Morris Family


Welsh, patronymic (of, relating to, or derived from the name of one's father or a paternal ancestor) derived from Maurice, the Moorish or dark-skinned man. Morris was an early spelling of the given name now usually spelled Maurice; St. Maurice was martyred by the Romans in Switzerland in 287.[1]


Elijah Jesse Morris was born in about 1786. He married Jincey Haymore 02 November 1818 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. They were living in Wythe County by 1850.[2] Their children were:

1.       John born about 1820 married Malinda Lydia Harrell on 18 November 1837 in Patrick County, Virginia. John and Malinda had 12 children; several moved to Missouri. One son, William R. married Sarah C. Parson. Their daughter, Mary Jane married Andrew Grayson Woodyard 04 April 1894 in Pulaski County.


When war between the States was in progress William R. Morris enlisted, in Wythe county, in Company B.Fifty-First Virginia Infantry on July 31, 1861 in Wythe County as a Sergeant. William was described as having a dark complexion, hazel eyes with light hair. He was 5 feet 3 inches tall; promoted to Full Corporal on 31 October 1862. He was listed as a prisoner of war on 02 March 1865 at Waynesboro, Virginia and confined on 12 March 1865 at Fort Delaware, Delaware. He was released on 20 June 1865 at Fort Delaware.[3] He applied for a pension on December 16, 1902 in Pulaski County. The pension listed him as living at Reed Island. William was suffering from kidney problems. He was entitled to $15.00 annually.[4]


2.       Samuel born about 1822 married Rachel (maiden name unknown). Their daughter, Lucy J. married William Carr Allen 12 February 1885 in Bland County.

3.       Joseph Johnson was born April 1825 married Sarah Shinault on 24 October 1864 in Giles County. Sarah was the daughter of Randolph Shinault and Melvina Harrell. Their children were:

3.1.        Susan J. born about 1866.[5]

3.2.        William J. born about 1867.[6]

3.3.        Samuel J. born about 1868.[7]

3.4.        Mary Amanda born May 1871 and died 23 November 1876.[8]

3.5.        John Bell was born 29 April 1874 married Nannie Della Combs on 19 September 1896 in Pulaski. She was the daughter of Joseph W. Combs and Matilda K. Robertson. Nannie was born 12 July 1879 and died 19 July 1966. John died 18 March 1958. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

3.6.        Henry Davis born and died 22 August 1877.[9]

3.7.        Nancy M. born 22 August 1877.[10]

3.8.        Sarah Ella born 18 February 1882.[11]

4.       Jesse born about 1824 married Caroline Beller.


On June 7, 1877, Jesse Morris was conveyed 300 acres by John Combs and wife Peniah “…near a line between Hunter and said Combs…”.[12]


On November 9, 1893, Jesse Morris conveyed 31 acres to E. J. Morris.[13]


Jesse applied for a Confederate pension at the age of 79 on May 2, 1904 in Giles County. He was in the 51st Virginia Infantry, Company B. Most of the application is illegible. Jesse was entitled to $30.00 annually.[14]


Jesse and Caroline’s children were:

4.1.        Nancy J. born about 1842.[15]

4.2.        Elijah Jefferson born 26 May 1846 and died 02 March 1935. He is buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County. He 1st  married Lucinda A. Glore probably in Missouri as his first four children were born in Missouri. Lucinda was also born in Missouri. Elijah married 2nd  Martha Ellen Harrell on 24 April 1884 in Giles County. She was the daughter of Mitchell Harrell and Sarah Shinault. Elijah was a USA Civil War Veteran. He joined Company F, 13th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry.[16] He received a United States Pension having applied in 1883.


Regarding the 13th Tennessee Calvary:

On December 12; the 13th Tennessee Calvary was at Wytheville, Virginia; at Saltville, Virginia, December 20. In his report of the capture and burning of the salt works at Saltville, General Stoneman reported: "To Lieutenant Colonel Stacy, and the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, is due the credit of having acted the most conspicuous part." Lieutenant Colonel Stacy led the charge which captured the Confederate breastworks, and forced the evacuation of the position. The regiment got back to Knoxville

on December 29, 1864, where it remained until March 18, 1865.[17]


Elijah and Lucinda’s children:

4.2.1.      Austin born about 1870 in Missouri.

4.2.2.      Susan born about 1874 in Missouri.[18]

4.2.3.      John born about 1876 in Missouri.[19]

4.2.4.      Alice born 27 February 1877 in Pulaski County.[20]

4.2.5.      Henry born 03 July 1878 in Pulaski County.[21]

4.2.6.      Isabelle born about 1879 in Virginia.[22]

4.2.7.  Nancy Belle Morris born 1880 MO died 1957 Poplar Hill. Giles Co, VA. Married (1) James Henry Thompson and (2)James Shannon Carr. She is buried in the Shannon Cemetery Giles Co.

Elijah and Martha’s children:

4.2.8.      Amanda born 27 March 1886 in Pulaski, married Isaac Asbury Peters.

4.2.9.      Charles Hicks born about 1889 married Roxie Annie Sexton on 22 April 1914 in Bland County.

4.2.10.      Morton born about 1891. Served in World War I.

4.2.11.  Cora M. born about 1893.

4.2.12.  Ethel born about 1897.

4.3.        Matilda born about 1848.[23]

4.4.        John Jackson born about 1849 married Mary Elizabeth Akers on 17 December 1874 in Pulaski. Mary was the daughter of Davidson Akers and Rachel Graham

4.5.        Joseph H. born about 1852 married Susan Shinault 11 January 1872 in Giles County. She was the daughter of Randolph Shinault and Melvina Harrell

4.6.        William Presley born about 1854 in Wythe County married Jenny Dickerson. Their daughter Alice Gish married Samuel Hubert Parsell 15 April 1900 in Pulaski County. Samuel Hubert was the son of John Parsell and Mary Ann Coleman. William’s 2nd daughter, Susan married Samuel Hubert’s son by his first wife, Leslie W.

4.7.        Vilena born 26 March 1856[24] She died at 13 days old of croup.[25]

4.8.        Susan Sayers born 09 April 1858 in Wythe married William Carr Allen 22 May 1886 in Pulaski. *See Allen Family.

4.9.        Samuel born about 1861.

4.10.     James A. born December 1863 married Mary C. Robinett on 03 December 1885 in Bland County.

5.       Tabitha born about 1831.[26]

6.       Susan born about 1833[27] married John Washington Lawson on 24 November 1853 in Wythe County.

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