Little Walkers Creek

King Family


English, derived from the nickname for a person who played the part of king in the numerous pageants and festivals of importance in the cities and small towns during the Middle Ages, the name was also because of actual or assumed kingly qualities or appearance of the original bearer; sometimes the surname is a translation of the names with similar meaning from different European languages, e.g. German Konig.[1]


John Bennett King was born about 1790 in Ash County, NC and died between September 1 and December 14, 1857[2]  in Wythe County, VA [now Bland County]. Bennett’s parents were Wood King and Frances Duke.[3] He married Bashaba Jones born about 1795 in Surry County, North Carolina and died 14 August 1851.[4] She was the daughter of James Jones. Bennett was listed in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Wythe County Census living in the area of Crockett’s Cove. Bennett and Bashaba are buried in the Hidden Valley # 1 Cemetery in unmarked graves.


Bennett received two land grants; the first being 175 acres dated June 30, 1846 on Walkers Little Creek, corner to John Crockett's land. The second grant was dated June 30, 1847 for 64 acres on Walkers Little Creek near Ravens Cliff and top of the Spur.


Bennett wrote his will on September 1, 1857: I Bennett King of Wythe County Virginia knowing the uncertainty of human life and being of sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank God do make this my last will and testament as follows viz: At my decease I direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate. 1st I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Ritter King a bed and bedding for the same one cow and three sheep, also a home at my house while she remains unmarried. 2nd I give devise and bequeath unto my son David King and his heirs forever the eastern part of the tract of 175 acres of land upon which I now reside including the house in which I now live to be divided off by a line from a corner in the southern bounds described in the patent as a fallen white oak by a turn in a pond to a corner in the northern bounds described in the patent as a sycamore and white oak and upon condition that my daughter Hannah Ritter King as above mentioned shall have a home at my house upon the same while she remains unmarried and that my said son David King contribute to my support & much as I require of him. 3rd I give devise and bequeath unto James King infant son of my son James W. King and Sarah his wife as shall be born hereafter & their heirs forever the portion of my tract of 175 acres of land of which my son James W. King now lives to be divided of by line from the corner described in the patent as a sowerwood and white oak thence to run with a line of the part given to David King a southern course to the top of the big ridge thence westwardly along the middle of the top of said ridge to the west point thereof by a branch thence up the branch to the forks thereof thence up the eastern or right hand fork of said branch to the northern line of the patent thence with it eastwardly to the northwestern corner of David King’s part the beginning and my last summers brown [illegible] and a cow which my son James W. King now has the use upon condition that my son James W. King shall contribute to much towards my support as I shall require of him. 4th I give and bequeath unto my son William G. King during his life the southwestern tract of 175 acres of land being the portion thereof not included in either off the parts thereof given to David King and children of my son James W. King and at the decease of my son William G. King I devise and bequeath unto the children of my son William G. King and their heirs forever the said portion of said tract of 175 acres which I have herein give to my son William G. King during his lifetime under condition that my son William G. King will contribute towards my support so much as I shall require of him. 5th I give devise and bequeath unto my son Bennett King and his heirs forever my tract of 64 acres situate upon the long spur upon conditions that he settles upon it and resides upon it at the time of my decease and contributes so much toward my support as I shall require of him but if my son Bennett King shall not settle and live upon the said 64 acres unto my son David King and his heirs forever. 6th All the residue of my estate which I have not herein otherwise given I give to my son David King. 7th I hereby appoint my son David King executor of this my last will and testament. 8th I have already given to my son Solomon King and my daughters Nancy Davis and Mary Sublett all that I intend to give them. Given under my hand and seal the 1st day of September 1857.

The foregoing will was read Bennett X King                                                                

To Bennett King senr and his mark signed and acknowledged by said King in the presence of

the undersigned present together at the same time

Joseph H. Holston

John H. Gibbony

The will was probated on December 14, 1857.[5]


Bennett and Bashaba’s children:

1.       William G. was born about 1812 in NC and died between 1888-1900 in Russell County, Virginia. He married Catherine Halsey on 02 January 1834 in Wythe. She was born about 1809 in Wythe and died 25 March 1886 in Russell County.[6] Catherine was the daughter of Stephen Halsey and Margaret Walraven .


Aug 25, 1888, “William King of Russell County conveyed land descended to him by father Bennett King to William T. King that for and in consideration that if he should stand in need of maintenance by others than John T. King.[7]

William and Catherine’s children:

1.1.        Cosby Jane Halsey/King was born in 1830 and died 16 November 1903 in Bland. She married Hiram Green Davis on 22 June 1848 in Wythe. Hiram was born in 1827 and died 02 November 1900 in Bland. His parents were Archibald Davis and Elizabeth Caddall. Hiram and Cosby are buried in the Red Oak Cemetery, Bland County. Cosby’s descendents have always known her maiden name as Halsey. Their children were:

1.1.1.      Samuel Shelton born 05 May 1849 in Pulaski County married Sarah Ann Repass on 14 July 1881 in Bland County. Samuel died 10 March 1927 in Bland, buried in the Red Oak Church Cemetery, Bland County.

1.1.2.      John C. born about 1851.[8]

1.1.3.      Margaret Elizabeth born July 1853 married Stephen Valentine Frye on 28 February 1878 in Bland.

1.1.4.      James M. was born 27 February 1856 and died 20 October 1860.

1.1.5.      Loranzo Dow born about 1859.[9]

1.1.6.      Mary Jane born 18 November 1861 married Lafayatte Fry on 04 February 1892 in Bland.

1.1.7.      Randolph McGinnis born 06 April 1865 married Elizabeth Franklin Ingram on 21 October 1891 in Bland.

1.1.8.      Henry B. born February 1868 never married.

1.1.9.      Sallie born 1874 married Harman Ingram on 20 September 1896 in Bland.

1.2.        Sarah Margaret was born about 1834 in Wythe. She married Thomas Fortner on 17 April 1851 in Wythe  County. He was the son of Joseph Fortner and Elizabeth Brookman Thomas and Sarah Margaret were living in Russell County by 1870.[10] Their children:

1.2.1.      Joseph B.

1.2.2.      William Winton married Willie Jane Pegram on 03 September 1878 in Russell County. She was the daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Pegram. *See Pegram Family.

1.2.3.      Elizabeth born 1855 and died 20 September 1858.[11]

1.2.4.      Sarah.

1.2.5.      Eugenia Belle married William Bennett King on 03 September 1878 in Russell County. He was the son of James Washington King and Sarah Ann Kendrick.

1.2.6.      John married Mary Evelyn Bush on 05 December 1888 in Wise County, Virginia.

1.2.7.      Mary A. married John A. Shannon on 08 November 1888 in Russell County.

1.3.        Hester A. born about 1837 in Wythe County.[12]

1.4.        James C. born about 1840 in Wythe County.[13]

1.5.        John T. born December 1842 in Wythe married Sarah (maiden name unknown) and living in Russell County in 1880 and 1900. No children. William and Catherine King living with John T. in 1880.[14]

WilliamT. & Nancy King


Submitted by Sara Melton-Sumner

1.6.        William Thompson was born 02 February 1846 in Wythe and died 11 March 1928. He married Nancy Lovica King 28 March 1867 in Pulaski. She was born about 1849 to Solomon King and Catherine Davis.


William Thompson King served in the Confederate States Army in the 36th Infantry, Company G. He enlisted on March 15, 1864. He became a prisoner of war on May 9, 1864 at the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain. He was confined to Camp Chase, Ohio on May 11, 1864 and was released on March 2, 1865.[15]


William applied for a Confederate pension on October 11, 1910 at the age of 64 explaining “will be 65 February 2, 1911”. He stated he was born in Wythe County, Virginia and had lived in Virginia all his life. His colonel was John McCauseland and captain was H. C. Groseclose. He stated he enlisted in the fall of 1863 in Narrows, Giles County, Virginia and was captured at the Battle of Cloyd’s Farm, impounded at Camp Chase, Ohio. William explained he was a farmer but was not able to farm at the time because of old age. Two comrades were listed who served with him in the 36th being B. H. Pauley of Bland, Virginia and Stephen Lampert of Bland, Virginia. The rest of the application is illegible.[16]


W. T. King and wife to Meek H. Davis, part of Bennett King land.


William T. King to Emily Gray for natural love and affection being of the s. side of Creek…Beginning at the mouth of Big lick Hollow with meanderings of Creek to point where Creek intersects with W T’s land thence with bearings of said land on east end of King’s land running into foot of Little Walker Mountain to a point in the line that intersects with King’s outside line on the foot of said mountain in westward direction—being outside line of old Crockett survey…12 acres.[17] Dated December 10, 1918.


William and Nancy’s children:

1.6.1.      John Nye married Donnie Rogers.

1.6.2.      Annie Kate born 12 September 1875 and died 17 November 1944. *See Banes Family.

1.6.3.      Eugenia Thomas born May 1874 married William Saunders Terry on 24 August 1891 in Bland. William was born May 1865 in Smyth County, Virginia to William and Eliza Terry. Their children:    James Hampton married Elizabeth Williams.    John William.    Bertha Hester married William James Bond. He was the son of James R. Bond and Martha J. Johnston. Bertha was widowed by 1920.    Garnett married Lucy Clara Davis.    Ida Kate married Carl Brown Davis.    Otto.

1.6.4.      Sallie born 25 June 1876.[18]

1.6.5.      Ida Essie born about 1881 married William Curtis Haga.

1.6.6.      George William born 02 January 1883 married Eva Trottie Hancock. One son:    John William.

William T. King & daughter Emily Pearl


Submitted by Sara Milton-Sumner

1.6.7.      Emily Pearl born 25 June 1885 married James William Gray. James and Emily’s children were:    George W.    Florence married Irvin Kelly Lambert.    Hubert.

1.6.8.      Rose born 23 March 1886.[19]

1.6.9.      Hester J. born 24 August 1887.[20]

1.6.10.  Daniel M. born November 1890.[21]


2.       Nancy C. born about 1819 in North Carolina married John Davis. He was the son of Abraham Davis and Sarah Moore. They had no children and were living in Giles County in 1860 and Wise County, Virginia in 1870.[22]

3.        David born 08 November 1819 in Warren County, North Carolina and died 04 April 1889. He married Elizabeth Ann Hancock on 05 June 1856 in Wythe County. Elizabeth was born about 1833 and died 04 December 1895. Her parents were Obadiah Hancock and Jane Bradd. David and Elizabeth are buried in the Hidden Valley # 1 Cemetery in unmarked graves.[23]

David and Elizabeth’s children:

3.1.        Robert P. King/Hancock listed in the 1860 Wythe census as age 8 years old. He married Sarah J. Collins on 08 December 1871 in Bland. Sarah was the daughter of James and Mary Ann Collins. The marriage record listed Robert as Hancock and parent as Eliza A. Hancock. The census listed him as Robert King.

3.2.        Joseph S. born 18 August 1857 and died 06 March 1929. He married Emily Etta Pegram on 19 May 1887. *See Pegram Family.

3.3.        Nancy Jane born October 30, 1859 and died June 23, 1899. She married James Whitten Davis. *See Samuel Davis family.


On December 5, 1913, Joseph and Emily King conveyed land to James W. Davis, husband of Nancy J. Davis, deceased, who was formerly Nancy J. King and the following children and heirs at law of said Nancy J. Davis, deceased, …”namely: M. H. Davis and Ressa Davis, his wife, Frances B. Corder and B. L. Corder her husband, S. D. Davis and Della Rose Davis, his wife, Eliza A. White and N. F. White her husband, Richard F. Davis, Amy J. Davis, Edna K. Davis, Lucy P. Davis, Effie Davis and Nannie Davis…Whereas, David King was at the time of his death the owner of two tracts or parcels of land situate and lying in Bland Co, Va. one of the said tracts lying on Walkers Little Creek and supposed to contain 75 acres and the other tract lying on top of Long Spur and supposed to contain 66 acres; and said David King died and no partition of the lands was ever made between the said Joseph King and Nancy J. Davis.” There was an understanding between the two parties; Nancy J. Davis was to have her share in the tract of 75 acres and Joseph S. King was to have the tract of 66 acres. The above named parties, Joseph King and the Nancy J. heirs …”are now desirous of making deeds each to the other for their respective tracts of land, in order to clear the title, and in accordance with the understanding aforesaid, as to said partition, and in accordance with the wishes of the said David King, expressed before his death…”.[24]

4.       James Washington “Wash” was born about 1820 in North Carolina and died 02 November 1890 in Russell County. He married Sarah Ann Kendrick on 24 June 1852 in Wythe. She was born 12 May 1834 in Wythe and died 28 December 1920 in Russell County.

James and Sarah’s children:[25]

4.1.        William Bennett born September 1855 in Wythe married Eugenia Belle Fortner, daughter of Thomas Fortner and Sarah Margaret King.

4.2.        James D. born about 1857 in Wythe married Esther Patrick on 27 December 1882 in Russell county.

4.3.        Allen A. born about 1859 in Wythe married Mary Alice O’Dell on 27 December 1882 in Russell.

4.4.        Elizabeth born about 1860 in Wythe married 1st Roland Stableton on 06 May 1881 and 2nd William Alexander Osborn on 12 June 1884; both in Russell County.

4.5.        Mary Jane born about 1868 in Bland married William H. Cook on 07 March 1889 in Russell.

4.6.        Katherine born about 1870 in Bland.

4.7.        Cordelia born about 1873 married Richard Scott Robinson on 25 October 1888 in Russell.

4.8.        Isabelle born June 16, 1874 in Russell County[26] married Jacob A. Lyttle on 20 March 1895 in Russell.

5.       Hannah Ritter born about 1821 in North Carolina never married. From the book, History of Bland County (Virginia) "Children from several families were first taught in the home of Hannah and Bennett King.” She is buried in the Hidden Valley Cemetery #1 in an unmarked grave.[27]

Katherine Davis King


Submitted by Becky Sowers

Solomon King


Sybmitted by Rebecca Sowers

6.       Solomon B. born 07 July 1825 in Warren County, North Carolina and died 05 May 1901 in Pulaski County. He 1st married Catherine Davis Pendleton on 23 February 1846 in Pulaski County. She was 1st married to William G. O. Pendleton 17 October 1835 in Giles County. She had one son, James. She was born about 1819 in Giles County and died 05 December 1864 in Pulaski. Catherine’s parents were William and Lovica Davis. Solomon married 2nd Sarah Ellen Jones on 07 March 1866 in Bland County. She was the daughter of James J. Jones and Charlotte Hancock. Solomon and Catherine are buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery, Pulaski County. Solomon, listed as widowed, was living with his son, Painter King in the 1900 Pulaski County census.


Solomon received a land grant in Pulaski County, Little Walker’s Creek on October 2, 1854 …”On Walkers Little Creek corner to own land... corner to Lewis Jones's land.” He later sold this land to Jeremiah Banes.


On April 27, 1848 in Pulaski, William Davis of Giles conveyed to Catherine King and children 134 acres of land on Little Walker’s Creek for $500. The money was to insure the said William Davis a comfortable support in old age and any money owed after his death would become null and void.[28]


James Pendleton conveyed land on Little Walker’s Creek to Solomon King on February 1, 1860. The land being …”vested to said Pendleton by the late will of William Davis, his grandfather…”.[29]


On September 25, 1871 Harrison S. White and Mary M., his wife conveyed all right and interest in 1/7th of a certain tract containing 136 acres on Little Walkers Creek lying southwest and adjoining land of Jerry Banes.[30]


Solomon and his wife Sarah conveyed to John N. King all right and title being the undivided 1/7th  interest to a tract of land containing 136 acres at the mouth of Harmon’s Lick hollow corner of an entry made for William Davis—corner to “Red Pond” corner to 50 acres bought by William Davis of John S. Shufflebarger to division line between King and Bane. Being same land conveyed to Catherine King and children by William Davis dated October 2, 1884.[31]


Evidently, after this conveyance or before, Solomon and wife Sarah were living in Bland County. The birth records of the children indicate they were born in Bland. Several court records and deeds also indicate they were living in Bland County. There was a long, drawn out court case involving a woman named Ellen Gills in which several Little Walkers Creek families were involved.


There was a gentleman who bought land from James Jones (Sarah’s father) on June 14, 1875 by the name of “Bryl Jackson (colored)” Jackson was conveyed 100 acres of the Shelton survey.[32] Later, in 1880, Jackson conveyed the same land to Sarah King and children being James H., Sarah Ellen, Eliza V., Flora Missouri, Charley, Emily G. and Malena Etta.[33] On May 28, 1890, a court case arose concerning this land…Kegley Commissioner of Circuit Court and Sarah E. King and Solomon her husband of first part and Samuel W. Williams of the second part—Chancery cause pending in the name of Martin Williams, guardian for &c vs Solomon King and others…all that certain tract of land lying on water of Walkers Little Creek being the same land conveyed by B. Jackson (col) to the said Sarah & others on 30 September 1880…[34]


Looking at the Bland County Court records, I discovered the two above events may have been linked. On Monday, March 3, 1890-A. R. Heflin, Judge-Ellen Gills, Flora King, and Eliza King, infants over the age of 14, selected Martin Williams as their Guardian. On motion of Sarah King, Martin Williams is assigned as Guardian of Charlie King, Jennie King and Marcia King, infants under the age of 14…[35]


Thursday, November 7, 1889—Commonwealth VS Ellen Gills. Gills brought to the bar by the Sheriff, and by her attorney made motion to be admitted to bail. She, with R. N. French, James F. Grayson and W. W. Grayson, her sureties, posted bond for $1,000.00. –Wesley Jones, Lee Hancock, Samuel G. Shrader, John H. Collins, Sarah King, Marcia E. King, J. P. Shannon and R. D. Bogle, posted bond for $50.00 each, to assure their appearance at the next term of court to witness against Ellen Gills.[36]


December 2, 1889—Commonwealth VS Ellen Gills. Felony. Case continued. Ellen Gills unable to renew her bail remanded to jail. John Collins, Moses Akers. S. G. Shrader, Marcia King, Sarah King, J. P. Shannon, George Hancock, Sarah J. Hancock, Barbara Hancock, Wesley Jones, J. E. Tarter, James B. Shrader, Isabelle Jones, A. J. Grayson, C. S. Grayson and Lee Hancock, post bonds for $50 each to insure their appearance in court, to testify against Ellen Gills—Marcia King, Sarah King, J. E. Tarter, James P. Blankenship, Isabelle Jones, Lee Hancock and Harvey Blankenship post bonds for $50 to assure their appearance in court, to testify for Ellen Gills.[37]


Continued on January 6, 1890. Ellen Gills. Felony. Case again continued. A rule is awarded against Isabelle Jones, William Jones, James Jones, Mrs. John Hancock and Mrs. Walker Hancock, to show cause why they should not be fined for failing to appear as witnesses against Ellen Gills.[38]


January 8, 1890—Commonwealth VS Ellen Gills. Felony. Charged with murder in the first degree. The jury was charged and then sequestered until tomorrow.4 The jury was sequestered several more times. On January 16, 1890 the jury returned with a verdict of “Not Guilty” and Ellen Gills was acquitted and discharged.[39]

There were two Gills children listed in the Pulaski County, Virginia birth records: H. Gills, male, born 27 May 1890 to William and Ellen Gills; Infant Gills, female, born 14 March 1889 to William and Ellen Gills.[40]


Solomon and Catherine’s children:

6.1.        Elizabeth born about 1848.[41]

6.2.        Nancy Lovica married William Thompson King. *See William G. King.

6.3.        Mary M. born 29 November 1849 in Pulaski and died January 14 January 1914 in Pulaski. She married Harrison Shannon White. He was born 06 August 1840 in Pulaski and died 17 March 1915 in Pulaski. Harrison was the son of John Wesley White and Mary Magdeline Plymale. Harrison and Mary are buried in the Thornspring Methodist Church Cemetery, Pulaski. Their children were

6.3.1.      John H.

6.3.2.      Mary.

6.3.3.      James.

6.3.4.      Lucy.

6.3.5.      Ernest.

6.3.6.      Charles.

Isaac Henry "Harry" King 22 years of age


Submitted by Suella Wolfe

6.4.        John Nye was born 05 December 1851 and died 06 December 1912. John married 1st Susan L. (maiden name unknown) before 1876. He married 2nd Martha Taylor on March 27, 1878 in Pulaski. She was born in 1850 and died in 1947. Martha was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Taylor. John and Martha are buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery.


On October 4, 1900, James B. Caddall conveyed 92 acres of land to John N. King…”lying on the waters of Walker’s Little Creek…beginning at the south bank of the creek corner to the Joshua Mustard tract…corner to lands of John King…”.[42] The same tract of land Caddall bought from James Ingram.


John and wife Martha conveyed his 1/7 interest in 136 acres to the children of J. N. King by his wife Susan L. King on April 12, 1884.[43] *Note—The 1880 Pulaski County census lists John N. King, wife Margaret S. King and son Robert J. King. In the 1900 Pulaski County census, John King is listed age 49, Martha age 40, Robert age 20, Isaac age 17; Bessie age 15; Charlie age 13, Roy age 11; Sidney age 10; Tobias age 6. No other children have been found for John Nye King by a 1st wife Susan. Isaac was not listed in the 1880 census, therefore I believe his birth date on the headstone is incorrect. In the 1900 Pulaski census, lists Isaac’s birth date as June 1882. Isaac Henry was listed in the 1910 Pulaski census with his two daughters; he was listed as age 27, widowed.


S. D. P. King conveyed to John N. King 1/7 interest of 134 acres…formerly owned by Solomon King on October 25,1885. [44](Most likely David Painter King).


John Nye King wrote his will on November 14, 1906: I, John N. King…all just debts paid…If at my decease, my son Charles Kelly has lost his leg or is otherwise totally disabled so as to make him utterly incapable of earning a living, then give said Charles Kelly of all my estate including all personalty, realty, cash, bonds, notes, ect…If he is not disabled, then my estate is to be equally divided between Charles Kelly, Robert Jackson, Roy Clarence, Sidney Weldon and Tobias…To son, Isaac Henry and daughter Bessie E. Mustard the sum of $1 each…” Witnessed by R. Lee Millirons and William T. King. Probated December 11, 1913.[45]


John and Martha’s children:

6.4.1.      Isaac Henry “Harry” born 18 June 1876 (questionable) married Bessie May LeFew on 18 May 1904 in Bland. Isaac died 13 April 1911. Bessie was born 10 September 1883; died 02 January 1910. They are buried in the Millirons Methodist Church Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski. Two daughters:    Gladys Elizabeth married Hubert Troy Allen. He was the son of William Carr Allen and Susan Sayers Morris.    Beatrice married Vance Carl Southern son of William Southern and Maggie Vance.

6.4.2.      Robert Jackson was born 1879 married Grace Ward.

                            Their children were:                          Ernest    Ruby   Charles  P.                                                                 Dorothy M.    Virginia E.    Cabell W.    Mabel.

6.4.3.      Bessie Katherine born 09 July 1883; died 01 November 1960. She married Rush F. Mustard on 04 September 1906 in Pulaski. He was born 02 December 1873 in Bland and died 19 April 1947 in Pulaski. Rush was the son of William Patterson Mustard and Louisa Robinette. They are buried in the Hunter Cemetery, Little Walkers Creek, Pulaski. Their children were:    Vance.    Mason Manuel.    Martha Viola.    Naomi.

6.4.4.      Charles Kelly born 10 January 1885 and died 19 July 1963 married Hanie Genoa Davis. She was the daughter of John Troy Davis and Mary D. Bowles. Hanie was born 10 January 1889; died 02 October 1945. Charles and Hanie are buried in the Millirons Church Cemetery. *See Samuel Davis Family.


“Uncle Kelly was logging in the mountains.  A hook and rope somehow came loose from a log and struck him in the leg.  I guess a horse was pulling it, because the horse drug Uncle Kelly for a considerable distance, causing multiple injuries, including to his face.  He was taken to Charlottesville, which was a long distance in those days, so the injuries must have been serious.  Mom said the leg never completely healed.  She remembers two large holes in the back calf of one leg and that he kept them bandaged because of drainage.  Eventually he had the leg amputated below the knee and wore a prosthetic leg.  He had good mobility with it, though, because he was able to run the farm and the coal yard and drive a school bus. “ [Suella Wolfe) *Kelly King was also a mail carrier for Little Creek. (Author)


On April 1, 1927 Kelly King donated land for a graveyard to the trustees of the Millirons Methodist Church (formerly the King Cemetery).[46]


6.4.5.      Roy Clarence born May 1889.[47]


To the Right

Sidney Weldon King (son of John Nye King and Martha Taylor) and Bertie Gray  King; children are Beatrice and Gladys Elizabeth King, Sidney's nieces who were orphaned and were probably living with Sidney and Bertie.  Their parents were Isaac Henry "Harry" King and Bessie May Lefew. Submitted by Suella Wolfe

6.4.6.      Sidney Weldon born about 1890 married Bertie Gray on 07 June 1911 in Pulaski.

6.4.7.      Tobias born 22 September 1891and died 20 January 1976. He married Nellie A. Collin She was the daughter of John H. Collins and Gillie B. Akers Tobias is buried in the Millirons Methodist Church Cemetery. Their children were    Irene.    Roy Elmer.    Seagle.    Nina.    Ernest Chaffin.                                       

6.5.        William Davis was born 06 October 1856 and died 07 August 1932. He married Olivia Virginia Thompson on 27 June 1881 in Bland. She was born December 1863; died 11 February 1941. She was the daughter of William and Jane Thompson. Their children were:

6.5.1.      Julian Bell born 08 February 1888[48] married John Jasper Davis. :See Henry Davis Family.

6.5.2.      Virgie born 12 July 1890.[49]

6.5.3.      Oscar David born 19 March 1893 married Lillie May Sutphin. Oscar died 10 June 1962. Served in the Navy, World War I. Lillie was born 24 May 1897 and died 02 February 1963. They are buried in the Millirons Methodist Church Cemetery.

6.5.4.      Wilbur C. born November 1886 married Grace Tucker. They had children:    Helen.    Myrtle.    Herbert.    Louise.    Oscar Wallace.    Clifford William.

6.5.5.      Mary Eula born 08 January 1899 and died 03 January 1999. She married Robert Perry Millirons on 06 November 1920 in Pulaski. He was born on 16 August 1895 to William Newton Millirons and Mary Morgan. He died 15 August 1993. They had children:    Randolph William.    Barbara.    Colleen    Karen.

6.5.6.      Paris Bosang was born 23 February 1902 and died 19 February 1992. He married Louise Valentine Whitt. She was born 14 February 1905 in Draper, Pulaski County; died 25 April 1993.

6.5.7.      William Robert Morris was born 16 May 1905 and died 04 March 1987. He married Mary Ada Chandler. *See Samuel Davis Family.

6.6.        Harvey Newton born 21 August 1859 and died 03 December 1928. He married Susanna Gray on 03 January 1883 in Pulaski. She was born 15 June 1864 and died 01 November 1938. Harvey is buried in the Bland Cemetery, Bland County. Susanna is buried in the Birtchlawn Cemetery, Giles County. Their children:

6.6.1.      Eugene Thomas born 27 November 18841 married Mary Veta LeFew on 20 June 1906 in Bland.

6.6.2.      Della Rose born 20 November 1885 married Samuel David Davis on 15 November 1905 in Wythe County. *See Samuel Davis Family.

6.6.3.      Harvey L. born 29 September 1887.[50]

6.6.4.      James W. born 16 March 1890.[51]

6.6.5.      Julia D. born 06 December 1892 married Robert Newton Davis. *See Samuel Davis Family.

6.6.6.      Frances I. born 06 December 1892.[52]

6.6.7.      Edgar Palmer born 29 May 1895 married Texie Miller Davis. *See Samuel Davis Family.

6.6.8.      Arthur Jackson born 24 June 1885; died 30 October 1891; buried in the Millirons Methodist Church Cemetery.

6.6.9.      Eliza Agnes born about 1897 married Ira Kelley Thompson on 31 December 1913 in Bland

6.6.10.  Nellie Alberta born 16 April 1900 married Benjamin Trigg Tickle, Sr. on 09 June 1921 in Wythe County. Benjamin was the son of George Lee Tickle and Ellen Smith Pegram. Nellie died 19 December 1966; buried in the West End Cemetery, Wythe County.

6.6.11.  Bessie Mae born about 1902.[53]

6.6.12.  William L. born about 1905.[54]

6.6.13.  John Davidson born August 12, 1909 married Willie Marie Kitts on 06 March 1929 in Bland. John died on 24 March 1993. Willie was born 05 April 1912 to William Lowe Kitts and Myrtle Nehema Hancock. Willie died on 22 February 1962. John and Willie are buried in the Bland Cemetery, Bland County.

6.7.        David Painter born 14 October 1864 married Frances Gray on 07 September 1885 in Pulaski. Painter died on 28 February 1929; buried in the Newberry Cemetery, Bland County. Fannie died on 06 October 1944; buried in the Bland Cemetery, Bland County. They had the following children:

6.7.1.      Painter J.

6.7.2.      Lacy P. born 10 March 1889; died 19 October 1956; buried in the Bland Cemetery.

6.7.3.      Jerry.

6.7.4.      Frank born 16 April 1895; died 06 June 1930. Buried in the Newberry Cemetery.

6.7.5.      Claude.

6.7.6.      Rowena .

6.7.7.      Artie E.

6.7.8.      William.

6.7.9.      Henry Solomon born 1907 married Ida Lou Harden. Henry died in 1959. Buried in the Bland Cemetery.

6.7.10.  Van Crockett born 20 July 1902; died 19 April 1921. Buried in the Newberry Cemetery.

Solomon and Sarah Ellen’s children were:

6.8.        Solomon born about 1866 and was listed in the 1870 Pulaski County census but not listed in the 1880 Pulaski census. He evidently died young.[55]

6.9.        James H. born about 1867.[56]

6.10.     Sarah Ellen born May 1872[57] married William R. Gills on 27 April 1888 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.  William was the son of Joseph J. Gills and Elizabeth Lury.  They had children:

6.10.1.  Infant female born 14 March 1889.[58]

6.10.2.  H. male born 27 May 1890.[59]

6.10.3.  Mary Ellen born July 1891.[60]

6.10.4.  William A. born July 1893.[61]

6.10.5.  Effie L. born March 1895.[62]

6.10.6.  John Thomas born 31 January 1897[63] married Chloe Pearl Cole.

6.10.7.  Phillip Mathew born 27 February 1900.[64]

6.10.8.  Clora born about 1906.[65]

6.10.9.  Robert R. born about 1909.[66]

6.11.     Eliza V. born about 1872.[67]

6.12.     Flora Missouri born 16 June 1874.[68]

6.13.     Marlena Etta born 27 May 1877.[69]

6.14.     Charles born 29 November 1879.[70]

6.15.     Emily G. born July 5, 1882.[71]

6.16.     Jennie born August 1885.

7.       John Bennett, Jr. born about 1828 in North Carolina married Mary Mildred Sublett on 12 June 1847 in Giles County. She was the daughter of Mathew Sublett and Frances Key. She was born about 1828. From various records, they did not live on Little Walkers Creek. John served in the Confederate States Army; enlisted 45th Infantry, Company F. on April 17, 1862 in Narrows, Giles County. He was in the Emory and Henry Hospital on March 25, 1864. Pardoned on June 13, 1865. John was described as being 6 feet tall with gray eyes and black hair. John and Mildred’s children:

7.1.        Frances Jane married William Paris Bogle on 18 March 1869 in Bland County.

7.2.        Lucy Ann married Robert Graham Carr on 01 September 1870 in Bland.

7.3.        Franklin Pierce married Sarah L. Woodyard on 20 August 1874.

7.4.        Millard Fillmore married Angelina J. Franklin on 28 November 1878 in Bland.

7.5.        Mary L. married Thomas A. Williams on 18 December 1879 in Bland.

7.6.        John Matthew.

7.7.        Laura Augusta.

8.       Mary Jane married Allen W. Sublett on 10 May 1851 in Pulaski. He was the son of Mathew Sublett and Frances Key.

Martha Taylor King


Submitted by Suella Wolfe

Charles Kelly King


Submitted by Suella Wolfe


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