Little Walkers Creek

Johnston-Johnson Family


Derived from the intrusive form of Johnson, patronymic(of, relating to, or derived from the name of one's father or a paternal ancestor) derived from the Biblical name John “gracious gift of Yahveh” or just “gift of God or Jehovah”; in its various national forms John has been exceedingly frequent throughout Europe due to the outstanding Biblical characters John the Baptist and John the apostle, beloved disciple of Jesus, numerous sovereigns, popes and saints of that name; 2) Scottish, derived from the place Johnston and Johnstone 'John's manor ' in Scotland.[1]


Lewis Johnston was born 17 March 1811 probably in Giles County. He married Martha Patterson on 01 June 1835 in Giles. Surety was provided by Lewis Johnston and Isaac Davis; Agnes Patterson certified daughter Martha's age. Martha’s parents were William Patterson and Agnes Patton. Martha was born about 1812 and died sometime between 1870 and 1880[2]. Lewis died 08 December 1862 of fever.[3]


Addison Davis sold land to William Mustard: In January of 1852 “…by and between Addison Davis of the County of Giles and state of Virginia of the one part and William Mustard of the second and last part of the state and county aforesaid…sum of five hundred dollars…in trust for the benefit of Martha Johnston (wife of Lewis Johnston) and her heirs three several tracts or parcels of land situate, lying and being in the county of Pulaski in the state of Virginia on the waters of little Walkers creek the first  part of which contains one hundred and ten acres and is bounded as follows to wit Beginning at a stake corner to the 74 acre tract the original corner down with the lines thereof…the second tract 74 acres…Beginning at two black oaks on the banks of the creek…the third contains 53 acres and was  patented to said Addison Davis in the year 1848…”.[4]


Lewis and Martha Patterson Johnston’s children:

1.       Nancy Jane born January 1838 married Nathan M. Bond 04 April 1876 in Pulaski. He was the son of James Bond and Margaret B. Mitchell; born about 1850 in Carroll County, Virginia. Nancy died in 1908 and is buried in the Bond Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County. Nancy had two daughters out of wedlock. They were:

1.1.        Martha Jane N. Johnston born 13 October 1868 in Pulaski; married James R. Bond 30 June 1886 in Pulaski. He was the son of James Bond and Margaret B. Mitchell; born in Carroll County, Virginia 07 March 1858. He died 12 February 1896 and is buried in the Bond Cemetery. Martha married 2nd Thomas Fenton Ritter 09 September 1909 in Pulaski. He was the son of David Spencer Ritter and Hettie Locritta Shufflebarger. Thomas was born 24 July 1871 in Pulaski and died 07 October 1925 in Pulaski and buried in the Bond Cemetery. Martha died 10 September 1931, buried in the Bond Cemetery. James Bond and Martha Johnston’s children:

1.1.1.  Victor O. born 28 September 1886 married Alma V. Pagan 15 November 1911 in Pulaski.

1.1.2.  Virgie Ethel born 1889 married William Hoge Hamblin 10 May 1906 in Pulaski.

1.1.3.  Della O. born 21 July 1890 in Pulaski.

1.1.4.  Oscar Roy born 18 March 1892 in Pulaski married Bertie White.

1.1.5.        William James born about 1895 married Bertha Hester Terry 17 October 1917 in Bland. She was the daughter of William Saunders Terry and Eugenia Thomas King.

1.1.6.        Lula Jane born April 1896.

Children born after James R. Bond died:

1.1.7.  Abbie Elizabeth born 02 January 1898 married William P. Johnston 26 December 1919 in Pulaski. Abbie died on 23 August 1993. William died before 1930. Their children:    Audrey Preston.    Frank M.  Arnold W.  Donald L.    Garnet R.

1.1.8.       Jessie L. born 01 October 1899 married Edgar Albert Banes. *See Banes Family.

1.1.9.  Wilma Lou born 15 November 1907 married John Robert Chandler. *See Chandler family.

1.1.10.Fred born about 1908 per the 1930 Pulaski County census.

1.2.    Mary M. Johnston born 05 March 1874.[5]

1.3.    Early Bond born 01 June 1884.[6]


On March 27, 1909, Martha J. Bond was conveyed “…all that certain tract of land of which Nancy Bond (nee Johnson) died seized in December 1907 containing 65 acres[7] by decree of circuit court and entered January 4, 1909…a cause of Martha J. Bond versus Mitchell Bond and others.”[8]


Martha J. Ritter (formerly Bond) to F. F. Ritter and Mrs. Abby Johnson, wife of W. P., for love and affection 65 acres corner to original Addison Davis land and Hiram Davis land. Recorded September 6, 1929.[9]


2.   Hugh P. born 10 February 1840 married 1st Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). He married 2nd Serena Bond 15 September 1884. She was the daughter of James Bond and Margaret B. Mitchell. Hugh and Elizabeth had children Nettie and Sarah S. Hugh and Serena had children Hugh and Maude. Hugh P. died 15 March 1921. Serena Bond was born 07 May 1852 and died 15 February 1934. They are buried in the Thornspring Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski County. Hugh and Serena’s son Hugh was born 06 July 1885 and died 16 December 1920; buried in the Thornspring Methodist Church Cemetery.


Hugh P. Johnson and Newton F. White and Clem his wife to Newton J. Morgan, Uriah Vermillion and Isaac Hudson, Trustees of Dublin District Schools 95 poles of land for a school on Little Walkers Creek. Dated August 10, 1883.[10]


Hugh enlisted in Company F, 45th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 29 May 1861, detailed as a teamster. He was sick on 15 September 1861.[11] He applied for a Confederate Pension on December 7, 1905. He was suffering from rheumatism and partial loss of eyesight. He was born in Giles County and was 66 years old. During the war, he had suffered from pneumonia, typhoid fever and measles. He joined the service in May 1861 in Bland County and spent 4 years in the war. Hugh was eligible for $30 annually.[12]


3.   Robert H. born about 1842.[13]

4.   Wesley J. born 06 February 1842. He died 20 December 1854 from a tree falling on him at the age of 11 years, 10 months and 14 days.[14]

5.   John P. born about 1844.[15]

6.   James M. born 27 February 1846 married Hester Ann Flick 27 March 1866 in Giles County. Hester was born 19 August 1845, died 29 January 1904. James died 20 September 1920. Both are buried in the Thornspring Methodist Church Cemetery.


James M. Johnson and wife Hester conveyed 45 acres to John Combs on June 16, 1873…”corner to Hiram Davis land…”[16]


7.    Isaac L. born July 1850 married Sarah Elizabeth Bowles 29 December 1875 in Bland County. She was born April 1848 in Carroll County, VA and was living with James and Margaret B. Mitchell Bond in the 1850 Carroll County census. Their children:

7.1.     Alice L. born about 1876.3

7.2.        James A. born 27 August 1878 in Pulaski County.[17]

7.3.        Joseph born April 1882.

7.4.    Flora A. born February 1884.

7.5.    Isaac born 22 March 1885 in Pulaski.[18]

7.6.        Arthur born 25 March 1889 in Pulaski.[19]

7.7.        Minnie S. born about 1897.


On February 22, 1875, Isaac L. Johnston conveyed 44 acres to James Wilson White.[20]

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