Little Walkers Creek

Banes Family


Scottish, most often refers to a person with an unusually light complexion.[1]


Jeremiah Banes was born on 25 January 1825 in North Carolina which the county of birth was probably Orange. His parents were George Banes and Nancy Cook who married 05 January 1820 in Orange County, North Carolina. Jeremiah had a sister named Elizabeth who married William Roberts and lived in Pulaski and Giles County. The surname Banes has often been spelled Bane, Bains, Baynes[2]


A George Banes was listed in the 1820 Orange County, North Carolina census with one male under 10, 1 male of 18 but under 26, 1 female under 10, 1 female of 16 but under 26. In 1830; a Nancy Banes was listed in 1830 Orange County, NC census with one male under 5, 1 male age 5 and under 10, 1 female under 5, 1 female of 5 and under 10, 1 female of 40 and under 50. In 1840, Nancy Bains was again listed in Orange County, NC with 1 male of 10 and under 15, 1 male of 20 and under 30, 1 female of 10 and under 15 and 1 female of 40 and under 50. George and Nancy had two known children. Both Elizabeth Banes and William Roberts were born in North Carolina.


Jeremiah Banes married Sarah Davis on 19 September 1846 in Giles County. She was the daughter of William Davis and Lovica [maiden name unknown]. William Davis married 2nd , Jeremiah’s mother, Nancy Cook Banes 16 October 1849 in Giles County.[3] Jeremiah married 2nd M. Ann Wiggington Gibbs on 26 June 1882 in Pulaski County. Both were listed as widowed.


On April 25, 1849 William Davis of Giles sold to Sarah Banes and children 46 acres of land for $500 “to insure the said William Davis a comfortable support in his old age…if money owed after death of said William…will become null and void…”.[4]


William Davis’s last will and testament:[5]

In the name of God Amen I William Davis of the County of Giles and State of Virginia advanced in life and frail in body but of sound mind and disposing memory and mind that it is appointed unto all men once to dye make and constitute a last will and testament revoking all other wills heretofore made by me first that after my decease so soon as convenient my executor named pay all of my just debts and funeral expenses secondly I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy Davis thirty three acres of land it being the part of land patented to me and which patent is in the hands of [* ] Harrison the above thirty three acres to be laid off on the upper end to Robt. G. Davis. I also give to my said wife all of my perishable property consisting of one horse, three cows and three calves all of my hogs all of my household furniture all my sheep my still and all the fixtures belonging to the same above property together with any money that may be on hand or in the hands of the executor after paying to my daughter Elizabeth Mustard… which

sum is to be paid by my said executor as soon as convenient is…to my wife and to be hers and at her disposal at her death. The above the residue which will be 100 acres I will to William Roberts by Roberts paying to my estate at the end of four years the amount of one hundred dollars if the land above named should be taken by any prior claim Before that the said Roberts to be released from the payment of the above named hundred dollars. I also give to my wife my entire interest in all my growing crops of corn wheat and rye. I give to my daughter Polly Burgess all the property which she has heretofore received of me also one dollar. I give to Amanda Patterson all the property she has received of me heretofore also one dollar. I give to Peggy Harmon all the property she has received of me also one dollar. I give to my daughter Katherine King all the property received of me also one dollar. I give to my daughter Sally Bane all the property she received of me together with one loom and its fixtures. I give to my son Isaac J. Davis all the property which he has received of me heretofore also one dollar. I give to James W. Bane my grand son my smyth tools, if there should be any property or any money from any debt dues to me not heretoforenamed by me I desire that the same be sold or collected and after paying the several devises to my several heirs should there be a surplus my wife is to be the sole heir and lastly I do appoint William Mustard as my executor in witness I hereunto set my hand and seal in presents of 26 day of May 1856. his

Signed in presents of William X Davis (SEAL)

Madison Allen mark

Ralph A. Shifford

Solomon King and wife Caty conveyed 122 acres to Jeremiah Bane on June 3, 1856; being the same Solomon received as a land grant on October 2, 1854.[6]


Jeremiah bought land from Lewis Jones which was conveyed on November 5, 1853 in Pulaski County. Lewis Jones had received this tract as a land grant on September 30, 1848 containing 96 acres…”adjoining William and Hiram Davis…Beginning at a corner to William Davis and with line…” It also ran on a line of Addison Davis’s land.[7]


Jeremiah bought 60 acres of land from Phineas Thurston on February 20, 1871 on the Big Mountain.[8]


Jeremiah wrote his will on July 26, 1887:

“…I give and bequeath to my son James W. and daughters Sarah Bane, Elizabeth A. Bane and Nancy C. Bane…all of my real estate…” included land lying on the Spurs of the “big Mountain” containing about 61 acres known as the Thurston tract, another lying where James W. Bane now lives, the Jones tract all to be equally divided. Witnessed by Samuel C. Davis and John W. King. Probated on Monday, September 5th 1887.[9] Jeremiah is buried in the Banes/Leeson Cemetery on Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County. Most likely, Sarah Davis Banes is also buried in the Banes/Leeson Cemetery but there is no marker for her.


Jeremiah Banes and Sarah Davis’s children:

1.       Edna Jane born about 1848, Giles or Pulaski.[10] Not listed after the 1850 census; most likely died young.

2.      Elizabeth A. “Bettie” born February 1850.6 She had one daughter:

2.1.          Ann May “Annie” was born 22 July 1893; died 27 November 1992 married Thomas J. Leeson 30 August 1911 in Pulaski. Thomas was born 20 March 1892 and died 05 February 1951. Thomas and Annie are buried in the Banes/Leeson Cemetery. Children:

2.1.1.          Vance G.

2.1.2.          Garnett.

2.1.3.          Freda.

2.1.4.          Violet.

2.1.5.          Alma Mildred.

3.       James William “Bill” was born 11 March 1851 on Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski Co, Virginia, and died 21 March 1915 buried in the Banes/Leeson Family Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek, Pulaski County. He married Margaret Ann Tickle 24 October 1876 in Bland County, daughter of Peter Conrad Tickle and Mary Ann Journell. She was born 11 March 1856 in Bland County and died 1924 buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek, Bland County.[11] *See Tickle Family.

      James William Banes and Margaret Ann Tickle’s children:

3.1.        Willie Missouri was born 1876, Little Walker’s Creek, Pulaski County and died 1934. She is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek, Bland County. She married Mitchell M. Burton born 1863 in Pulaski County. He was the son of Levi S. Burton and Margaret Bateman. Mitchell died 1942 and was buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery, Little Walker’s Creek, Bland County. Children:[12]

3.1.1.          William born about 1894.

3.1.2.          Della born about 1897.

3.1.3.          John born about 1899.

3.1.4.          Charles Calvin born 25 October 1900. He died 03 June 1949. Charles married Bertha Jane Brunk born 07 April 1900 and died 09 September 1970. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.1.5.          David born about 1903.

3.1.6.          Daisy born about 1905 married Robert T. Tickle on 07 July 1921.

3.1.7.          Vernie born about 1909.

3.1.8.          Jerry born about 1912.

3.1.9.          Robert born about 1916.

3.1.10.       Frank born about 1919.

3.2.        Cynthia Jane was born 12 August 1879, Little Walker’s Creek, Pulaski County, died 23 October 1960 in Pulaski County. She is buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski County. She married 1st David Cloyd Carden 07 September 1898 in Pulaski. He was born 20 October 1875 in Pulaski County the son of Robert Andrew Carden and Mary Bell Runyan. David died 29 August 1915, Pulaski and is buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski. Cynthia married 2nd John Monroe Hypes on 02 February 1918 in Pulaski. Lived in the Belspring/Parrot area of Pulaski County. David and Cynthia’s children:[13]

3.2.1.          Virginia Bell born 25 September 1901 married 1st James Vernon Ledford 2nd James Harvey Sifford and 3rd Earl Kenneth Sifford.

3.2.2.          Everett Oral born 15 Sep 1907 married on 18 March 1927 Sarah Gertrude Warf.

3.2.3.          Willie A. born 07 Jun 1908, died 4 December 1913.

3.2.4.          Robert Cloyd born 20 May 1910 married on 23 Dec 1929 Callie Jeanette Overstreet. She was the daughter of Robert Lee Overstreet and Mary Belle Carden.

3.2.5.          Lottie Jane born 06 Aug 1912 married Lenza Farley.

3.2.6.          Lillian Helena born 06 Feb 1916 married on 16 Dec 1933 Emmett Granville Hungate.

John Hypes and Cynthia’s children:

3.2.7.          Frank Montgomery born 10 July 1924 married Dorothy Jenett Hylton.

3.2.8.          Rachael Magelene married Buford Marion McCoy.

3.2          John Harvey. Sr. was born 25 December 1880, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County; died 02 August 1961. He is buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski. He married Virginia Bell Carden 25 December 1899 in Pulaski County; she was born 09 July 1882 in Pulaski, the daughter of Robert Andrew Carden and Mary Bell Runyan. She died 11 July 1960 in Pulaski. She is buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski. Spelled surname as Bane. Children:[14]

3.2.1.          Alice Bell born 11 November 1901 married Rufus Ward on 06 February 1919.

3.2.2.          Robert Andrew born 03 August 1902 married Virginia Bessie Mabel Vaught on 25 April 1923.

3.2.3.          Lillie Sue born 05 March 1905 married Robert Lee Purdy on 20 Jan 1920.

3.2.4.          John Harvey, Jr. born 26 July 1907 married Virginia Catron.

3.2.5.          Lottie Ellen born about 1910 married Leonard Moxley on 16 January 1928.

3.2.6.          Carl William born 11 February 1913 married Agnes May Brunk on 19 January 1934. She was the daughter of George Thomas Brunk and Ellen Lee Carden

3.2.7.          Rachel Madeline.

3.2.8.          Frances Nellie.

3.2.9.          Hubert Lee born 07 May 1921 married Madelene Drummand.

3.2.10.       Brady Edward born 03 June 1915 married Virginia Elizabeth King on 18 March 1936.

3.2.11.       Nettie Frances born 01 September 1913 married Otis Roy Brunk, son of George Thomas Brunk and Ellen Lee Carden


John Harvey moved from Little Walkers Creek to Parrott, Pulaski County, Virginia and remained there until his death. Parrott was a mining town for many years and John worked as a miner for a time. He also worked as a carpenter and mason, having done a lot of work in the Parrott area, and at one time he ran his own little general store in Parrott.


3.3.        Daisy born 18 March 1883; died 18 March 1883 (Pulaski County Births-1853-1893 lists her born 15 August 1883).

3.4.          Harrison L. born 14 August 1884 in Pulaski; died 05 November 1941 in Pulaski County. He married Anna B. “Bessie” Hoback. Harrison and Anna “Bessie” are buried in the Sifford Cemetery, Parrott, Pulaski County. Spelled as Bane. Their children:

3.4.1.          Ellen M. born about 1908 married Bandy Matherly on 04 April 1934.

3.4.2.          Ethel D. born about 1910 married Carl Matherly on 18 June 1931.

3.4.3.          Arthur Clifford 27 October 1912 married Verland R. Sifford on 01 July 1933.   They are buried in the Sifford Cemetery.

3.4.4.          Earl born about 1915 married Mary Kimbleton.

3.4.5.          Harrison L. born 16 November 1916 married Bertha Goad on 16 January 1935. They are buried in the Sifford Cemetery.


Other Bane’s in the Sifford Cemetery are Dorothy S. Bain—1932, J. Walter Bain—1924; George Harrison Bane—26 February 1938-30 January 1994-SP4 US Army, John Robert Bane—20 April 1924-10 May 1972-Virginia PFC US Army World War II, Mabel V. Bane—1903-1967, Robert A. Bane—1902-1959 (son of John Harvey)


3.5.        Charles J. “Jerry” born 29 March 1885, Little Walker’s Creek, Pulaski married Nettie Ann Willis 13 July 1906 in Pulaski County. She was born about 1891. Charles “Jerry” and Nettie was living in Pulaski in1910[15]. Charles died before 28 February 1913. One daughter, Margaret born about 1908.[16]  Nettie remarried on 30 December 1913 to Charles L. Tickle, son of John H. Tickle and Sarah Caves.

3.6.        Nancy Cathern born 22 June 1886, Little Walker’s Creek, Pulaski; died 29 September 1951, Little Walker’s Creek, Bland; married Walter Herbert Brunk 22 August 1903 in Pulaski County. Walter was born 29 March 1886 to William Steven Brunk and Eliza Allen in Montgomery County, Virginia. Walter died 27 February 1962 in Bland. Nancy and Walter are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Children:

3.6.1.          Albert born 06 June 1904 married Dorothy M. Davis, daughter of Charles William Davis and Louisa Virginia Davis. Had eight children. Albert and Dorothy died in Athens, Mercer County, West Virginia.

3.6.2.          Charles Neal born 01 July 1905 married Nellie May Davis on 22 June 1927 in Bland County. She was the daughter of Stuart P. Davis and Ethel Murray.

3.6.3.          Clarence Herbert  born 13 March 1908; died 14 October 1935; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.6.4.          Francis Catherine born 12 February 1910 married John Gorden Leslie on 02 November 1925 in Bland.

3.6.5.          Eva Ann born 15 November 1913 married Elmer Lawrence Davis on 16 September 1931 in Bland. He was the son of Emmett Milton Davis and Willie Jane Parsell. Eva married 2nd Mr. Stanley.

3.6.6.          Floyd..

3.6.7.          Genoa Bell born 04 December 1919 married George Lewis Millirons son of Rufus Lee Millirons and Annie Kate King.

3.6.8.          Thomas Repass born 20 November 1921 married Mary Crockett.

3.6.9.          Clara Elizabeth married Fayette Francis Corder on 09 August 1944 in Bland. He was the son of Benjamin Larkin Corder and Frances Bell Davis.

3.6.10.       Beulah Virginia married George Lewis Sink.

3.6.11.       George.

3.7.        Andrew born 10 September 1889 in Pulaski.[17]

3.8.        Nellie Gray born August 1891 married Silas D. Mason 25 March 1907 in Pulaski. Silas and Nellie were living in Pulaski County in 1910 and 1920.[18] Silas died sometime between 1927 and 1930. Nellie was in Cumberland County, Virginia; Randolph District in 1930. Living with her were her children: Leonard born about 1908 with wife, Susie; children Lillie and Robert. Silas and Nellie’s other children were Mary born about 1910, Lula D. born about 1912, Ida born about 1915, Hazel V.. born about 1918 and Annie L. born about 1927.[19]

3.9.        William “Joe” Dreyton born 18 March 1893 married 1st  to Minnie [maiden name unknown]. One daughter Ethel.[20] Married 2nd  Lucreasey Carver 14 January 1931 in Bland County. Joe died April 1976; buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Joe and Lucreasey’s children:

3.9.1.          Edith Virgie married Fred Hensley Roope.

3.9.2.          William David married Betty Estep.

3.9.3.          Edgar Albert married Augusta Delphine Millirons.

3.9.4.          Ernest Dreyton married Dolly Marie Millirons.

3.9.5.             Ellis Wilber.

3.10.     Josephine Alice “Josie” born May 18954 married Calvin Gleve Thompson 20 August 1912 in Pulaski.

3.11.     Edgar Albert born 04 June 1897 married Jessie L. Bond on 16 January 1923 in Pulaski. Jessie was the daughter of James R. Bond and Martha Jane Johnston. Edgar died 06 January 1976 and Jessie died 16 October 1973. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Edgar and Jessie had sons:

3.11.1.       Bernard born 17 June 1924 in Pulaski; died 13 February 1997 in Junction City, Geary County, Kansas.

3.11.2.       Wayne Kenneth born 20 September 1925 married Colleen Noal Davis on 17 June 1947 in Bland. Colleen was the daughter of Albert Terry Davis and Annie Kate King. Wayne died on 18 December 1968 and Colleen died 30 May 1969. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.11.3.       Oakley Neal born 07 May 1928 married Francis Irene Davis on 23 December 1948 in Bland. Francis was the daughter of Albert Terry Davis and Annie Kate King. Oakley died on 24 April 1995 and Francis on 27 May 1994.

3.12.     Lula born December 1899 married Thomas Masfield on 03 July 1920 in Pulaski.


James William Banes wrote his will on February 28, 1913:

1st All just debts be paid.

2nd To my wife, Margaret all personal property and real estate during the remainder of her life and at her death

to be divided as follows:

To daughter Willie M. Burton $1

To daughter Nancy Brunk $1

To son Harrison Banes $1

To daughter Josie Thompson $1

To daughter Nellie Mason $1

To heirs of Jerry Banes $1

To heirs of Shurley Banes $1

To son John $1

To my youngest daughter Lula $50.

To Drayton and Edgar, the balance of my estate to be divided equally.

3rd I appoint W. N. Millirons as my executor.

4th I appoint W. N. Millirons guardian of any of my children under 21.

Probated on April 19, 1913.[21]


There are three handmade stones in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery: Charley, Mary and Chester Banes; no dates.

4.  Sarah born 31 May 1855; died March 1934. Buried in the Banes/Leeson Cemetery. She never married..

5.       Julia Rose born 1850 died 1898 married William Millirons on 24 December 1873 in Pulaski County. Julia and William are buried in the old Millirons/Allen Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski County.


William served with the 54th Virginia Infantry Company F On 20 April 1888, he applied for a Confederate pension.  He expained that he was injured while in prison in on detail carrying water, slipped on ice and broke left leg at the hip joint. Left leg is two to three inches shorter than the right leg.  Am partially diaabled. Prisoner at Camp Douglas, Chicago.


Camp Douglas, originally constructed at Thirty-first Street and Cottage Grove Avenue as a Union Army training post, served as a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp. Between 1862 and 1865, the camp housed about twenty-six thousand prisoners in temporary, wooden barracks. As a result of harsh conditions, some four thousand men died at the camp; they were buried in unmarked paupers' graves in Chicago's City Cemetery, located at the southeast corner of what is now Lincoln Park. In 1867, the remains were reburied at Oak Woods Cemetery, about five miles south of the camp

Below: Photograph of R. Lee Millirons & wife Annie Kate King with children Vicey, Louis, Annie, Edgar, and Laura.

R. Lee Milliron's Family
Submitted by Sara Milton-Sumner

 William and Julia’s children:

5.1.        Rufus Lee “R. Lee” married Annie Kate King 29 August 1894 in Bland. He was born 12 September1875 in Pulaski and died 09 February 1933. Annie was the daughter of William Thompson King and Nancy Lovica King. She was born 30 May 1872 in Bland County and died 17 November 1944. They are buried in the “Davis Cemetery.


From the book, History of Bland County (Virginia) by the Bland County Centennial Corporation, Bland County Historical Society:

R. Lee Millirons, a teacher and certified surveyor, was born in Pulaski County and moved to Long Spur in Bland County around the turn of the century. His formal education was procured in Pulaski grade schools and through study of his own he became well-qualified in many subjects.


He was influential in the establishment of the post office at the head of Little Walkers Creek in 1916, and named that post office Carnot after the French president whom he admired greatly.


Thirty years of his life were spent in the field of teaching. He is remembered as a sincere, efficient instructor who was loved  by his students.”                                                                                              


R. Lee and Annie’s children:

4.3.1.          Edgar Hampton born 06 June 1896 and died 06 November 1966. He married Cecil Thelma Davis 20 November 1919 in Bland. She was the daughter of Charles Clinton Davis and Willie Floyd Davis. Cecil was born on 17 February 1899 and died 27 May 1977. *See Davis Families.

4.3.2.          Laura Emily born 03 April 1898 married Albert Terry Meadows 25 November 1915 in Bland. He was the son of James William Allen Meadows and Ida Belle Parsell. *See Pegram/Meadows Family.

4.3.3.             Sarah “Vicey” Lavica married Charles William Davis 29 October 1919 in Bland. He was the son of Samuel Caddell Davis and Elizabeth Agnes Patterson. “Vicey” was Charles’s second wife. *See Samuel C. Davis Family.

4.3.4.          George Lewis married Genoa Bell Brunk. She was the daughter of Walter Herbert Brunk and Nancy Cathern Banes. *See Brunk Family.

4.3.5.          Annie Kate married Samuel Roosevelt Hancock 15 July 1925 in Bland. He was the son of George Washington Hancock and Isabelle Shrader. Samuel and Annie’s children:  Larry M.  Naomi Isabell.  James Lewis.

4.3.6.             Julia Rose married Terry Chaffin Davis 30 January 1929 in Bland. He was the son of Jacob H. Davis and Julia M. Akers. *See Akers Family

4.3.7.          Robert Lee Jr. married Ruby Mathews.

4.3.8.       John Daniel married Gladys Cannaday.

4.4.        George Edward [twin] born 20 March 1877 in Pulaski; died 1894 of tuberculosis.

4.5.        Joseph Hampton [twin] born 20 March 1877 in Pulaski died about 1898 of tuberculosis.

4.6.        Olive Virginia born 14 September 1879 married Edward L. Hamblin 22 August 1903 in Bland. He was the son of William J. S. Hamblin and Oleva E. Tabor. Olive died 08 May 1961 and Edward died 31 January 1969. They are buried in Hamblin Cemetery, Spur Branch, Little Walker’s Creek. Their children:

4.6.1.          Glenord C.. married Margaret Stephens 29 April 1926 in Bland.

4.6.2.          Maggie Leona born 22 August 1905 married Orsen Wylie Chewning.

4.6.3.          Roxie M. born 22 April 1907; died 19 March 1916. She is buried in the Hamblin Cemetery.

4.6.4.          Dorothy married first Wiley Vincent Meadows and second Jerome Walter Greene. One son:  Allen Lee Meadows married Mary Catherine Brunk.

4.6.5.          Genoa Thelma married Raymond Earl Davis 01 October 1928 in Bland. He was the son of Henry Hampton Davis and Victoria Agnes Davis. Children:  Clyde.  Raymond Elwood.  Louise Alberta.  Rosaline.  Daniel.

4.6.6.          Garnett Lee married Janie Elizabeth Chewning.

4.6.7.          Govan Thedmer married Martha Levell Davis, daughter of Robert Lee Davis and Josephine Elizabeth Burton. Children:  Judas.  Barbara.  Yvonne.  Polly.  Sylvia.  Carlos M.

4.6.8.          Charles W. born 11 January 1916 and died 21 March 1916. Buried in the Hamblin Cemetery.

4.6.9.          Hobert born about 1919.[22] No other information.

4.6.10.       Arthur Edward born 09 February 1922 and died 11 May 1955. Buried in the Hamblin Cemetery.

4.6.11.       Ernest born about 1924[23] married Mary Etta Hancock daughter of Sidney Edward Hancock and Bessie Pearl King.

4.7.        Estell Hoge born 31 January 1881 married Ella Augusta Akers 24 December 1902 in Bland. *See Akers family.

4.8.        Wythe Monroe born 15 December 1883.

4.9.        Thomas Martin Luther born 29 May 1885.

4.10.     Hugh Lagner born 01 January 1888 married 1st  Rebecca Louise Raines 17 May 1906 in Pulaski. They had seven children. Hugh married 2nd  Mary Tarter Lambert 10 March 1922 in Bland. Mary was the daughter of James Edward Lambert and Cynthia E. Stowers. Hugh and Mary are buried in the Thornspring Cemetery in Pulaski County.

4.11.     Lelia Pearl born August 1890 had one daughter, Rosa Evelyn. Lelia married William H. Washington 15 March 1921 in Pulaski.

4.12.     Elizabeth Ellen born 08 December 1893 married Samuel Joseph Yonce 28 November 1923 in Bland. Four children. They are buried in the Thornspring Cemetery, Pulaski County.

4.13.     John born January 1897.[24] No other information

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