown. James and Mary Ann were listed in the 1850 Giles County census, the 1860 Wythe County census and the 1870 Bland County Census. Their birthplace and ages were taken from the above censuses.


On August 9, 1859 James Collins bought 186 acres of land from Madison Shelton and wife Elsey; “being in the county of Wythe on little Walkers Creek”.[2] From deed records in Wythe, Madison and wife were living on Little Walkers Creek between 1851 and the time they sold the land to Collins. Shelton put up his land and personal belongings for money owed to Stephen Halsey, Junior…”also twelve head of sheep, three head of cattle, fourteen head of hogs and all the household & kitchen furniture of said Shelton, crops of corn now in the field, one sorrel mare & one rifle gun. In trust to secure Stephen Halsey, Jr. the sum of three hundred dollars by note bearing even date with this deed and due on day after date. Now if the said Shelton shall fail to pay to the said Stephen Halsey, Jr. the said sum of three hundred dollars with the interest thereon accruing on or before the 23rd day of September 1852 then it shall be lawful for the said Michael Moyer to proceed to sell aforesaid tract of land & personal property or so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay the debt & interest due said Halsey & the surplus if any, pay over to said Shelton, having previously given reasonable notice by advertisement of the time & place of said sale”.[3]


It can be assumed there was a cabin or house located on this land. It can also be assumed that Madison paid the loan since he sold the land to James Collins in 1859.


Children of James and Mary Ann Collins:

1.       Sarah J. born about 1848 married Robert P. Hancock on 08 December 1872 in Bland. Robert was born about 1852. From the Bland County Marriage Book 1, Robert’s mother was Eliza A. Hancock. There was a Robert King listed with David King and Eliza A. King in the 1860 Wythe County and 1870 Bland County census. There is a Robert and Sarah King living next door to James and Mary Ann in the 1880 Bland County census. There is no other information available for this couple.

2.       William L. born on 12 October 1852 and died 28 August 1938 in Wythe County. He married Mildred Ann Akers on 22 August 1874 in Bland County. Mildred was the daughter of Moses Akers and Catherine Altizer. *See Moses Akers, Sr. Family

3.       Elizabeth born October 18544 married James Collins on 25 February 1890. James was born May 18505 in Wisconsin. He was the son of Edmond and Elizabeth Collins. James was listed as a widower. A comment must be made on the children of James and Elizabeth; some of them were born before their marriage date. Minnie Caldonia was listed in the Bland County Marriage Book as James and Lizzie’s daughter but she was born about 1876 and was listed with James and Mary Ann Collins in the 1880 Bland census as their granddaughter. The children must be examined closely to determine exactly which wife they belonged . From the 1880 Pulaski County census, the children of James Collins and first wife: Louisa J. born about 1873, Dolly B. born about 1876, James C. born about 1877, William P. born about 1879. The 1900 Bland census lists the following for James and Elizabeth: Mary J. born about 1889 and Stuart M. born about 1892. There may one other, Josie Collins born 1883 who married Kelly Orson Hamilton in Bland on 15 September 1909 and lists James and Lizzie as her parents. James C. Collins (age 60) remarried on 04 July1909 in Bland to Elizabeth Anderson. Both were listed as widowed. James was listed in the 1910 Bland census with son Stuart and listed as widowed.

4.       John H. born June 1858[4] in Bland and married Gillie B. Akers on 14 April 1885 in Bland County. Gillie was born April 1860 to Moses Akers and Sarah Brawley. *See Moses Akers, Jr. Family

5.       Nancy was born January 1860[5] and married Maxwell Hill on 01 January 1880 in Bland County. Maxwell was born October 1859[6] and was the son of Martin and Elizabeth Hill. Maxwell and Nancy were living in Raleigh County, West Virginia in 1920. Children from Bland County, Virginia Births: 1861-1896, the1900 Bland census and 1920 Raleigh Co, WV census:

5.1.        Jenny.

5.2.        Charles J.

5.3.        Lucy E.

5.4.        Mary.

5.5.        Cora J.

5.6.        Stephen.

6.       Rosa born about 18624 in Bland and married Peter H. Tickle on 10 September 1884 in Bland County. Peter was born about 18625 in Bland to Peter Conrad Tickle and Mary Ann Journell. Bland County births lists children:

6.1.        William born April 1885.

6.2.        James born 01 April 1887.


A contract was made between John H. Collins and James Collins on October 6, 1886. John and James mutually agreed that John H would take care of and comfortably maintain James and his wife during their natural lives. In return, John H. would have as his own the portion of land on Walkers Little Creek where James Collins lived. If John did not abide by the agreement, he would get nothing. The paper was to be treated as James’ last will and testament. It was presented and recorded as a will, as James Collins was dead, in December 1890.[7]


In 1909, John Collins and Gillie, his wife sold to Elizabeth J. Clark, part of the Madison Shelton survey 1 acres.[8]

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