Little Walkers Creek

Harrell Family


English, Welsh and Scottish, derived from the village name in Normandy Harel.[1]


William Harrell was born abt. 1740 in Frederick County, Virginia, and died 13 Aug 1822 in Wythe County, Virginia.  He married Martha.  She was born about. 1750 in Frederick County, Virginia.  The family located in Evensham (now Wytheville), Wythe County Virginia in the 1820 census pg 215.  In 1784 there was land grant of 267 acres adjoining Alford's land  on Harmony Creek -- granted to William Harrell.  This places William in Wythe County, Virginia by 1784.


William Harrell and brother Reuben served in Captain Joseph Bowman's Company consisting of men from the lower district of Dunmoore County, during the revolutionary war.  John Harrell and Enoch Harell, assumed brothers,  were also in the company.  Lieutenants were Joseph Denton and Thomas Allen. Served in Ltc. George Rogers Clark's Illinois Regiment.[2]


William Harrell’s will:

Wythe County, Virginia Will Book 3, pages 12-13

In the name of God, I, William Harrell of Wythe County and of Virginia being weak in body but of a perfect sound and disparing? mind and memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and certainty of death do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit in the first place I recommitted my soul to God, who gave it & my body to the earth to be buried in a decent manner, as to such worldly estate as it hath please God to bless me with, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner. First I direct my just debts to be paid and a fund for that purpose. I direct Seventy Dollars to be paid to Martha Harrell, my wife per annum during her life time and if that is not sufficient the boys John Harrell and Reuben Harrell is to pay a sufficiency to keep her her lifetime and if they will not do it it is to be taken out of the land with all my household furniture farming tools with all my stock of cattle and sheep and the house I now live in during her life and at her death this property is to be equally divided between John Harrell and Reuben Harrell. The tract of land he now lives bounds as follows beginning at a large line on the tract of I now live and thence crossing the the branch up the hill to a black oak and a hickory sapling thence crossing the hollow to the top of the ridge to two black oaks and two ? oaks thence straight on til it intersects with John Crisley
live thence on a South West Course on his line to the pine tree thence along his line the several ? and corner? to Simpsons land from thence it joins with Simpsons line and corner to Peter Thrashers? land thence running with Trashers line and corner to Crocketts land then crossing the branch to Floreys corner then with Floreys line thence along Floreys line to the corner of the land I now live on thence along the line to the beginning--The said John Harrell and Reuben Harrell is to pay the heirs fifty dollars each to wit William Harrell, Elizabeth Pierce, Sarah Fulks Seventy-five dollars each I give and bequeath to my son Reuben Harrell all the rest of the land that is the tract I now live on and the balance of the tract of land I bought of Capt. ? and I give to him a small survey of twelve acres. I give to my son Reuben Harrell a large family Bible. I give and bequest to my little grand sons Monrow Harrell & Jacob Harrel son of Jacob Harrell deceased ten dollars each and to my daughter Mary Patrick or her legal heirs one dollar and to my daughter Nancy Brown or her legal heirs one dollar and to my daughter Rebeckah Axley
or her legal heirs one dollar and I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my son John Harrell and Reuben Harrell both of Wythe County my executors of this my last will and testament by me made and do declare all other wills and words and this only to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this twentyseventh day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred twenty two.
Christian May, his mark                          William Harrell
James Rogers
, his mark
James Harrell, his mark


William Harrel’s son John Harrell married Sarah.  They had a son, William


William Harrell married Susannah Florey 26 September 1818 in Wythe County. She was the daughter of David Florey and Maria Eva BreidingerWilliam died before 08 March 1833 as Susannah’s children were listed in Wythe County School records during that time period. Their children were (possibly there were other children):

1.       Melvina born June 1825[4] married Randolph Shinault. He was born July 1822[5] in Surry County, North Carolina to William Shinault and Sarah Love. Sometimes spelled Chinault and often referred to as Randal Chinault.


On June 10, 1882, William L. Hunter and Missouri his wife conveyed 100 acres to Randolph Chinault on Little Walkers Creek.[6]


Jesse Morris and Caroline his wife conveyed 75 acres to Randolph Shinault on August 29, 1882.[7]


Jesse Morris and Randolph Shinault and wife Melvina conveyed 200 acres to Henrietta Harrell on September 24, 1894.[8]


Randolph Chinault and wife Melvina conveyed 35 acres to James W. Stone on March 10, 1902.[9]


On March 12, 1908, Randolph Chinault conveyed 40 acres to Thomas B. Harrell…on line of James W. Stone part of land bought from Jesse Morris.[10]


Randolph Shinault enlisted in Company B, 51st Infantry Regiment Virginia on July 31, 1861 in Wythe County.  He was described as having a dark complexion, blue eyes with dark hair. He was 5 feet 10 inches tall. Randolph was a Prisoner of War on March 2, 1865 at Waynesboro, Virginia; confined on March 12, 1865 at Fort Delaware, Delaware. He was released on June 21, 1865.[11]


Randolph and Melvina’s children:

1.1.        Sarah born about 1844 married Joseph J. Morris, son of Elijah Jesse Morris and Jincey Haymore.

1.2.        William born about 1844.[12]

1.3.        David Jackson born about 184711 married Martha J. Merix 26 December 1872 in Giles County. David enlisted in 5th Virginia Reserves, Company G in November of 1864 in Dublin, Virginia. He applied for a Confederate Pension in Pulaski County on August 18, 1914. His place of residence was Sassin, Virginia. His disability was cancer. His wife Martha applied for a Widows Pension on 30 September 1922.[13] David died of cancer on 14 September 1922. Martha died on 07 May 1932. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek. David and Martha’s children were:

1.3.1.          Mary born 08 October 1872; died 08 September 1889. She is buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

1.3.2.          Helen born about 1876.[14]

1.3.3.          Ida born 02 April 1877; died 07 September 1889. She is buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

1.3.4.          Queenie M. born 28 February 1885 married Thomas B. Harrell on 19 August 1903 in Pulaski. He was the son of John H. Harrell and Henrietta Simpkins. Thomas and Queenie’s children were:       Hubert L.       Arthur J.       Thelma.       Ida.       Beulah.       Leona.       Ollie.       Alva.       Gladys.    Emma.

1.3.5.          Vergie Lee born March 18901 married John Samuel Hurst, Sr. in Pulaski County.

1.3.6.          Eva born 06 January 1888; died as infant. She is buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

1.4.        George Washington born about 1847 married Elizabeth Christley 20 September 1870 in Pulaski County. Applied for Confederate Pension in Wythe County; lived in Max Meadows at the time. He served with Company B, 51st Infantry. He died September 25, 1925 according to his wife Elizabeth’s “Bettie” pension application filed in 1925.[15]

1.5.        Mitchell born about 1855 married Louisa Akers 12 February 1874 in Pulaski County. She was the daughter of Davidson Akers and Rachel Graham.


William L. Hunter and Ethel his wife conveyed 15 acres to Mitchell Shinault on November 29, 1909 being part of the land conveyed to Hunter on February 6, 1904.[16]


On September 11, 1911, Mitchell Shinault and wife Lou conveyed the same land to Randal [Randolph]Shinault—which Randal had paid $100 for Mitchell on condition that he to secure support andmaintenance for life—Mitchell had failed to do that. Mitchell was forced to deed the land to Randal.[17]


On April 10, 1909, Foy Combs conveys 100 acres of land on Little Walkers Creek to Henry L. Shinault (Mitchell’s son) being the same that Sarah Underwood sold to Combs on March 19, 1909.[18]


Henry L. Shinault and Virgie his wife conveyed 100 acres to J. C. Truman. Dated January 18, 1912.


On July 1, 1919, D. K. Shinault and Nancy Mary conveyed 800 acres to T. T. Dulaney. This is, most likely David K., son of Mitchell Shinault.


1.6.        Susan born about 1853 married Joseph H. Morris 11 January 1872 in Giles County. He was the son of Jesse Morris and Caroline Beller.

1.7.        Matilda born about 1854 married George M. Whittaker 04 January 1871in Giles County.

1.8.        James born about 1859.

1.9.        Henry H. born about 18641 married Luster A. Fink 02 September 1892 in Pulaski.

2.       Mitchell born about 1823[19] in Virginia (most likely Wythe County) married Sarah Shinault, daughter of William Shinault and Sarah Love. She was born May 1827 in North Carolina[20]


From the book, Giles County Virginia: History-Families, Volume II:

Submitted by Myrtle Harrell Bychkowski

Mitchell R. Harrell settled in Wythe County and married Sarah Chinault. They had ten children. Mitchell fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. When returning home at war’s end, he got within sight of his home and died before reaching it, leaving his widow and ten children. Sarah received a Civil War pension from the government (pensions for the confederacy was between $36 to $75 per year). The amount she received is uncertain.


Mitchell’s (Harrell) daughter Cene A. Harrell married M. Hughes. Hughes left the Confederate Army and joined the Union Army. His family also received a Civil War pension from the government. The exact amount is uncertain, but it was between $300 to $400 per year. Mitchell’s son, William Crockett Harrell, also fought in the Confederate Army.


Mitchell’s daughter, Martha Ellen Harrell, married Elijah Jefferson Morris who was a well-known Methodist minister. Another daughter, Mary Maude Harrell married Gordon T. Hite. Their son operated a street car in Radford, Virginia.


Mitchell’s eldest son, Stephen Ballard Harrell, married Martha Elizabeth Josephine Helton and moved to the gap of Cloyd’s Mountain in Pulaski County. Fourteen children were the result of this union. Ballard and his first born son Charles Rufus (1884-1967); married to Mary Elizabeth Riddle 1915) were involved in the illegal production of whiskey. One account has the "revenuers" looking for an old white-haired man with a long white beard. In the time it took them to ask questions at the general store, Ballard had shaved his beard, put on a hat and was sitting in the rear of the store.


Sarah Harrell applied for a Confederate Widows Pension on June 19, 1888 in Giles County. Mitchell was a member of Company D, 45th Regiment, Infantry. He died in Pulaski County on May 18, 1864 of typhoid fever and chronic diarrhea. She and Mitchell were married January 27, 1847 in Pulaski County as listed on the application. She received $30 annually from the state of Virginia. Sarah reapplied in Pulaski County on July 10, 1902; listed as living Sassin, Pulaski County. She was then entitled to $40 annually.[21]

Mitchell and Sarah’s children:

2.1.        James Floyd born about 1848 in Pulaski County 5 married Margaret Moye 11 May 1871 in Giles County.

2.2.        William Crockett born January 1851 in Pulaski County married Miland Louisa Haskitt 05 December 1877 in Giles County.

2.3.        John H. born November 1852 in Pulaski County married Henrietta Simpkins 06 October 1874 in Giles  County.

2.4.        Sarah J. born 30 August 1854[22]; died at age 3 months and 10 days in Pulaski County of scarlet fever.[23]

2.5.        Mary M. born about 1857 in Wythe County married Gordon M. Hight 26 August 1878 in Giles County.

2.6.        Stephen Ballard born 09 August 1858 in Wythe County married Martha Elizabeth Josephine Helton on 16 August 1883 in Giles County. Stephen died in 1917 and his wife died in 1956.


On January 7, 1902 Jesse Morris conveyed 50 acres to S. B. Harrell (both of Giles County).[24]


S. B. Harrell and Josie his wife conveyed the same land above to E. J. Morris on December 23, 1919.[25]


Stephen “Ballard” and Josie’s children:

2.6.1.          Charles Rufus born 12 August 1884 in Giles County married Mary Elizabeth Riddle on 31 July 1915 in Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Mary was born 24 May 1900 in Giles County to Charles Estel Riddle and Lillie Tyretha Stafford. Charles died in 1967; Mary died January 30, 1985.


On November 27, 1911, Henrietta Harrell and J. H. Harrell conveyed land to C. R. Harrell (no acreage given)[26]


C. R. Harrell (unmarried) conveyed the same land to F. C. Combs on August 20, 1914.[27]


Charles “Rufus” and Mary’s “Bess” children:       Pauline Bane.       Willard Raymond.       Elmer Elwood.       Russell David.       Hazel Irene.       Evelyn Loraine.       Arlen Woodrow.       Myrtle Isabelle.       Roger Dale.

2.6.2.          Della Maude born 01 January 1886 married Jason Hollins.

2.6.3.          Arthur Booze born 25 December 1888 married Lennie Neal. Arthur died in 1956; buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

2.6.4.          Lula E. born about 1890 married Creed Frank Combs on 29 January 1913 in Pulaski.

2.6.5.          Frank J. born about 1892.

2.6.6.           James F. born about 1893.

2.6.7.          Martha Elizabeth born about 1898.

2.6.8.          Elwood born July 1900.

2.6.9.          Nola Lee born abt 1906

2.6.10.        Elsie Marie born about 1908.

2.6.11.       Luther Lawrence born 1900; died 1937. He is buried in the Hunter Cemetery.

2.6.12.       Ethel May.

2.6.13.       Emory Maxwell.

2.6.14.       John.

2.7.        Sena Ann born about 1860 married C. M. Hughes 29 September 1881 in Giles County.

2.8.          Martha Ellen born 26 July 1862 married Elijah Jefferson Morris. *See Morris Family.

3.       Rhoda born about 1824.

4.       Elizabeth Jane “Emily” born about 1829 married Booker Richardson on 31 December 1847 in Pulaski County. Booker enlisted in Company F, 54th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 01 September 1863 at the age of 27. He was a POW on 25 November 1863 at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee; died of disease on 13 December 1863 in Nashville, Tennessee.[28] Elizabeth J. Richardson applied for a Confederate Widows Pension on March 20, 1888. She gave the details of her husband’s death; explaining that he died on his way to a Union prison camp. She also gave the date and place of her marriage to Booker. She had not remarried.[29]


On July 8, 1896, E. J. Morris and Martha his wife of Giles County conveyed 31 acres to Emily Richardson on Little Walkers Creek.[30]


On July 8, 1896, E. J. Morris and Martha his wife of Giles County conveyed 31 acres to Emily Richardson on Little Walkers Creek.[31]


On February 3, 1903, Emily Richardson conveyed 31 acres to Thomas B. Harrell.[32]]


Booker and Emily’s children:

4.1.        Ballard P. born about 1847[33] married Sarah N. Kate Mays on 10 February 1876 in Giles County.

4.2.        Susan born about 1849.[34]

4.3.        Nancy M. born about 1851 married James C. Dowdy on 29 May 1873 in Giles County.

4.4.        Emily Jane born about 1853 married Andrew L. Dennis on 13 January 1876 in Giles County.

4.5.        Nannie born about 1855.[35]

5.       Matilda born about 1830.

James Arthur Harrell


Submitted by Joyce Smith

6.        James Arthur born 20 January 1831 married Elizabeth “Bettie” Haymore on 17 January 1850 in Pulaski.


James A. Harrell served in the 45th infantry Co.D. He enlisted April 1, 1862 in Pearisburg, Va. He was captured at Piedmont on June 5, 1864 and was taken prisoner to Camp Morton, IN. He was exchanged for another prisioner on March 4, 1865.


Bettie Harrell applied for a Confederate Widow’s Pension on 21 April 1910.  She lived in Max Meadows, Wythe County.Her husband had served with the 45th Regiment, Company D under Captain Saunders.  Her husband had died January 16th 1910 of bladder trouble and old age. She was 79 years old born in North Carolina but had lived in Virgina for 78 years. She was living with her daughter, Laura Harrell at the time of her application.[36]

James and Elizabeth’s children:

6.1.        Nancy Jane.

6.2.        Susan Malinda.

6.3.        William B.

6.4.        Sarah Ann.

6.5.        Louisa Frances.

6.6.        Orpha Ellen.

6.7.        Delia Elam.

6.8.        John Mitchell.

6.9.        Laura Eleanor.

6.10.     Ada Flora.

7.       Nancy born about 1832 was listed in the census as idiotic.