Little Walkers Creek

Akers Family


English, meaning “on a plot of one acre”, referring to men who could be addressed by the particularly well-known farm or piece of land on or near which they lived, size or shape of the plot of land observed.[1]


William Akers was born about 1640 in Virginia and died in 1702; his will was probated in Essex County the 10th day of August 1702. William was married to Katherine. His will mentioned two children, William and Ann.


William II was born about 1675 and was married to Ann. They had a son William born about 1700 in Buckingham County, Virginia.


William III died about 1790 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He was married to Susanna Blackburn.  They had Blackburn born about 1730 in Albemarle County, Virginia.


Blackburn married 1st Elizabeth Blackburn. He married 2nd Susannah Scaggs. He was sworn to the American cause on 13 September 1777 in Montgomery County. Blackburn was placed on the unfit-for-duty list of the militia company of Captain Daniel Trigg, indicating he was 50 or more years of age. Blackburn and Susannah Scaggs had William B. born about 1765 in Buckingham County, Virginia.[2]


William married 1st Lydia Elkins and 2nd Nancy Sowers. on 02 July 1811 in Montgomery County. William and Lydia had three known children, one being Moses Sr.


Moses Akers, Sr. Family


Moses Akers, was the son of William B. Akers and Lydia Elkins. He was born about 1808 in Montgomery County, Virginia and died between 12 April 1872 and 05 April 1875 in Bland County, Virginia. He married Catherine Altizer 24 December 1828 in Montgomery County. She was born about 1808; the daughter of John Altizer and Elizabeth Elkins. Catherine died sometime between 1876-1880.[3]  Moses Akers moved to Little Walkers Creek, Bland County from Pulaski County by 1869 having bought two tracts of land on Little Walkers Creek from John C. Crockett on 10 February 1869 totaling 272 acres “more or less”.[4]


Moses Akers, Sr. wrote his will April 12, 1872:

“To my wife I leave all my land and appurtenances; after her death to be divided among my children as follows: To my son John $1; son Davis $1; son Amos $1; my daughter Elizabeth $1; daughter Octava $1; my son Dandridge $1; son Moses $1; daughter Mary Catherine $1.

To my son William D. Akers 100 acres of land off the upper end of my farm square across from mountain to mountain…The balance of my land to be divided equally by and between my daughters Fransina, Emeline and Mildred Ann. My personal property to be divided equally between son William D. and daughters Fransina, Emeline and Mildred Ann...”.[5] Moses’ will was presented to the court on April 5, 1875 and proven by the oath of Samuel C. Davis, one of the subscribing witnesses. W. B. Akers, the other witness, not present.[6]


Moses Akers, Sr. and wife Catherine sold land to the Bland County board of Trustees on October 18, 1872: “…a lot of land lying on the waters of Little Walkers Creek… The said Moses Akers and wife doth warrant generally the said lot of land, the house upon the land to be open to Church privileges with the understanding that the Class at that place takes care that the School property and furniture is not abused in that it is taken care of… ”.[7]  Note—this was probably in the area of where the Davis school was built.


Moses and Catherine Akers are probably buried (unmarked graves) in the old “Davis” Cemetery on Little Walkers Creek. The “Davis” Cemetery is named so because it is now on Davis property which once belonged to Moses Akers.


Moses and Catherine had 15 children; several lived in Pulaski County while others lived in Bland County and later in Wythe County.


1.        John born about 1830 married Martha Becklehimer 28 February 1850 in Pulaski. John and Martha lived in Pulaski.[8]

2.        Davidson born October 23, 1831 married Rachel Graham 23 October 1851 in Pulaski County. Davidson and Rachel lived in Pulaski.[9]

3.        Amos born October 18, 1833 married Missouri Kelly 06 July 1853 in Pulaski. Amos and Missouri lived in Pulaski.[10]

4.        Elizabeth born about 1834 married on 31 March 1851 to John Becklehimer in Pulaski.[11]

5.        Octava born about 18355 married Jackson Holiday 25 December 1853 in Pulaski County. Jackson and Octava were living on Walkers Creek, Giles County in 1880.[12]

6.        Dandridge born about 1836 married Parthena Farmer 13 January 1859 in Pulaski County. They lived in Pulaski and Bland counties.[13]

7.        Moses was born 03 October 1839 married Sarah Brawley 13 October 1859 in Wythe County. Sarah was born 29 May 1843, the daughter of Anselm Brawley and Susannah Hutsell. Moses and Sarah lived on Little Walker’s Creek.[14]

8.        Mary Catherine born about 1840 married George White.[15]

9.       Francina Julia born about 1841 married Joseph H. Lefler. Joseph was the son of Aaron Maize Lefler and Mildred Butler.


     Joseph enlisted in the 54th Infantry Regiment, Company F on September 9, 1861 in Newbern, Pulaski County and was wounded in Bentonville, North Carolina. He applied for a Confederate pension on May 12, 1899 at the age of 64 years.[16]


     In 1880, Joseph and Francina were living in Wythe County; living with them was William D. Akers.[17]

Joseph and Francina’s children were:

9.1         James M.

9.2         Lucy M.

9.3          Leila A.

9.4         Henry Sidney married Dora Alice Akers 21 November 1894 in Bland County. They were living in Clearfork, Tazewell County, Virginia in 1920.[18]

9.5          Joseph E.

9.6         Mary L.


Joseph H. Lefler and Fransina J. conveyed land to John T. Davis on December 4, 1885. “…To east bounded by Jacob Kitts…west by Peter Tickle…32 acres…”.[19]


10.   Emeline born about 1845[20]  married Isaac Maize Lefler. Isaac was the son of Aaron Maize Lefler and Mildred Butler.


     Isaac enlisted in the 54th Infantry Regiment, Company F on September 9, 1861 in Newbern, Pulaski County. He was wounded at Chickamauga Creek, Georgia.


     He applied for a Confederate pension on May 18, 1900 at the age of 69 years.


     Emeline [gave her name as Ellen C. Leffler] applied for a widows pension on May 4, 1920. The application gave Isaac’s date of death as 22 March 1920, 7 miles from Rural Retreat. He died of heart problems. Emeline was 75 years old and explained her husband was 78 years old when he died. They were married in Pulaski County in 1865 by Red Swinney. She had lived in Wythe County for 36 years. Isaac and Emeline later moved to Rural Retreat, Wythe County. Their children were:

10.1     Thomas Reed married Mary Jane Kitts.  Their children:

10.1.1           Bessie.

10.1.2            Harvey Kent

10.1.3            Issac Maize married Ruth Kid.

10.1.4            Luther Green married Amelia E. Fortner.

10.1.5            Ella married Charles S. Bowles.

10.1.6            Claude William married Ina Augusta Davis.

10.1.7            Garland.

10.1.8            Leslie Brown married Gussie Ring.

10.1.9            Ida Gray married George B. Allison.

10.1.10        Sherman.

10.1.11        George P.

10.1.12        Ada.

10.2     William J. married Viola Kitts.

10.3     Stuart.

10.4     Ollie G. married William Gullion.

10.5       David Houston married Larnie Belle Cameron.

10.6       Mary Lou.


On February 2, 1888, Isaac Lefler and wife Emeline conveyed 30 acres to William T. King “…adjoining own land on the east, Jacob Kitts on the west and the Big Survey on the north and south…”. [21]


11.     Gordon F. born about 1846[22][not mentioned in will, may have died young].

12.     William D. born about 1848[23] married Jennie Robinson 24 February 1886 in Wythe County.

13.   Margaret Melvina born about 1850[24] married Christopher P. Collins 12 November 1874 in Bland County. He was born about 1852, the son of Edmond and Elizabeth Collins[25]. Christopher and Margaret were living in Crockett’s Cove, Wythe County in 1880. From the 1880 Wythe census, they had the following children:

13.1          John.

13.2          William.

13.3          Charles.


Christopher P. Collins and Margaret M. his wife of Wythe County conveyed to William L. Collins “all the right, title and interest of said Margaret M. of her father Moses Akers…31 acres…” on November 24 1882.[26]


14.     Madison R. born about 1852; died June 1853 in Pulaski at age 8 months.[27]

15.   Mildred Ann born 18 January 1853 married William L. Collins 22 August 1874 in Bland. William was the son of James and Mary Ann Collins. William and Mildred lived in Crockett’s Cove, Wythe County. Mildred Ann died 19 October 1932 and William died 20 August 1938. William and Mildred are buried in the St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Wythe County. Children from the Bland and Wythe census:

15.1            James.

15.2            Harvey.

15.3            Walter.

15.4            Nancy.

15.5            Mildred.

15.6            Cynthia Lou married Joseph Shannon Bowles 27 January 1897 in Wythe County.

15.7            Estell.

15.8            Crockett.

15.9            Callie.

15.10        Emma.

15.11        Bertha.


William L. Collins and wife Mildred conveyed 62 acres to Jacob Kitts on February 10, 1888 adjoining the lands of William King, John Davis and others.[28]


On February 11, 1876, Moses Akers, Sr. heirs conveyed land to William T. and Nancy L. King:

“…John Akers and Martha Akers his wife, John Becklehimer and Elizabeth his wife, Davis Akers and Rachel his wife, Amos Akers and Missouri his wife, Dandridge Akers and Parthena his wife, Moses Akers and Sallie P. his wife, Jackson Holiday and Octavia his wife, George White and Mary C. his wife, Joseph Lefler and Francina his wife, Isaac Lefler and Emeline his wife, William L. Collins and Mildred C. Collins his wife, Christopher P. Collins and Margaret M. his wife, Wm. D. Akers and Catherine Akers (widow)…one tract…containing forty acres…”.[29]



Moses Akers, Jr. Family


Moses Akers, Jr. married Sarah P. Brawley 13 October 1859 on Spur Branch, Wythe County. She was the daughter of Anselm Brawley and Susannah Hutsell. Moses was born 03 October 1839 in Montgomery County and died 10 July 1916 on Little Walkers Creek, Bland County, buried in the old “Davis” Cemetery on Little Walkers Creek. Sarah was born 29 May 1843 in Wythe County and died 25 March 1940 in Bland and is buried in the“Davis” Cemetery.[30]


On February 12, 1876, Moses Akers, Sr. heirs conveyed land to Moses Akers, Jr. “…Catherine Akers widow of Moses Akers, Sr. decd, Davis Akers and Rachel his wife, Amos Akers and Missouri his wife, Dandridge Akers and Parthena his wife, Joseph Lefler and Fransina his wife, Isaac Lefler and Emeline his wife, Christopher P. Collins and Melvina his wife, George White and Mary his wife, Wm. L. Collins and Mildred his wife and Wm. D. Akers children and heirs at law of Moses Akers, Sr decd. of the first part and Moses Akers, Jr. of the second part. Witnesseth that whereas the parties of the second part did on the 14th day of August 1874 purchase of the said Moses Akers Sr. a certain tract or boundary of land off the farm on which said Moses Akers, Jr.. then resided…”. This was a 60-acre tract.[31]


On November 15, 1879, Moses Akers, Jr.. received a land grant for 96 acres “…to his own corner and line to Abram Wampler’s land…corner to the “old Crockett survey…”.[32]


On the 12th day of June 1897, Samuel W. Williams and wife Maggie conveyed 56 acres to Moses Akers“…adjoining the lands of Moses Akers and others…being all the land said Williams embraced in what is known as the old Crockett survey which lies between the tract of land recently conveyed to John H. Collins…[33]


Moses Akers and wife Sarah P. conveyed three tracts of land to R. Lee Millirons the first containing 4/5 acre on August 6, 1890 and on December 1, 1897; one for 50 acres and another for 8 acres.[34]


 Moses Akers Jr. and Sarah P. Brawley’s children:

1.       Gillie B. born April 18606 in Pulaski County married John H. Collins on 14 April 1885 in Bland County. John was born in June 1858. He was the son of James Collins and Mary Ann. John H. Collins and Gillie B. Akers had the following children:[35]

1.1.          William C. born January 1886 married Hester (maiden name unknown) .Children:[36]

1.1.1.         Thelma born about 1910.

1.1.2.         Cary born about 1912.

1.1.3.         Martha born about 1918.

1.2.          Sheffey Margaret Frances born January 1887 married David Henry Carl Pauley on 31 December 1907. He was the son of Gratton Crockett Pauley and Mary Geneva Kitts in Bland County. Children from the 1920 Bland census:

1.2.1.                  Vivian G. born about 1910.

1.2.2.               Garnet C. born about 1911.

1.2.3.                  Cleo S. born about 1914.

1.2.4.                  Margaret born about 1916.

1.3.        Harvey Lee born June 1888.

1.4.         Kelley J. L. born March 1890.

1.5.         Sarah born 06 August 1892.

1.6.          Hugh C. born December 1893, died in World War I on 03 March 1919 of disease while Prisoner of War.[37]

1.7.         Nellie A. born 16 October 1895 married Tobias King born 22 September 1891, son of John Nye King and Martha Taylor. Children from the 1920 Bland census:

1.7.1.             Irene.

1.7.2.             Roy Elmer.

1.7.3.             Seagle.

1.7.4.             Nina.

1.7.5.                Ernest Chaffin.

1.7.6.             Joseph Sidney born 24 April 1897.

1.8.        Berta M. born January 1899 married Thomas W. Ogle 20 October 1919 in Bland.

1.9.          Mary J. born about 1901.

1.10.       Charles E. born about 1903.

1.11.    Frank Estell born 24 May 1905 married Rose Catherine Hancock on 19 April 1929 in Bland. She was the daughter of Saunders Helton Hancock and Carrie Nellie Louisa Hancock. Children:

1.11.1.           Nina.

1.11.2.           Frances.

1.11.3.           Della Geraldine.

1.12.    David H. born about 1907.[38]

1.13.       John H. born about 1912.[39]

2.        Julian N. born July 1867[40] married Jacob H. Davis about 1887. Jacob was born about 1860 in Giles or Tazewell; he was the son of Isaac Newton Davis and Martha Esther Sands. They later moved to Giles County.[41]  Children:[42]

2.1.          George M. born 06 February 1888.

2.2.        Sallie S. born 08 February 1890.

2.3.        Mary L. born 21 May 1891.

2.4.        John W. born 26 June 1892.

2.5.      Miller Daniel born 09 November 1898. Served in World War I.

2.6.      Terry Chaffin born 23 August 1900 married Julia Rose Millirons.[43] Children:

2.6.1.         Terry C., Jr.

2.6.2.         Christine.

2.6.3.         Loretta.

2.6.4.         Charles


On March 18, 1889, Moses Akers gave Julian Davis, wife of Jacob, 7 acres of the 96 survey and another tract for 40-50 acres “…for love and affection”.[44]


Jacob Davis and wife Julia conveyed 50 acres to Walter Brunk on June 9, 1913.[45]


3.        Emily Elizabeth was born December 1871 in Bland married Marcus Walker Hancock on 13 December 1910 in Bland. He was born about 1855 in Wythe County the son of George Washington Hancock and Julia Wyrick. She married second John Chrisman Helvey on 04 August 1931 in Bland.

4.        Dora Alice born about 1873 married Henry Sidney Lefler 21 November 1894 in Bland. He was born about 1873 in Wythe County. Henry was the son of Joseph H. Lefler and Francina Julia Akers. Henry and Dora were living in Tazewell County in 1920.[46] Children:

4.1.       Sallie F. born about 1899.

4.2.       Bowen C. born about 1901.

4.3.       Genoa B. born about 1905.

4.4.       Henry S. born about 1907.

4.5.        Mary M. born about 1910.

4.6.        Edward S. born about 1913.

4.7.          James O. born about 1915.

Estell Hoge Millirons & Ella Augusta Akers


Submitted by Reba & Jack Crawford

5.       Ella Augusta born 19 July 1879 in Bland; died 16 September 1941 in Bland. She married Estell Hoge Millirons, born 31 January 1881 in Pulaski County, died 07 February 1946 in Bland. They married in Bland on 24 December 1902. Estell Hoge was the son of William Millirons and Julia Rose Banes. Both are buried in the “Davis” Cemetery, Bland County.


Moses gave Ella A. Millirons a tract of land for love and affection on January 28, 1911 [acreage not given].[47]


Estell and Ella’s children:

5.1.          Meek Gordon born 23 October 1903 and died 15 January 1963 buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery.

5.2.        Howard Preston born 06 April 1905 and died 26 May 1981 buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery. Howard married Annie Elizabeth Hancock daughter of Elexander Stinson Hancock and Emily Lea Corder. Howard and Annie’s children:[48]

5.2.1.       Howard Paul married Florence Farmer and had two children.

5.2.2.          Estil Stinson married Miss Dewey and had three children.

5.2.3.          George William married Beatrice Havens and had seven children.

5.2.4.          Emma Lee married Leonard Hensley Hamblin and had the following children:       Annie Mae.   John Crockett.       Vanessa Gail.   Augusta Gray.

5.2.5.       Malcolm “Mac” married twice and had two children.

5.3.          Clarence Hicks was born 19 November 1906. He married Waucella Mae Coburn. Children:

5.3.1.      Douglas.

5.3.2.      James Hicks.

5.3.3.      Harry Zelmer.

5.4.          William Moses was born 15 September 1908 and died 19 August 1938. William is buried in the Davis Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek. He married Frances King on 12 August 1930 in Bland. She was born on 15 September 1906, the daughter of Joseph S. King and Emily Etta Pegram. One daughter:

5.4.1.           Delphine.

5.5.          Emma Louella was born 10 September 1910. She married Robert Lee Chandler on 28 July 1943 in Bland County; son of Hannah Chandler. Robert was the mail carried for many years on Little Walkers Creek. Robert and Emma “Louella” lived about a mile from the Bland/Pulaski line. Robert and Emma’s children:

5.5.1.           Reba Lee married 1st Larry Warren Rigney and 2nd  Jack Crawford.

5.5.2.        James William married Judith Elaine Davis.

5.6.          Lelia Pearl born 23 January 1913 and died 10 April 1987. Lelia married Alvie Garland Corder son of Benjamin Larkin Corder and Frances Bell Davis. Both are buried in the Grandview Memory Gardens, Bluefield, West Virginia.

5.6.1.        Edna Augusta.

5.6.2.        Ruth Elizabeth.

5.6.3.        Robert Wiley.

5.6.4.        Garland Lee.

5.6.5.        Roger Allen.

5.6.6.           Dewey Wayne.

5.7          Walter “Pug” Vance was born 27 April 1915 and died 28 April 1985. He married Rosa “Rosie” Evelyn Millirons 18 January 1936 in Bland County. She was the daughter of Lelia Pearl Millirons. Walter and Rosa are buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery. Children:

5.7.1         Mason Vance married Wilma Beatrice Phipps.

5.7.2           Augusta Delphine married Edgar Albert Banes.

5.7.3           Norman Thomas married Carolyn Aileen Banes.

5.7.4           Dolly Marie married Ernest Drayton Banes.

5.7.5         Donnie Sue married Thomas Rhea Phipps.


On June 6, 1941, Ella A. Millirons conveyed 125 acres to Howard P.. and Louella Millirons which had been conveyed to Ella by her father, Moses Akers. The deed contained stipulations: It was understood that Howard and Louella would retain control and possession of the real estate so long as she [Ella] lives and she was to be looked after, cared for and maintained in her old age in a manner to which she was accustomed. It was also understood that Gordon M. Millirons would have a home there and receive support from the real estate as long as he lives. If the land was to be partitioned, Louella was to have the dwelling, out buildings, garden and all household and kitchen furniture.[49]


Howard and Louella later sold the above tract of land in two parcels. James L. Corder bought 93.9 acres of the tract and Marvin Davis bought 31.1 acres.[50]


Moses Akers, Jr. enlisted in the 54th Infantry Regiment, Company F on September 9, 1861 in Newbern, Pulaski County. Captain William J. Jordan's Company enlisted on September 9, 1861, from Pulaski County men, for one year. Jordan and 82 other men cast their fate with the Confederacy at Newbern at the regiment's formation. A total of 217 men eventually served in this company, making it the largest in the regiment. Moses may have served in the following engagements: December 25, 1861—Floyd County, KY; August 31, 1862—Rocky Gap, VA; January 30, 1863—Kelley’s Store, VA; November 11, 1863—Ringgold, GA; and of course, the two engagements where he was wounded. The 54th fought for the last time in Bentonville, North Carolina on March 17-19, 1865.


Moses was wounded on February 25, 1864 at Rocky Face Ridge, Georgia and again July 4, 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia. Moses applied for a Confederate pension in Bland County at the age of 49; explaining that he had received a wound from a musket ball “…shot into the main bone of my left leg below the knee…the bullet entered my left leg and embedded itself in the bone. The bone had to be split and the bullet extracted”. He also states that his disability is so great “…so far as manual labor is concerned, is equivalent to the loss of a limb”. He stated that he was unable “to obtain a livelihood by manual labor”. He was entitled to fifteen dollars annually. In 1907, Moses was re-rated and placed on the pension rolls as totally disabled “due to the infirmities of age being now in my 69th year”. He was then entitled to thirty dollars annually. Both documents were signed by Moses Akers.[51]


Moses served in the 54th Company F with his brothers, Amos and Dandridge.


In 1917, Sallie P. Akers applied for a Confederate Widows pension[52]. She was required to answer several questions in the application:

1.         Name: Sallie P. Akers

2.         Age: 73

3.         Place of birth: Wythe County

4.         How long have you resided in Virginia: All my life

5.         How long have you resided in the City or County of you

permanent residence: 40 years

6.         Where do you reside? If in city give street address, post office: Long Spur, County of Bland, Virginia

With who do you reside? E. H. Millirons

7.         What was your husband full name? Moses Akers

When, where and by whom were you married?

When? Oct 13, 1859

Where? On Spur Branch, Bland County, VA

By whom? Rev Curtis

8.         When and where did your husband die? July 10, 1916.

Long Spur, Bland County, Va.

9.         What was the cause of his death? Stomach trouble

10.        Give name and address of physician who attended your

husband at the time of his death. Dr. J. A. Wagner, Bland, Va.

13.        Have you married since the death of your husband? If yes, give the particulars. Have not married

14.        In what branch of the army did your husband serve? 54

regiment, F Company

15.        Who were his immediate superior officers? Colonel R. C.

Trigg and Captain W. F. Eaton

16.        Give the names and addresses of two comrades who served in the same command as your husband during the war. William Millirons, Poplar Hill, VA. Adison Jordan, Pulaski, VA

17.        Give the name and addresses of two persons who are familiar with the circumstances of your husband’s service and death. William Millirons, Poplar Hill, Va. W. H. Brunk, Long Spur, Va.

18.        What assistance do you receive and what income do you have from all sources? Not any.

19.        How much property do you own? Real estate? None Personal Property? None

20.        Was your husband on the pension rolls of Virginia? If yes, in what county or city was his pension allowed? Bland Co, Va.

21.        Have you ever applied for a pension in Virginia before? If yes, why are you not drawing one at this time? I have not applied before.

22.        Is there a camp of Confederate Veterans in your city or county? Yes

23.        Give here any other information you may possess relating to the service of your husband or the cause of his death which support the justice of your claim. Served through the war from first to last and was wounded in one leg. Stomach trouble and general [illegible].


Sallie P. Akers

C. C. Davis signed as Justice of the Peace for Bland County, Va.

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