Little Walkers Creek

Hamblin Family


Either French or English, is a patronymic (of, relating to, or derived from the name of one's father or a paternal ancestor) derived from Hamo “home”; possibly contains the common French double diminutive ending -elin, contracted into –lin.[1]


To date, the first record of Mackerness Hamblin is in the Chesterfield County tax records in 1762, tithed with the family of George Coussens. In 1764, he is shown on the Lunenburg County (Cornwall Parish) tax rolls as tithable (taxable), no land, no carriages, no other family males (males became taxable at the age of 16, which would put Mackerness' birth at 1748, or earlier).


A very careful examination of the tax records show a family unit of Thomas Hamblin/Mackerness Goode living in Lunenburg County in 1750. It identifies them as living between Sandy Creek and Bluestone Creek. A birth entry in church records, identifies Thomas Hamblin and wife Phebe as parents of Peter Hamblin (born 1732). In 1764 the records shows Peter Hamblen and Mackerness Hamblin living in the same area of Lunenburg County that Thomas Hamblin and Mackerness Goode had been living in 14 years earlier. This information is the proof that indicates Thomas Hamblin as the father of Mackerness Hamblin, and solidifies the link between Mack and Peter Hamblin.


Based on tax records, it is likely that Mackerness Hamblin died in early 1815 in Franklin County, Virginia. One of Mackerness Hamblin's sons, Stephen Hamblin did live in Giles County, Virginia, for a period of time. There is no evidence that Mackerness ever lived in Giles County. At this time, evidence points to Mackerness Hamblin as a direct descendant of Captain Stephen Hamblyn, an Englishman who settled in Virginia around 1655.


Mackerness was married to Mary; some researchers believe her maiden name was Coleman. They had seven known children: Elizabeth, Edward, Thomas, Nancy, Coleman, Polly and Stephen T.


Stephen T. Hamblin was born about 1791and died May 1866 in Giles County. He 1st  married Rhoda (maiden name unknown) and 2nd  Sarah L. Fagg on 10 September 1840 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Stephen and Rhoda had the following children: Thomas H., David Young, Milly, Stephen W., Charlotte, Nancy, Sparrel K. and Lot I. Children by second marriage: Elizabeth, Virginia, James Henderson, Silas M., Eley, John Pierce C. and Lucy.


David Young Hamblin was born on 16 October 1818 in North Carolina and died 23 January 1903 in Giles County, Virginia. He married Nancy Heatherington on 15 February 1845 in Giles County. Nancy was born on 10 June 1824 and died 09 December 1896. David and Nancy are buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Bearsprings, Giles County. Their children were: George Thomas born 23 January 1846 in Giles; died 09 May 1864 Cloyd’s Farm, Pulaski County; Louisa Susan J. born 01 June 1851 married William H. H. Croy 06 August 1868; John M. Stafford; William J. S..; James A. Hall born 18 January 1864 married Mariah Margaret E. Williams 24 September 1884 in Giles and Harvey Tice born 08 April 1867 married Viola Alice Price 30 April 1895 in Bland county.


David Y. Hamblin was conveyed land on Spur Branch on June 4, 1876 by Samuel W. Williams being part of the Brawley tract: “ … whereas by a Decree rendered on the 12th day of May 1876 by the circuit court of Bland County, Virginia in the chancery causes therein pending in the name of A. Bralley’s administrator vs. A. Bralleys heirs it was adjudged, ordered and decided that Samuel W. Williams as Special Commissioner should by Deed with special covenants of special warranty convey to said party of the second part that part which is mentioned in statement in writing signed by George N. Pegram and referred to in Decree and which is referred to in said writing as having been sold to said Hamblin and Wm. H. H. Croy (deed since has been partitioned by themselves). Now this deed witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid the said Samuel W. Williams as commissioner aforesaid doth here grant and convey to said party of the second part that entire tract or parcel of land lying on the Spur branch and waters of Walkers little creek a part of the Bralley land…”.[2]


On December 14, 1878, William H. H.. and Susan L. J Croy conveyed to David Y. Hamblin “…lands lying in the east end of the said Brally tract joining Mustard’s lands not embraced in deeds to David Y Hamblin, John Parsell and John H. Pegram by S. D. Williams…”.[3]


David Y. Hamblin and Nancy his wife conveyed to William J. Lambert, 7 acres of land on Spur Branch on January 5, 1883.[4]


On June 2, 1885, David Y. Hamblin conveyed a small tract of land to J. H. Pegram, Jno. M. S. Hamblin, William Hamblin, Samuel Davis and H. J. Kitts Trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church South “…hold unto themselves the parties of the second part and their successors in office in trust that the said premises shall be used, kept, maintained and disposed as a place in which to erect a house of divine worship for the use of the ministry and membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church South subject to the discipline usage and ministerial appointments of said church as from time to time authorized and declared by the general conference of said Church…”.[5]


David Hamblin conveyed land to Charles L. Parsell on March 4, 1897 …” the following tract of land lying in Bland County Virginia on the waters of Long Spur Branch…”.[6]


David Y. Hamblin conveyed for love and affection and $1 to John M. S. Hamblin on January 17, 1900 [no acreage given] on the east end of the Brawley tract. On the same date, David Y. Hamblin conveyed to William J. S. Hamblin for love and affection 70 acres of land joining the Mustard land.[7]


It seems from the various Giles and Bland censuses, David Y. Hamblin never lived on Spur Branch. His two sons, John M. Stafford and William J. S. were the ones who settled on Spur Branch, Little Walkers Creek.

John Milton Stafford Hamblin was born 21 May 1855 in Giles County and died 02 February 1942 in Bland. He married Sarah Catherine Croy on 20 August 1876 in Giles County. Sarah was born to Lewis and Sallie Croy on 18 September 1853 in Giles and died 12 November 1921 in Bland. John and Sarah are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.


On the 18th of May, 1900, John and Sarah Hamblin conveyed acre of land for a cemetery “That we John S. Hamblin and Sarah C. Hamblin, his wife, do designate as a place of burial for the [illegible] of Caucasian birth, One half acres of land on the top of a hill near the center of our farm in Bland County on Spur Branch to be enclosed hereafter and to this end we do grant the said one half acre to William Meadows, Harry Pegram, William Hamblin, D. S. Ritter, Joseph King, Trustees of the Cemetery association of Walkers Little Creek, of Bland County together with or convenient way for a hearse and vehicles, oxen [illegible] said farm from Goshen Church to said burial place, to be held by the said Meadows in trust for the purpose aforesaid…”.[8]

John Stafford Hamblin Family


Submitted by Christine Hamblin Distelhorst

John Stafford and Sarah Catherine’s children:

1.       William Hoge born 14 August 1877 and died 25 June 1965 in Bland. He married Virgie Ethel Bond 10 May 1906 in Pulaski County. Ethel was born to James R. Bond and Martha Jane Johnston in 1889 and died in 1976. William and Ethel are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.


Louisa McCoy conveyed 10 acres of land to William H. Hamblin on December 1, 1908.[9]


William and Ethel had three children:

1.1.        Arbie Ray married Robert Foster Chewning. Arbie and Robert are buried in the Hoge’s Chapel Cemetery, Bland County. Two children:

1.2.        Raymond Alton married Lola Grace Brunk. Three sons:

1.2.1.          Leon Alton.

1.2.2.          Ronald Wade.

1.2.3.          Billy Ray.

1.3.        Roman.

2.       Floyd Newton was born 23 April 1879 and died 29 October 1967 in Roanoke County. He married Margaret May Allen on 06 September 1902 in Pulaski County. She was the daughter of William Carr Allen and Lucy J. Morris. Margaret was born 27 November 1885 in Pulaski County and died 29 May 1978 in Albany, Georgia. Their children were:

2.1.        Hubert Clinton born 10 August 1903 married Helen Virginia Doss.

2.2.        Talmage Virgil born 19 October 1904; died 01 November 1904.

2.3.        Thurman Stafford born 01 April 1906 married Ola Mae McFalls.

2.4.        Curtis Floyd born 04 March 1909 married Gladiola Rebecca Hodges

2.5.        Margie Evelyn born 09 May 1912 married David J. Carter.

2.6.        James Woodrow born 21 December 1914 married Katherine Verna Deyerle.

2.7.        Mary Christine born 17 June 1917 married Thomas Bridgeman.

2.8.        Lois Elizabeth born 30 January 1921 married John Thomas Burnette.

2.9.        Marguerite Alma born 20 February 1926 married Elmer Stanley Hash.

3.       Della Roxie was born 16 November 1880 and died 01 January 1968. She married David Aviner Ritter on 07 January 1902 in Bland. David was born to David Spencer Ritter and Hettie Locritta Shufflebarger on 04 March 1875 in Pulaski County. He died 05 December 1962. Della and David are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Children:

3.1.        Leonard born 22 January 1903; died 12 September 1928; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.2.        Beatrice C.

3.3.        Virginia.

3.4.        Ronald.

3.5.        Elbert born 29 June 1909; died 31 March 1917; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

4.       Stewart Clayton was born 13 April 1882 and died 18 March 1946. He married Emma Josephine Clark daughter of James Alexander Clark and Elizabeth Jane Lambert. She was born 27 December 1893 in Bland. Stewart is buried at the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Stewart and Emma’s children:

4.1.        Frank.

4.2.        Ruby R.

4.3.        Verna E..

4.4.        Roy C.

4.5.        Albert C.[10]

5.       Dora Ray was born 26 March 1884 and died 01 July 1962. She married Thomas B. Townley on 13 March 1921 in Bland. One daughter from the 1930 Bland census:

5.1.        Catherine M.

6.       Frank Tyson was born 20 March 1886 and died 01 July 1962. He married Bertha King on 02 October 1912 in Pulaski County. Frank and Bertha were living in Pulaski in 1920. In 1930, they were living in Roanoke County.  Children from the 1920 and 1930 census:

6.1.        Thelma.

6.2.        Violet.

6.3.        Lillian P.

7.       Dana Rhoena was born 01 July 1888 and died 03 August 1926. She married Wiley Vincent Meadows on 02 December 1908 in Bland County. Wiley was born to James William Allen Meadows and Ida Belle Parsell on 13 September 1884; he died 12 December 1960. Dana and Wiley are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Their children:

7.1.        Lucy Alberta married Glen Caudell Davis, son of Comie Albert Davis and Elizabeth Ellen Carr.* See Henry Davis Family.

7.2.        John Trenton married Lavina Elizabeth Brunk. *See Brunk Family.

7.3.        Charles Vinson never married.

8.       Elsie Vernon was born 26 May 1890 and died in 1967 in Giles County. She married Albert Wesley Parcell on July 7, 1910 in Bland. Albert’s parents were Calvin Van Doren “Kelly” Parcell and Cynthia Margaret Pegram. He was born in February 1892 and died in 1961 in Giles. They are buried in the Staffordsville Cemetery, Giles County. Children:

8.1.        Carl Weldon married Geneva Effie Robertson

8.2.        Argie Marie married John Hunter Spangler, Sr..

8.3.        Irvin Neil married Ernestine Elizabeth Stafford.

8.4.        Viola Aurelia was born 01 May 1918 and died 23 August 1918, Spur Branch, Bland County

8.5.        Garland Tabor married Kathrea Loretta Hale.

8.6.        Clayton Eldridge married Evelyn “Pat” Patterson.

8.7.        Irene Isabelle married Aubrey Sydnor Dodson.

8.8.        Emory Milton born 13 September 1924 and died 20 August 1925.

8.9.        John Clifton married Gladys Lindsey.

8.10.     Hersel Henderson married Mary Francis Burroughs.

8.11.     Margaret Lorene "Frankie" married Harvey Green Whittaker

8.12.     Evelyn Louise was born 16 June 1932 and died 16 June 1932.

8.13.     Infant Daughter who died at birth 17 July 1922.

9.       Hugh David was born on 18 March 1892 and died 22 December 1920. He married Ethel Letha Kitts. *See Henry Davis Family/Kitts Family


Wednesday December 23, 1920 Source: SW Times

Hughie D. Hamblin, a former service man, was so badly injured Wednesday afternoon about 4 o’clock as a result of a boiler explosion at the Kitts flouring mills at Long Spur, Bland County, that he died within 25 minutes. The victim of the explosion was fireman at the mills and was alone at the time in the boiler room, this part of the mill building being wrecked and parts of the engine strewn about for many feet. He was caught beneath some pipes and was unconscious when gotten out. No one else was hurt. The deceased was a son of J. S. and Sallie Hamblin and was born and reared in the Long Spur section of Bland County. He enlisted for service during the war and saw oversea duty, proving himself to be a gallant American soldier. Since his return home he has been employed at the mill. Besides his parents, five brothers and five sisters, he leaves a widow and one child, to whom the sympathy of his host of friends goes out in their bereavement. His age was 26 years. The funeral service will be held on Friday, burial will be held in the Long Spur cemetery.

Estell Crockett Hamblin


Submitted by Christine Hamblin Distelhorst

10.   Estell Crockett was born on 11 December 1893 and died 23 March 1970. He married Lena Gray Davis on 22 July 1925 who was born to Comie Albert Davis and Elizabeth Ellen Carr on 04 May 1902 and died on 21 October 1952. See Henry Davis Family.


Lena Gray was the fourth Long Spur Postmaster assuming charge on September 8, 1948 until her death. At this time, her husband assumed charge until his retirement on December 6, 1963 at which time the Long Spur Post Office was discontinued.[11] Estell and Lena Gray are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery *See Henry Davis Family. Estell married 2nd  Minnie N. Alexander on 25 June 1966 in Pulaski County.


11.   Bertie Cree was born on 13 April 1896 and died 08 November 1994. She married John Campbell Roope on 26 November 1926 in Bland. He was born on 07 December 1884 in Pulaski, the son of George W. and Cynthia M. Roope. John died 02 April 1971. John and Bertie are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Children:

11.1.     Ralph Elwood married Nora Irene Davis.

11.2.     Emory Clifton married Helen Lovetta King.

11.3.     James Darnell married Edith Jane Davis.

11.4.     Fred Hensley married Edith Virgie Banes.


William J. S. Hamblin was born on 25 October 1857 in Giles County and died 27 January 1929 in Bland. He married Olleva “Ollie” E. Tabor on 12 December 1878 in Giles. Ollie was born in July 1856 in Giles and died April 1929. She was the daughter of John and Eliza Tabor. William and Ollie are buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch, Bland.


On March 17, 1917 William J. Hamblin conveyed a small track of land to the Bland County School trustees in consideration of the educational purposes of neighborhood on Spur Branch…being reserved for school purposes. Also, conveyed acre to daughter Lillie J. Hardy[12].


On August 24, 1912, William J. S. conveyed to Edward L. Hamblin and Olevie for natural love and affection 103 acres of land on Spur Branch. It was agreed that the tract of land was to remain in the possession of Edward and said parties during their joint and separate lives.[13]


William left an additional 22 acres to Edward L. in his will and $150.00 to his daughter, Mellie Virgie Cruff.[14]


William and Ollie’s children:

1.       Edward L. was born 25 September 1879. He married Olive Virginia Millirons on August 22, 1903 in Bland. Edward died on 31 January 1969. Olive was the daughter of William Millirons and Julia Rose Banes. She was born 14 September 1879 in Pulaski County and died 08 May 1961. Edward and Olive are buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch. Their children:

1.1.        Glenord C. born 31 May 1904 and died 16 April 1975 married Margaret Stephens on 29 April 1926 in Bland. Glenord is buried is the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch. They had children:

1.1.1.          Annie V. born 08 March 1927; died 14 August 1955; buried in the Hamblin Cemetery.

1.1.2.          Robert.

1.1.3.          Mary.

1.2.        Maggie Leona born 22 August 1905 married Orsen Wylie Chewning.

1.3.        Roxie M. born 22 April 1907 and died 19 March 1916 buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch.

1.4.        Dorothy born 12 March 1909 and died 02 February 1994; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. She married 1st  Wiley Vincent Meadows, one son Allen Lee. She married 2nd  Jerome Walter Greene.

1.5.        Genoa Thelma married Raymond Earl Davis. *See Henry Davis Family

1.6.        Garnett Lee married Janie Elizabeth Chewning

1.7.        Govan Thedmer married Martha Levell Davis. *See Samuel Davis Family.

1.8.        Charles W. was born 11 January 1916 and died 21 March 1916; buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch.

1.9.        Hobert born about 1919.[15]

1.10.     Arthur Edward was born February 9, 1922 and died May 11, 1955, buried in the Hamblin Cemetery. He married 1st  unknown and 2nd  Shirley Marie Walker.

1.11.     Ernest born about 1924.[16]


Edward conveyed for love and respect 1 acres to the Methodist Church South for a burial place for …”such persons as they may choose to bury there…” on May 25, 1929.[17]


On January 29, 1944, Edward conveyed a total of 125 acres to Andy Nuchols.[18]


2.       Nellie Virginia was born 23 July 1879 [although her stone says 1879, the 1900 Bland census lists her born in 1882] married Robert Cruff on 31 August 1897 in Bland. Robert was born about 1876 to Henry D. and Lucinda Cruff in Montgomery County. Her marriage record lists her as V. N. Hamblin. She was 16 years old at the time of her marriage. Nellie died 14 January 1963; buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur branch. Children from the 1910 Bland County Census:

2.1.        Carolyn.

2.2.        Ballard.

2.3.        John T.

2.4.        Henry T.

3.       Lilly Jane was born June 1884[19]; married 1st Jacob Franklin Kitts on 20 May 1908 in Bland County. Jacob was the son of Andrew J. Kitts and Polly Leedy. He was born in November 1836 and died sometime between 1908–1910. Jacob is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Lilly married 2nd  Henry Ellis Hardy on 21 October 1911 in Bland. He was the son of Henry J. and Jesten Hardy. Lilly died 20 June 1959, buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia. Henry was born about 1875 in Carroll County, Virginia. Children from the 1920 and 1930 Bland County census:

3.1.        Alice born 22 October 1912 married Mr. Robertson. She died 23 April 1978 in Pulaski, buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

3.2.        Lottie born 30 August 1914 married Frank Straley Melvin; she died 08 May 1978 and buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

3.3.        Henry J. R. born about 1916.

3.4.        Rachel born 05 July 1918 married Albert Carter Hughett; she died 24 September 1995 and buried in the Highland Memory Gardens, Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia.

3.5.        Churchwell born 13 August 1920 and died 26 June 1945, buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

3.6.        Charles born 15 September 1922 and died 20 March 1994, buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

3.7.        Violet born 01 September 1924, died 03 September 1924. She is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.8.        Dora born 07 March 1928 and died 09 June 1988, buried in the New Dublin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

4.       Ellen was born about 1893; she married Samuel Sublett on 23 December 1910 in Pulaski County. She was listed in the marriage record as L. Ellen.


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