Charles Lee Parsell (tintype)
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Parcell-Parsell Family


The Parcell family was researched by Ralph Lee Parsell who was born in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio to Andrew Miller Parsell and Minnie Pearl Stinson. Much of his research is cited in this family history. Much of it is not documented; accuracy is not guaranteed.


Richard Parcell married Sarah Love, possibly in Pennsylvania. One theory accounts the marriage of Richard and Sarah in the Valley of Virginia during the Revolution. A brother Morgan was mentioned in Ralph Parsell’s research. Ralph believed Morgan was a brother to Richard. Looking at the traveling preachers during that era, a traveling preacher by the name of Edward Morgan traveled in a around the area of Montgomery County, Virginia during the Revolutionary era. Also during that time, a Sarah Love became an orphan and is mentioned in the very early Montgomery County records. Is it possible that Brother Edward Morgan married Sarah and Richard Parcell?


Richard Parcell was probably born in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He moved with his wife Sarah 1st to Rockbridge County, Virginia, and after 1800 onward to Franklin County, Virginia. In the 1810 Franklin County census, he is listed with his wife, five children under 10, two children between 10 and 16 and two children between 16 and 26. There is a court order to Sarah Parcell (Richard's widow) dated 3 June 1816, summoning her to appear in Franklin County Court on the first Monday of July to take on herself the administration of the estate of her deceased husband.[1] It seems nine children were listed in the 1810 census; Richard was listed as 45 and upwards and Sarah of 26 and under 45.


Richard and Sarah had seven known children being John, Sr. born about 1790; Rachel born about 1792 married William Lavinder; Joel born about 1794 married Drusilla Law; James born about 1800 married Delilah Hodges; William born about 1802 married Lucy White; Anna born about 1805 married Elisha Hodges; Sarah born about 1810 married Jonathan Davis.


John Parcell, Sr. was born about 1790 married Jane Ashworth on 16 January 1819 in Franklin County. She was the daughter of John H. Ashworth and Susannah Brizendine. John is listed in the 1820 Franklin County census as follows: 1 male under 10, 1 male of 26 and under 45, 1 female of 15 and under 26, 1 male slave under the age of 14. John died 23 July 1852 in Franklin County. Jane died between 1870-1872 in Franklin County.


John, Sr. and Jane had eight children being John, Jr.; Mary A. born 1821 married Hardin Shumate, she died 11 April 1854 in Franklin County; Isaac born January 1824 married Mary Malinda Pyrtle, he died 17 October 1865 in Franklin County; Peter born 1827 married Nancy A.T. Houseman; Christopher Columbus born 1831, died 19 November 1859 in Franklin County; Elizabeth born 1831 married Chapman Coleman; William born March 1834 married Martha D. Vaughn, moved to Washington Territory (died Raymond, Washington); Benjamin F. born 11 October 1838 married Lucy Jane Hunt, moved to Washington Territory (died Raymond, Washington).


John, Jr. born 14 December 1819 in Rocky Mount, Franklin County married Mary Ann Coleman on 10 December 1845 in Franklin County. She was the daughter of Samuel Coleman and Priscilla Beheler. Mary was born 10 January 1823 and died 20 December 1889[2]. She is buried in the Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch, Little Walkers Creek, Bland County. John and Mary were listed in the 1850-1870 Franklin County census. By 1876 (or earlier), John and Mary were in Bland County.


On the 4th day of June 1876, a deed was entered at the Bland Courthouse for John Parcell from the heirs of A. Brawley. Samuel W. Williams acted as special Commissioner, conveying the land to John Parcell. George N. Pegram gave written proof that John Parcell had paid for the land. This being a “parcel of land lying on the waters of the Spur Branch on little Walkers creek being a part of the A. Brawley lands”. No acreage was given.[3]


On March 24, 1897, John Parsell conveyed land to Charles L. Parsell “in consideration of the parental love toward the said Charles L. Parsell…beginning corner between Charles Parsell & Calvin in a division line between the same parties… at the Sulphur Spring…division line between Wm Hamblin & Charles Parsell thence it leaves the division line thence with a newly made line between Charles Parsell and David Y. Hamblin…passing white oak in the low gap by the Crockett path…containing 54 acres”.[4]


On April 12, 1897, John Parsell conveyed land to Calvin Parsell…”that in the consideration of the parental love toward the said Calvin Parsell”. Containing 2 tracts, 100 acres and 15 acres.[5]


John Parcell enlisted as a private on April 17, 1862 at the age of 43 in Company A, 57th Infantry Regiment Virginia. He was discharged on May 24, 1862 because of his age. He reenlisted as a Private on December 1, 1863 in Franklin County, Virginia in Company K, "The Old Dominion Guards", 9th Infantry Regiment Virginia; Hospitalized on June 11, 1864. John was described as having a fair complexion, blue eyes with sandy hair. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall.[6]


During the War Between the States, close to 2,000 men served in the ranks of the 9th Virginia Infantry. On April 10, 1865, General Robert E. Lee issued General Order number 9. The great Army of Northern Virginia was no more. Only 40 members of the 9th Virginia Regiment were present at Appomattox to participate in the surrender proceedings.[7]


John applied for a Confederate Pension on May 3, 1903 (which disputes his death date of 28 January 1903 ). He said he had joined the 9th Virginia Infantry, Company K (Pickett’s Division) in Norfolk, Virginia. John’s age at the time was 84 years. He listed that he had lived in Bland County for 28 years and that he was totally disabled. John was suffering from Erysipelas (a skin disease) which was found in 1867 in the service. Dr. D. A. Miller examined John in Bland County and agreed with the diagnosis.[8]


John and Mary’s children:

1.       Elizabeth born in 1846 in Franklin County married Thomas Simpkins 11 June 1874 in Giles County. Elizabeth died in 1898; buried in the Staffordsville Cemetery, Giles County.

2.       Samuel Hubert born in 1848 in Franklin County married 1st Louisa Bird on 03 November 1870 in Franklin County. Louisa died on 12 June 1896 in Franklin. Samuel moved to Giles County and later married Alice Gish Morris on 15 April 1900 in Pulaski County. She was the daughter of William Presley Morris and Jenny Dickerson. Samuel died in 1912, buried in the Pearis Cemetery, Bluff City, Giles County. Alice died in 1938.

3.       William Wise born 1854 in Franklin County married Margaret Ellen Lindsey on 21 November 1877 in Giles County. William died 21 August 1940 and Margaret died 22 December 1933. They are buried in the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery, Giles County.

4.       Charles Lee born 10 December 1856 in Franklin County married Martha Jane Davis on 26 October 1880 in Bland County. *See Samuel Davis Family.


On March 4, 1897, David Y. Hamblin conveyed land on Spur Branch, Little Walkers Creek to Charles Lee Parsell. No acreage given.[9]

Willie Jane Parsell,
 Elmer and Herman Davis


Submitted by Rebecca Sowers


The heirs of C. L. Parsell and wife, now deceased conveyed 32 acres and 125 square rods to Willie J. Davis on May 14, 1931. Dana Parsell, unmarried, Andrew M. Parsell and Minnie Parsell; Zena Stinson and George Stinson all of Springfield, Ohio; Willie J. Davis and Emmett M. Davis, Ida Davis and H. H. Davis, Charles C. Parsell and Blanche Parsell—all the heirs at law of C. L. Parsell and wife.[10]


On the 14th of May 1931, the C. L. Parsell heirs (as stated above) conveyed land to Ella A. Williams it being the same that was conveyed to the said C. L. Parsell, as Charles L. Parsell, by John Parsell by deed dated the 24th day of March, 1897, and of record in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Bland County, Virginia in D. B. 7, page 79, and being therein described by metes and bound, to which reference is hereby made for a more particular description of this certain tract; the other of which said tracts contains 1 acres, more or less, being the same tract that was conveyed to the said C. L. Parsell, as Charles L. Parsell, by David Y. Hamblin by deed dated the 4th day of March, 1897…[11]


5.       Ida Belle born 01 October 1861 in Franklin County married James William Allen Meadows on 24 May 1883 in Bland County. *See Meadows Family.

6.       Calvin Van Doren “Kelly” born 24 May 1863 in Franklin County married Cynthia Margaret Pegram on 28 November 1887 in Bland County. *See Pegram Family.


On October 29, 1929, Calvin Parsell and wife Cynthia M. conveyed land to Lillie J. Hardy. Two tracts conveyed to Calvin by his father. Another tract which was conveyed to the said Calvin Parsell by John Q. Dickinson and wife deed dated on the 2nd day of April, 1919. A total of 126 acres.[12]


7.       Tobias Daniel born 26 May 1869 in Franklin County married Minnie Bell Davis 16 June 1891 in Bland County. *See Henry Davis Family

Parsell Hollow off Spur Branch Road

Photograph taken by Catherine “Katy” S. Sowers, daughter of the author.


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The Parcel Family of Milburn, Essex, NJ
Compiled by William G. Johnson July 2014 (W.I.P.)



John Parcell's tombstone

John Parcell's cabin. Some relatives bought the log house, took it apart, labeled the logs with numbers so as to rebuild it, and relocated it to Bland.