Underwood Family


English, derived from the place name meaning beneath the wood.[1]


Joshua Underwood was born about 1810 in North Carolina. He 1st  married Charlotte Wilson 17 March 1823 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He marred 2nd  Delitha Keens 24 October 1845 in North Carolina (undocumented). Joshua and Charlotte had 5 known children. One of them, Laura A. Underwood born 29 January 1842 Guilford County married William Green Tickle 12 November 1868 in Giles County. They are buried in the Thornspring Methodist Church Cemetery in Pulaski County. Joshua and Delitha’s children:

1.       Andrew Giles born 01 January 1847 in Guilford County, North Carolina married Sarah Jane Kennedy on 23 December 1869 in Pulaski County. Sarah was the daughter of John Kennedy and Mary Deaton. She was born in 1851 and died on 18 September 1910. Andrew died 18 February 1908. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County.


On December 27, 1901, Mrs. Mary H., Julie A., James A. and Sallie  B. Miller conveyed part of a tract of land to A. G. Underwood; being part of a tract conveyed to William Miller by William L. Hunter. No acreage given.[2]


William and Elizabeth Underwood, Clara Woodyard and husband A. S. Woodyard, Aggie Combs and Robert her husband and Sallie Underwood conveyed the above land to Charlie, Grover and John Underwood in exchange for the care and maintenance for their mother, Sallie and to provide a comfortable home during her natural life at present homeplace. No acreage given. Dated April 14, 1908.[3]


On March 19, 1909, Sarah Underwood, widow, conveyed land to Foy C. Combs being part of the land conveyed to Sarah by Mrs. Mary A. Miller and others.[4]


Andrew and Sarah’s children:

1.1.        Robert Lee born 15 January 1874 married Myrtle Combs on 07 October 1902 in Pulaski. She was born on 26 February 1881 to Joseph W. Combs and Matilda K. Robertson Robert died on 23 July 1905; Myrtle died on 19 February 1912. The are buried in the Hunter Cemetery. See Combs Family.

1.2.        Agnes born 26 March 1876 married James Robert Combs on . He was born 19 November 1899 to Joseph W. Combs and Matilda K. Robertson. *See Combs Family.

1.3.        Clara born 13 October 1877 married Albert Sidney Woodyard on 12 September 1900 in Pulaski. He was born in June 1870 to Newton Woodyard and Bethia White. Albert died October 1946; Clara died on 29 June 1908. Albert and Clara’s Children:

1.3.1.      Lee T. married Jeanette Fowler.

1.3.2.      Dolly G. married Arnold E. Johnson. Dolly was born 02 October 1903 and died 12 June 1933; buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

1.3.3.      Trinkle.

1.4.        William born about 1879 married Elizabeth L. (maiden name unknown).

1.5.          John Milton born 28 July 1880 married 1st  Nellie G. Combs on 29 November 1904 in Pulaski County; Nellie was the daughter of Joseph W. Combs and Matilda K. Robertson. Nellie died in 1914. John married 2nd  Effie M. Davis on 30 January 1917 in Pulaski. She was the daughter of James Whitten Davis and Nancy Jane King. John Milton died on 11 April 1957, Effie died on 26 August 1960. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek. John and Effie had no children.John and Nellie had two daughters:

1.5.1.      Jennie

1.5.2.      Lucille

1.6.        Charles Thomas was born on 09 October 1885 married Lucy Pearl Davis on 10 October 1916 in Pulaski County. She was born 05 January 1894 in Bland County to James Whitten Davis and Nancy Jane King. Charles died on 01 March 1956; Lucy died on 07 March 1979. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery. Charles and Lucy’s children:

1.6.1.      Richard Victor.

1.6.2.      Opal Virginia.

1.6.3.      Myrtle Agnes.

1.6.4.      Charlie Vivian.

1.6.5.      Alva Louise.

1.6.6.      Paul Dailey.

1.6.7.      Nina Lorraine.

1.6.8.      Charles Clifford.

1.7.        Grover C. born 09 May 1892 married Sallie Sexton. Had daughters:

1.7.1.      Viola married Meek Hoge Davis, Jr.

1.7.2.         Georgie .

1.7.3.      Ruby.

2.       Charlotte born about 1849 in North Carolina.[5]

3.       George W.[6] born 12 August 1849 in Guilford County, North Carolina married Sarah Ann Akers on 11 January 1872 in Pulaski. She was born on 28 November 1854 in Pulaski County to Davidson Akers and Rachel Graham. George died on 14 April 1958; Sarah on 02 January 1949. They are buried in the Sunrise Burial Park, Fairlawn, Pulaski County. Their children were:

3.1.        William Joshua born 18 November 1872 in Pulaski married Malinda Dowdy 05 October 1893 in Pulaski County. She was born on 27 July 1877 in Pulaski to James C. Dowdy and Nancy M. Richardson. William died on 14 April 1958; Malinda on 02 January 1949. They are buried in the Sunrise Burial Park, Fairlawn, Pulaski County.

3.2.        George Stuart born 09 January 1875 married Helen Dowdy.

3.3.        Bettie Mae born 16 November 1877 in Pulaski married James Andrew Robertson on 17 October 1894 in Pulaski County.

3.4.        David Pierce born 06 August 1880 married Della Williams. She was the daughter of James J. Williams and Amanda J. Akers.

3.5.        Jordan born 13 May 1885; died 17 January 1886 in Pulaski County.

3.6.        Luli B. born 22 January 1889 married Hubert Hurst on 14 January 1904 in Pulaski County.

3.7.        Sidney Q. born 20 July 1892 married Mary A. Vest.

4.       Nancy born about 1853[7] in North Carolina.

5.       Susan born March 1858[8] in North Carolina married William A. Burgess on 04 November 1879 in Pulaski County.

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