John Henry Pegram & Frances Louemma Martin

Pegram Family


George Pegram was born 17 August 1806 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He married Wilicia “Willie” Harrison on 01 September 1827 in Guildford County. George and Willie Pegram had nine children:

1.       Calvin Washington born 28 June 1828 in Guilford County married Elizabeth Bragg.

2.       John Henry born 22 April 1832 in Guilford County.

3.       George Newton born 31 October 1834 married Susannah Louisa Brawley, daughter of Anselm Brawley andSusannah Hutsell.

4.       Elizabeth “Betsy” Jane born March 1838 married Daniel McTheney 29 December 1856 in Giles County, Virginia.

5.       Pinkney N. born about 1839.

6.       Parthenia born in 1843.

7.       Thomas L. born about 1842.

8.       Albert Gilmore born about 1846.

9.       Martin Jackson born about 1849.


John Henry Pegram was married three times. First to Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). The were listed in the 1860 Fayette County, Virginia (now West Virginia) census. Elizabeth died 06 October 1861 in Bland County. One daughter was born to this union, Willie Jane born 08 January 1861in Bland County. John married 2nd Almira A. Bogle 29 July 1862 in Bland County. She was the daughter of James Bogle and Susan Kennison. She, evidently died shortly after they were married and there were no children born of this union. John married 3rd Frances Louemma Martin Meadows on 10 January 1869 in Giles County. John Henry and Frances were listed in the 1870 Giles County census. Frances Martin was a widow when she married John. She first married Allen Parkinson Meadows on 23 December 1856 in Giles County. He was the son of Phillip Meadows and Sarah Ellis. After she married John, these children were listed in the census with the surname Pegram resulting in much confusion among Pegram researchers. Frances’ children were raised by their step father, the only real father they ever knew. John Pegram died on 21 May 1909 in Bland; Frances died on 23 May 1911. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.


This deed made and entered into this the 4th day of June 1876. Between Samuel W. Williams Special Commissioner of the first part and John H. Pegram of the second part.  Witnesseth that whereas by a decree rendered on the [blank] Day of May 1876 by the Circuit court of Bland County, Virginia in the chancery cause therein pending in the name of A. Brawley Administrators and A. Brawleys heirs amongst other things it was adjudged, ordered and decreed that Samuel W. Williams as Special Commissioner should by deed  with covenants of Special warranty convey to said party of the second part that part of the real estate in the bill and proceedings mentioned described in statement in writing signed by George N. Pegram and referred to in said decree as having been sold by said George N. to said John H. Pegram.[1] 


John Pegram conveyed 175 acres to Joseph Stafford on September 8, 1882.[2]


Joseph E. Stafford and Susan S. his wife conveyed 50 acres to Henry J. Overstreet on March 24, 1885.[3]


Henry J. Overstreet conveyed the above land to James H. Overstreet on August 2, 1888 in return for the care and maintenance of said Henry and their mother, Nancy A. Overstreet. Henry agreed to give said James the balance of the purchase money and all household and kitchen furniture.[4]


John conveyed 56 acres on Spur Branch to Ellen S. Pegram Tickle on September 8, 1892.[5]


On March 30, 1893, John conveyed 160 acres to James W. Meadows “… on Spur Branch east by the lands of John Hamblin & north by the Big Survey; west of William Brunk and Emily King…”. To Emily E. King, 11 acres on the same day.[6]


John Henry Pegram was in the 8th Virginia Calvary according to his pension application; most likely under Captain William Neel Harman of Bland. Enlisting in the Confederate service on August 8, 1861, Captain William Neel Harman spent the month of September helping to outfit and prepare his company, the Bland Rangers, for cavalry field service, a unit that was apparently designated as Company F, 8th Virginia Cavalry, in late December.


John also enlisted in the Confederate States Army, 45th Infantry Regiment, Company F, (the Bland County Sharpshooters) on June 1, 1863 in Lewisburg, Virginia. He is listed as being in the in Emory and Henry Hospital on March 23, 1864.[7]


On May 18, 1900 John H. Pegram applied for a Confederate pension. He explained that he was partially disabled from a rupture while serving with Company F, 8th Virginia Calvary. He also listed that he had also served with the 45th  Regiment. John was entitled to $15.00 annually.[8]


Daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Pegram:

1.       Willie Jane born 08 January 1861 in Bland County, married William Winton Fortner 03 September 1878 in Russell County, Virginia. He was the son of Thomas Fortner and Sarah Margaret King. Willie died 09 November 1942 in Russell. William was born 18 September 1854 in Wythe County, now Bland County. He died 18 October 1931 in Russell. From a Fortner descendent, it was handed down through the family that Willie Jane lived with a relative in Russell County when she was 12 or 13 years old.

John and Frances’ children:

2.       Cynthia Margaret was born 13 January 1870. She married Calvin Van Doren “Kelly” Parsell on 28 November 1887 in Bland County. Kelly was born on 24 May 1863 in Franklin County, Virginia to John Parsell and Mary Frances Coleman. Cynthia died 26 March 1956 in Giles County; Kelly died 09 October 1937 in Giles County. They are buried in the Davis Cemetery, Clendenin, Giles County. Their children:

2.1.        John W. born September 1888 in Bland County.

2.2.        Robert Clinton born 21 January 1890 in Bland County married Mary Cowan.

2.3.        Albert Wesley born February 1892 married Elsie Vernon Hamblin on 07 July 1910 in Bland County. She was the daughter of John M. Stafford Hamblin and Sarah Catherine Croy. Albert died in 1961 in Giles County. Elsie was born 26 May 1890 in Bland and died in 1967. They are buried in the Staffordsville Cemetery, Giles County.

2.4.        Mary Francis born 14 October 1893 and died 25 August 1980 in Giles County. She married Andrew William Davis, son of Charles William Davis and Louisa Virginia Davis. Andrew was born on 11 March 1894 and died 29 December 1961 in Giles County. They are buried in the Birtchlawn Cemetery, Giles.

2.5.        Martha Ethel born July 1896 married Wise L. Davis on 26 November 1913 in Bland. Wise was the son of James Edward Davis and Ollie E. Byrd.

2.6.        Tobias born January 1898 married Anna Mustard.

2.7.        Price H. born in 1903 in Bland County.

2.8.        Everett C. born 1907 in Bland; died 1973 in Giles. Buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery, Giles.

2.9.        Effie G. born 08 October 1909 married Adda J. Parcell.

3.       Emily Etta born 13 September 1872 in Bland married Joseph S. King on 19 May 1887 in Bland. Joseph was the son of David King and Elizabeth Ann Hancock. He was born on 18 August 1857 in Wythe County and died 06 March 1929. Emily died on 01 April 1959. They are buried the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Their children:

3.1.        Bessie Pearl born 19 January 1888 in Bland married David Spencer Ritter sometime around 1904 or 1905. David died on 19 November 1911. Buried in the Goshen Methodist Cemetery. Their children were:

3.1.1.      Margaret Elizabeth born 02 April 1905 married James P. Ashley.

3.1.2.      Sanders Spencer born 12 July 1907 in Bland.

3.1.3.      Claude Swanson born 06 April 1909.

Children born after David Ritter died:

3.1.4.      Letha Virginia born 08 August 1915 in Bland; married Jesse James Hancock, Sr. on 30 May 1931 in Bland.

3.1.5.      Lorene W. born about 1913

3.1.6.      Charles born about 19191 in Bland.

3.1.7.      Mary Etta Hancock born about 1925 married Ernest Hamblin, son of Edward L. Hamblin and Olive Virginia Millirons.

3.1.8.      Elva Mae Hancock born 24 May 1933.


Bessie evidently married Sidney Edward Hancock after 1930 as Bessie is listed in the 1930 Bland census as Bessie Ritter, widowed and all children were listed as Ritter. Bessie died 04 January 1949; Sidney Edward Hancock died 06 February 1944. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.


3.2.        Willie J. born 11 April 1889 in Bland.[9]

3.3.        John D. born 19 February 1891 in Bland; died 19 June 1959. He is buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery. Served in World War I.

3.4.        Eliza M. born June 1892 in Bland.[10]

3.5.        Franklin P. born 05 August 1893.[11]

3.6.        Annie Kate born 29 November 1895 in Bland married Albert Terry Davis on 16 June 1920 in Bland.

3.7.        Robert Newton born 28 May 1899 in Bland married Georgie Mae Hancock on 19 November 1924 in Bland. She was the daughter of George Washington Hancock and Isabelle Shrader. He died in Montgomery County on 11 February 1971. Georgie died 17 June 1981 in Roanoke County, Virginia.

3.8.        Charles Caxton born 11 July 1902 in Bland, married Tessie Robertson. Charles died on 25 November 1990 in Wythe County. Tessie died 20 October 2001 in Wythe. They are buried in the Patterson Cemetery, Crockett’s Cove, Wythe County.

3.9.        Eugene L. born about 1904 in Bland County.[12]

3.10.     Frances born 15 September 1906 in Bland; married William Moses Millirons on 12 August 1930 in Bland. He was the son of Estell Hoge Millirons and Ella Augusta Akers. Frances died on 19 April 1993 and William died 19 August 1938. They are buried in the Davis Cemetery on Little Walkers Creek, Bland.

3.11.     Ora Lee born about 1909 married Alford R. Kitts son of Robert Hutsel Kitts and Bertha J. Davis.

3.12.     Violet Etta born 09 December 1912 in Bland married Phillip Astor Davis on 11 April 1934 in Bland. He was the son of Charles Calvin Davis and Lucy Clara Davis. Violet died 02 December 1986 and Phillip died on 23 August 1968. They are buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery.

3.13.     Nora E. born about 1914 in Bland.[13]


Joseph King received 66 acres on Spur Branch from the Nancy Davis heirs. Being the same land as their father David King inherited from his father, Bennett King.[14]


4.       Ellen Smith born 27 October 1873 in Bland married George Lee Tickle on 16 January 1890 in Bland. He was the son of Jackson Nye Tickle and Mary Ann Waggoner. He was born in 29 April 1869 in Bland and died 11 March 1938 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Ellen died 29 November 1944 in Tennessee. They are buried in the Oakhill Cemetery, Kingsport, Tennessee. Their children:

4.1.        Rose Leona born 11 October 1890 married George Greever Smith. They are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Wythe County.

4.2.        John Nye born 16 February 1892.

4.3.        Benjamin Trigg born 05 May 1893 married first Nellie Alberta King, daughter of Harvey Newton King and Susanna Gray. He married second Cecil Thelma Davis Millirons. He is buried in the West End Cemetery, Wythe County.

4.4.        Charles Grant born 04 September 1894 married Anna Jane Hoback. He is buried in the West End Cemetery, Wythe County.

4.5.        Josie Agnes born 30 Oct 1896 in Bland. Died in Bland County.

4.6.        Isaac Newton born 16 September 1898 in Bland married Anna Dillon Lambert in Bland. Buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Kingsport, Tennessee.

4.7.        Emma Lee born 25 January 1900 in Bland married Andrew Maiden Hoback. They are buried in the West End Cemetery, Wythe County.

4.8.        Arthur Lee born 25 January 1900 in Bland. Died 25 January 1900 in Bland.

4.9.        Stella Elizabeth born 16 October 1901 in Bland married Walter Henry Hoback. Died in Pulaski.

4.10.     Lola Maud born 21 June 1903 in Bland married Jesse Ernest Kitts in Bland. She is buried in the Bel Air Memorial Gardens, Bel Air, Maryland.

4.11.     Georgie Myrtle born 28 February 1905 in Bland married Hubert Nello Harden in Bland. She died in Dalton, Georgia.

4.12.     Robert Brown born 0 June1906 in Bland married Norma Jean Kyker. Died in Candian City, Oklahoma.

4.13.     Theodore Samuel born 18 September 1908 married Amber Hildreth Staton. He died in Cabell County, West Virginia.

4.14.     Patrick Henry born 04 Mar 1910 in Bland married Ethel Catherine Peterson. He died in Nevada City, California.

4.15.     Stonewall Jackson born 03 July 1913 in Pulaski County married first Thelma and second Mary Lou Tickle. Died in Parke County, Indiana.


On September 1, 1919 Ellen Smith Tickle and husband conveyed 62 acres to A. T. Davis.[15]

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