Little Walkers Creek

Meadows Family


English; a name pertaining to landscape referring to meadow; the difference between a clearing in a wood and asmall meadow is often nebulous in medieval landscape words; to our forefathers in the Middle Ages a meadow was a grassy, pasture land kept for mowing.[1]


It is believed the Meadows family descended from Ambrose Meadows/Meade of England. Ambrose was born about 1580 in England; his wife’s name is unknown. He had a son Thomas Meades who emigrated to America, the Colony of Virginia in 1635. Thomas was born 24 December 1612 in Bristol, Sulfolk, England. He died 06 June 1655 in Essex County, Virginia. His will was probated June 12, 1655. His will (Record Book 2, 1637-1640, page 12) of Essex County. His wife’s name was Sarah. They had children Thomas “Orphan” born about 1636; Margaret born about 1639; Joyce born about 1641; Ann born about 1643; Mary born about 1645. Thomas was mentioned in several court records as Thomas “Orphan” Meades. On August 6, 1655, Thomas Jr. (a minor) petitions the Court that he may choose a guardian, being of sufficient age. He chose William Underwood.


Thomas married Sarah Hoskins about 1658. Thomas and Sarah had three known children: John, Susannah and Mary.


John was born about 1658 married Elizabeth White. Elizabeth died on August 17, 1694. John married second unknown Awbrey. On December 10, 1695, in anticipation of a second marriage, John made a deed of gift to his seven children He is listed in court records in Essex County, Virginia as John Meador Senior. John and his family lived in Farnham Parish of Essex County, Virginia on the south side of the Rappahannock River. His will was probated November 23, 1721 in Essex County. Will: “I give to my son Thomas Meador one shilling; I give my daughter, Rachale Jodan, one shilling; to my daughter Elize Armstrong, one shilling; to my daughter Dinah Tribbile, one shilling; my desire is that my five sons shall keep their own guns without appraisal. I give to my daughter Mary Meador one gold ring. I give to my son Jones Meador a small piece of land joining upon Thomas Evan’s and running up to church road that goes by my house then up a long road a small course until it comes to the fork of the branch where it began and from the fork to the first beginning and the rest of my land I give to the other four sons to be equally divided with all my houses and orchards thereon belonging and I do appoint my two sons Jobe and Jason Meador my executor. I give my son Joshua Meador one chest not to be appraised and the rest of my estate to be equally divided among my children and I do leave my two youngest sons to be of age at seventeen and I do leave my son Jonas Meador to look after them for three years and that my will not be in force ‘til my decease as witness by my hand and seal this 17th day of October, 1721. Estate 3, 1717-22 C. 7283, pp. 284-5.


Thomas was born about 1680 in Essex County married Elizabeth Wood and they had ten children.


Thomas Jr. was born 1711 in Essex County and died in 1776 in Cumberland County, Virginia. He married Ann Bourne. Thomas Jr. and Ann had son Francis born 1738 and died about 1818 in Monroe County, Virginia.[2]


Francis Meadows came to the Blue Ridge Mountains in March 1770 and settled at the head of Hawksbill Creek in Augusta County, Virginia from Orange County. Marriage record in Orange County for Francis Meadows and Mary Kesiah Bell dated 1758. Francis is listed in the soldiers of the Revolution of Virginia in 1818 as being 80 years old and getting a pension of $80 per year.[3] He was living with his son Francis in Monroe County, Virginia.


John Meadows was born in 1782 in Orange County, Virginia and died March 1848 in Giles County. He married Elizabeth Wyant 06 March 1806 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Elizabeth died 27 November 1872 in Giles County, Walkers Creek. John and Elizabeth had thirteen children: Phillip born about 1807 married Sarah Ellis in Monroe County died in Daviess County, Missouri. They had son, Allen Parkinson Meadows. Allen married Frances Louemma Martin 23 December 1856 in Giles County. Frances was the daughter of John Martin and Elizabeth Waggoner.


Allen enlisted in the Confederate States Army, 36th Infantry Regiment, Company I on 16 April 1862 in Giles County. He died of disease on 04 November 1862.[4] 


Allen and Frances had three children.

1.       Sarah Elizabeth born 04 September 1857 in Giles County; died between 1900-1905. She married 1st  William J. Lambert on 24 December 1880 in Bland. He was the son of Isaac P. Lambert and Susan Rogers. William died on 10 November 1887. No children found from this marriage. Sarah married 2nd  in Bland John Trigg Halsey on 16 September 1890. He was the son of John Trigg Halsey and Sarah E. Painter of Crockett’s Cove, Wythe. John died on 05 December 1891 of Bright’s Disease and buried in the Halsey Cemetery in Crockett’s Cove. Sarah married 3rd  David Spencer Ritter on 18 May 1893 in Bland. Sarah and David had two children:

1.1.        Huston Crockett born 19 March 1895.

1.2.        Frank Chaffin born 29 April 1896. He married Ethel Williams.

2.       Mary Susan born 03 May 1859 in Giles County married James H. Overstreet on 24 January 1877 in Bland. James was born in Bedford County, Virginia to Tilmon J. Overstreet and Nancy Stanley. Mary and James later moved to the Parrot section of Pulaski County. They had three children:

2.1.        Samuel born 09 October 1877 in Bland married Josie Reed 29 March 1904 in Pulaski.

2.2.        Robert Lee born 30 August 1880 in Bland married Mary Belle Carden on 15 March 1904 in Pulaski. He died 11 November 1918 and is buried in the Highland Church Cemetery, Pulaski County. Mary Belle was the daughter of Charles Carden and Cynthia Victoria Tickle.

2.3.        Cynthia born 15 August 1883[5] in Bland. Must have died young as she is not listed with them in any census.

3.       James William Allen born 01 March 1863 in Giles County married Ida Belle Parsell on 24 May

James W. A. Meadows and wife Ida

 1883 in Bland. Ida was the daughter of John Parsell and Mary Ann Coleman. Ida was born 01 October 1861 in Franklin County, Virginia. James died on 19 November 1917 in Bland and Ida Belle died 01 October 1945 in Bland. Ida Belle was the midwife for the Little Walkers Creek, Bland County families for many years. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

      James and Ida’s children:

3.1.        Wiley Vincent born 13 September 1884 in Bland married Dana Rhoena Hamblin on 02 December 1908 in Bland. Dana was the daughter of John M. Stafford Hamblin and Sarah Catherine Croy. He married 2nd Dorothy Hamblin, daughter of Edward L. Hamblin and Olive Virginia Millirons. Dana died 03 August 1926 and Wiley died on 12 December 1960. She died 02 February 1994. Wiley, Dana and Dorothy are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

Wiley and Dana’s children:

3.1.1.      Lucy Alberta born 11 November 1909 married Glen Caudell Davis, son of Comie Albert Davis and Elizabeth Ellen Carr.

3.1.2.      John Trenton married Lavina Elizabeth Brunk, daughter of Houston Neel Brunk and Genoa Agnes Davis.

3.1.3.      Charles Vinson born 31 January 1917 never married. Died 13 June 2000; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery

Wiley and Dorothy’s son:

3.1.4.      Allen Lee married Mary Catherine Brunk, daughter of Houston Neel Brunk and Genoa Agnes Davis.

3.2.        Lee L. born 04 September 1887 in Bland. He married Bess (maiden name unknown). Lee was living in Raleigh County, West Virginia in 1930.1 Children from the 1930 Raleigh County Census:

3.2.1.      Robert born about 1912.

3.2.2.      William born about 1914.

3.2.3.      Rudolph born about 1917.

3.2.4.      Harry born about 1921.

3.2.5.      May born about 1923.

3.2.6.      Fay born about 1925.

3.2.7.      Charles born about 1927.

3.2.8.      George born about 1929.

3.3.        John Jesse born 28 May 1890 in Bland married Mary Alberta Davis on 30 May 1918 in Bland. Mary was the daughter of Hiram Newton Davis and Elizabeth Catherine Farmer. Mary was born on 05 January 1897 in Bland and died on 01 October 1924. Jesse died on 02 May 1978. Jesse never remarried; his mother, Ida Belle Parsell Meadows helped raise his children. Jesse and Mary are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. *See Samuel Davis Family

3.4.          Charles William born 21 May 1892 in Bland married Mabel Johnson.

3.5.          Albert Terry born 19 June 1895 in Bland married Laura Emily Millirons on 25 November 1915 in Bland. She was born 03 April 1898 to R. Lee Millirons and Annie Kate King. Albert Terry died on 23 August 1972 and Laura died on 25 May 1973. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Their children:

3.5.1.      Earl Randolph married Pauline Bopp.

3.5.2.      Ruby Irene married Norman Davis, son of Comie Albert Davis and Edna C. Davis.

3.5.3.      Audrey Lee married Andrew Nucholls.

3.5.4.      Kyle Robert married Etta Mae Roberts.

3.5.5.      Miller Campbell married Evelyn Fellows.

3.5.6.       Ina Juanita married James Edward Melton.

3.6.        Hetty Naomi born 17 March 1899 and died 12 June 1900. She is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.7.        Ibba Erie born 15 June 1901 in Bland married Charles Bascom Jones. Ibba died February 1976 in Tazewell County.

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