Parcell-Parsell Family


The Parcel Family of Milburn, Essex, NJ
Compiled by William G. Johnson July 2014 (W.I.P.)
Nicholas Parcell b abt 1674 d bef 16 June 1746, son of Thomas Parcel who d April 1732 on Specticle Island which he then owned & wife Christine Van Hattem, m 4 Aug 1700 (Reformed Dutch church of New Amsterdam) Aeltje Hyers bapt 2 March 1678 Freehold, Monmouth, NJ, dau of Walter Hyers & Trintie Bickers. (Assembled by Robert C. Billard, The Marriage Records of New Amsterdam,NY 1639-1801.)
From NJ Supreme Court records & the East Jersey Proprietors deed book C3-p291 we know it was Nicholas Parcel of Great Barns Island who owned land in Elizabethtown .
Case 45877 NJ Supreme court; July 1722; Nicholas Parsell of Great Barren Island, NY & Elizabethtown, NJ owes debt to William Walton
Case 29039 NJ Supreme court; Mar. 1724; Nicholas Parsel of Great Barnes Island, NY dispute over sale of land in New Britain in East NJ, with Abraham Ackerman
March, 1735, ENJ Proprietors book C3-291; Nicholas Parsel of Elizabethtown sells to William Walton a part of the New Britain tract between the NW branch of the Rahway River which comes down between the mountains above John Blanchard’s plantation at Springfield & southern most branch of the Passaic by the road from Elizabethtown to Whippany, as laid out by Daniel Dod. 
Note: This deed transcribed by myself & plotted by Historical Cartographer Charles McGrath locates exactly to the Milburn, NJ Parcel Family properties.
Children of Nicholas Parcel & Aeltje Hyer by baptism at New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church
                                 Parents                        child         witnesses
1701 Jan 26; Nicolaas Passel, Aeltje Hyer; Thomas; Thomas Passel, Tryntje Heyers wid
          Note: witnesses, his father Thomas & Tryntie Bickers widow of Walter Hyers ,parents of Aeltje. see Hyer family baptisms at New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church.
1703 Apr 15; Nicolaes Pesset [Parcel], Aeltie Hyer; Tryntie; Willem Hyer, Dorithea de Graw
note: named after Aeltie's mother
1706 Oct 02; Nicolaase Paersen [Parcel], Aeltje Hyer; Christina; Wouter Heyer, Styntje Paersen
note: Witnessed by Walter, brother of Aeltje, named after Nicholas' mother
1709 Oct 19; Nicolaas Parcell, Aaltje Hyers; Maria; Gerret Hyer, Marytje Hyer jd
1711 Apr 18; Nicolaas Persell, Aeltje Hyer; Dorathea; John Persell, Lea Van Alst
Note 1: witnessed by his brother John Parcel & his wife  Leah Van Alst both of Great Barn Island.
Note 2: This Thomas bapt 26 Jan 1701 m Arey Remmington. They had a son Stephen bapt 26 March 1727.
New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed church baptisms
1727 Mar 26; Thomas Percelle, Arey Rimmentum; Steven; Jan Hyer, Sara Bos wife of Gerret Hyer
Note: Arey Remmington was a dau of Stephen Remmington & Penelope Parker (Remington Descendants of John of Newberry 1637 & Rowley,Ma,Boyd Scott Remington,by Compiler Ames,Iowa 1957). Thus the given names Remington & Parker found in the Parcel family of Milburn. named after Arey's father
This Stephen bapt 26 March 1727 is undoubtedly the Stephen Parcel who died in Elizabethtown 8 April 1786 in his 60th yr. m Phebe Crane b 1731 d 26 Sept 1787 both are interred in the St John's churchyard Elizabethtown. Although Thomas bapt Jan 1701 d Nov 1769 on Great Barns Island, NY (Thomas Parsell of Great Barns Island, letter of Adm issued to eldest son John on 22 Nov 1769) Thomas must have inherited the land of his father in Elizabethtown. (see deed dated March, 1735, ENJ Proprietors book C3-291; Nicholas Parsel of Elizabethtown sells to William Walton a part of the New Britain tract between the NW branch of the Rahway River which comes down between the mountains above John Blanchard’s plantation at Springfield & southern most branch of the Passaic by the road from Elizabethtown to Whippany, as laid out by Daniel Dod)
 We believe Thomas bapt 26 Jan 1701 also had a son Nicholas b abt 1720 who died intestate 1767 Elizabethtown. This Nicholas Parcel m Rachel Swain/Swaim who was adm of his Estate dated 18 Nov 1767 Elizabethtown along with his son Capt Thomas Parcel b 1744 who was the eldest son. (Volume XXXVII NJ Abstracts of wills
1767,Nov 18 Parcel,Nichololas of Elizabethtown,Essex,NJ Int. adm'rs Rachel Parcel and Thomas Parcel.. Fellowbondsman Timothy Whitehead Jr. all of the same town. Witness Lewis Morris & Robert Ogden Lib. 1,pg208)
Rachel Swaim/Swain is believed to be a daughter of Mathias Swaim b abt 1690 & Catrina Mangels Roll bapt 24 Oct 1694 New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church. Rachel believed a sister of Anthony Swaim who was bapt 24 April 1719 Port Richmond Dutch Reformed Church & Mathias Swaim bapt 21 April 1734 same church. Anthony Swaim d 5 July 1758 Springfield, Essex, NJ & is interred in the Old Springfield graveyard. His brother Mathias owned a farm bordering the Parcel family property.
Note 1: The Port Richmond church also maintains the Baptismal record in 1698 of Jan Parcel son of Thomas & Christine Van Woggelum. This Thomas is said by James Riker to be a son of William Parcel (John "Butch" of Newtown)
note 2: Also See Male Ancestry of Dr. Earl G. Swem, Virginia,Rosalie Fellows Bailey,NY,NY 1953 Fellow of American Society of Genealogists & Will of Anthony Sweem Richmond Co., NY dated 16 June 1719
For Stephen Parcel see the Genealogy of the Crane Family volume II, Descendants of Benjamine Crane of Wethersfield, Ct and John Crane of Coventry, Ct also of Jasper Crane of New Haven, Ct & Newark, NJ & Stephen Crane of Elizabethtown, NJ by Ellery Bicknell Crane, Worchester, Ma 1900, pg 480. Also see Genealogical & Memorial History of the State of NJ,Francis Bazley Lee,Vol 1-3, Lewis Historical Pub Co,NY 1910.
Excerpt: Rev. History of Harlem, by James Riker; re Great Barnes Island at Harlem
Great Barnes Island at Harlem was sold, 9 Aug., 1687 ,by Jacob Milborne, to Thomas Parcell. Thomas Parcell1 was a son of John Parcell, otherwise “John Butcher”, from Huntingdon Co., England, who early settled at Dutch Kills, L.I., died in 1680, & left children Thomas, William, Henry & Catherine, with an estate worth 6,000 guilders. Thomas, born 1653, & bred a blacksmith, married Catherine van Hattem. On removing to Great Barents Island, he sold his lands at Dutch Kills to Bourgon Broucard & Hans Covert, 21 June 1690, for 4,087 L. Parcell built a Grist Mill at the upper side of his Island. His son John bought the northern half of the island, 4 June 1722 & on 29 March 1723, Thomas & Christina sold the other half to son-in-law John Lanyon of NY, innkeeper. Parcell died prior to 1732 on Spectacle or Hart Island, which he then owned. He left children Nicholas, John, Henry, Hannah [married 1. Jeremiah Redding; 2. John Lanyon; 3. Thomas Behena], & Eda who married Walter Dobbs. Nicholas married a daughter of Hon. Rip Van Dam. Henry succeeded to Hart Island. John kept his of Great Barents or Parcell’s Island, until his death in 1751, age 75 years [thus born in 1676]; gave it to his son Thomas [ 1 of 9 children] via wife Leah, daughter of Johannes van Alst. Thomas, who married Deborah, daughter of Capt. William Penfold, was drowned in Hellgate 1 Aug. 1766 in the evening, attempting to swim his horse to the island. Gehena succeeding to Lanyon’s of the island, where it was mortgaged by his widow in 1765 & eventually passed to Benjamin Hilldreth. Parcell’s half to kinsman John William Penfold. Valentine’s manual , 1855 p. 495, gives more on this island, now Ward’s Island.
Land Records of Queens County NY, Deed Book B2,pg 353
Thomas Parcell contracted for the purchase of Great Barns Island with Jacob Milbourne 17 Feb 1687 for 600 pds.
Deed dated 21 June 1690 Whereas Thomas Parcell & Stenteye (Christine) his wife of Great Barn Island convey to Bourgon Brocard & Hans Tunis Covert both of Bedford,Kings County,Long Island,NY
Hyer Family Baptisms at the New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church
                                    Parents                            child                     witnesses
1673 Sep 20; Wolter Hyers, Tryntie Bickers; Dorothea; Victor Bickers, Neeltje Jans
1697 Apr 18; Gerrit de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Arent; Willem Hyer, Tryntje Bikkers wid Walter Hyer
1697 Jun 27; Wouter Hyer, Anna Blom; Wouter; Arent Blom, Tryntje Bikker wid
1699 Feb 01; Jacobus Cornelisse, Aaltje Blom; Frederik; Jacob Blom, Anna Blom wife of Wouter Hyer
1699 Jul 23; Willem Hyer, Catharina Mol; Catalina; Wouter Hyer, Ariaantje Mol
1699 Jul 30; Gerret Hyer, Sara Bos; Walter; Jan Pieterse Bos, Catharina Hyer [Tryntie Bickers] wid of Walter Hyer  Note: The given name Catherine repeats in the Parcel family in NJ.
1699 Aug 27; Gerret de Grau, Dorathe Hyer; Walter; Walter Heyer, Catlina Mol wife of Willem Heyer
1699 Oct 15; Wouter Hyer, Anna Blom; Margarita; Willem Hyer, Margriet Pieters wid Fredrik Arentse Blom
1701 Jan 26; Nicolaas Passel, Aeltje Hyer; Thomas; Thomas Passel, Tryntje Heyers wid
1701 Nov 19; Gerret de Graw, Dorathea Hyer; Catharina; Gerret Hyer & wife Sara Bos
1702 Jan 21; Wouter Hyer, Anna Blom; Frederick; Gerret Hyer, Elisabeth Blom wife of Jan de Lamontagne
1702 Mar 11; Gerret Hyer, Sara Bosch; Jan; Willem Hyer, Jannetie [Barents] Bos wife of Jan Pieterse Bos
1702 May 06; Willem Hyer, Cathalina Mol; Abraham; Michiel Stevens, Dorathe Hyer
1703 Apr 15; Nicolaes Pesset [Parcel], Aeltie Hyer; Tryntie; Willem Hyer, Dorithea de Graw
1703 Oct 06; Gerredt de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Gerrett; Gerret Wouterse, Annatie Blom
1704 May 21; Wouter Hyer, Annatie Blom; Vrederik; Gerret Hyer, Elisabeth Blom
1704 May 24; Willem Hyer, Catharina Mol; Willem; Gerrit Hyer, Ariaantie Mol
1705 Dec 05; Gerret de Graw, Dorathea Hyer; Cornelia; Nicolaas Pearson, Maria Hyer jd
1706 Feb 24; Gerret Hyer, Sara Bos; Baltus; Wouter Hyer, Albertje Barentse
1706 Aug 11; Wouter Hyer, Annatje Blom; Johannis; Jacob Blom, Dorathe Hyer wife of Gerret de Graw
1706 Oct 02; Nicolaase Paersen [Parcel], Aeltje Hyer; Christina; Wouter Heyer, Styntje Paersen
1707 Jun 18; Pieter Bos, Susanna Barents; Petrus; Gerret Hyer, Ytje Bos jd
1707 Nov 30; Gerret de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Annatje; Isaac Kip, Annatje de Mill
1707 Nov 30; Willem Hyer, Catharina Mol; Jacobus; Abraham Mol, Reyertje Stevens
1708 Jul 21; Gerret Hyer, Sara Bos; Catharina; Pieter Bos, Dorathe Hyer
1708 Oct 24; Walter Hyer, Annatje Blom; Arent; Gerret de Graw, Aaltje Blom wife of Jan Faster
1709 Oct 19; Nicolaas Parcell, Aaltje Hyers; Maria; Gerret Hyer, Marytje Hyer jd
1710 Mar 05; Jacob Blom, Maryke Bos; Annetje; Gerret Hyer, Annetje Hardenbroek
1710 Jul 23; Gerret de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Gysbertje; Jan Hyer & wife Jannetje Stymets
1711 Mar 25; [Wouter] Gualther Hyer, Annatje Blom; Gerret; Jan de Lamontanje, Maria Hyer
1711 Apr 18; Nicolaas Persell, Aeltje Hyer; Dorathea; John Persell, Lea Van Alst
1711 Aug 26; Johannes Vredenburg, Antje Montagne; Elizabeth; Gerret de Graw & wife Dorathe Hyer
1712 Oct 26; Jan Hyer, Jannetje Stymets; Vrouwtje; Willem Hyer, Annatje Blom
1712 Nov 19; Gerret Hyer, Saartje Bosch; Gerret; Jan Hyer, Annetje Hardenbroek
1712 Dec 17; Victoor Hyer, Jannetje Van Gelder; Catharina; Harmanus Van Gelder, Theuntje Van Gelder - page 365
1713 Feb 22; Gerret de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Johannes; Victoor Hyer & wife Jannetje [Van Gelder]
1713 Oct 04; Wouter Hyer, Annatje Blom; Petrus; Jan Hyer, Hester Blom
1714 Sep 12; Victoor Hyer, Jannetje Van Gelder; Teuntje; Willem Hyer, Dorathe de Graw
1714 Dec 26; Jan Hyer, Jannetje Stymits; Walter; Walter Hyer sr, Sara [Bosch] wife of Gerret Hyer
1715 Jun 19; Gerret de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Marytje; Harme Bensing, Aatltje Bensing
1715 Dec 04; Walter Hyer, Annatje Blom; Catharina; Vicktoor Hyer, Mayke Blom
1716 Jan 25; Gerret Hyer, Sara Bos; Willem; Victoor Hyer, Mayke Blom
1716 Apr 02; Victoor Hyer, Jannetje Van Gelder; Cornelia; Johannnes Harmsz Van Gelder, Marytje Hyer
1717 Jul 07; Walter Hyer, Annatje Blom; Willem; Fredrik Willemse, Saartje Hyer 1717 Jul 14; Gerret de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Johannes; Victoor Hyer, Jannetje Hyer
1726 Oct 16; Jan Hyer, Jannetje Stymets; Annatje; Gerret de Graw, Aeltje Hyer wife of Nicolaas Percell
Sweem, Swaim, Swain
See -Male Ancestry of Dr. Earl G. Swem, Virginia, Rosalie Fellows Bailey,NY,NY 1953 Fellow of American Society of Genealogists
A note of J. R. Burnet (Burnet papers NJHS) states: Nicholas Parcell’s wife or mother was either sister or daughter to Anthony or Matthias Swain.
According to the historical records of the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, New Jersey (1745 - 1803), Nicholas Parsil (transcription of his spelling) and Matthias Swain (used a mark) were members of the church in 1750. This is roughly the time period when Nicholas and Rachel were having a family. In 1764, Nicholas Parcel was identified as a trustee of the church. In 1792, Thomas Parsil, (?) Parcel, and Swain Parsel all signed a pledge of financial support for the salary of Rev. Jacob VanArtsdalen. From Mary Drew’s,widow of Mathias Parcel, pension application that she and Matthias Parcell were married in Springfield 9 Nov 1781 by Rev. VanArtsdalen.

According to the “SWAIM-TYSEN Family of Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, and Southern States”, Anthony Swaim (1719-1758) and Matthias Swaim (born 1734) sons of Matthias Swaim and Catherine Mangels Ral both migrated from Staten Island to Springfield, New Jersey. The last record the authors have for the parents is the baptism of Matthias on Staten Island in 1734, speculating they may have moved to Manhatten where Catherine’s family lived, or possibly to New Jersey with son Anthony. The earliest record of Anthony Swaim in Springfield is 1744 when he built a house there. I suspect that the Matthias Swain appearing in Springfield church records in 1750 is Matthias Swaim father of Anthony and Matthias Swaim. The name Swaim was commonly documented as Swain in this area. There is no baptismal record for Matthias and Catherine having a daughter Rachel though the record may be incomplete as baptisms for the known four children were recorded in multiple churches. Rachel was a common name among the Staten Island Swaims, including a documented sister of the elder Matthias Swaim. Also from the Port Richmond Staten Island Dutch church baptisms we have another Rachel.
1728 Apr 22; Johannes Sweem, Mary Row; Rachel; Lea Sweem . This Johannis Sweem was a brother of Mathias Swaim who m Cathrina Mangels Rol.

Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, New Jersey (1745 - 1803), Nicholas Parsil  and Matthias Swain (used a mark) were members of the church in 1750.
In the Old Springfield burial ground there is an Anthony Swaim d 5 July 1758 in his 40th yr.
Port Richmond Staten Island Reformed Dutch Church- Sween,Sweem, Swaim, Swain Baptisms starting 1696
1703 Oct 23; Jarels Morgen; Margrietye; Matthys Sween, Sara Morgen; Francyntye Morgen
1707 ??? ??; Matthys Sweem; Magdaleen; Barent Sweem, wife
1707 ??? ??; Evert Mesker; Neeltie; Ryck Ryckszen, Elisabeth Sweem
1707 Apr 23; Johannes Van Campen; Martha; Thys Sween, Saraatie Sween
1707 Jul 23; Johannes Smack; Annetie; Leendert Smack, Maria Sweem
1707 Oct 21; Mattheus De Decker; Abraham; Theunis Egberts, Elisabeth Sweem
1707 Oct 22; Paul Richau; Daniel; Antoni Sweens, Neeltie Sweens
1708 Apr 20; Johannes Sweem; Annetie; Barent Sweem, Mary Belveel
1711 Apr 17; Johannes Sweem; Magdalena; Aron Praal jr, Elisabeth Sweem
1714 Oct 19; Johannes Sweem; Antie; David Laforsie, Antie Willemsen
1715 ??? ??; Johannes Sweem; Tys; Johannes Van Campen, Saara Van Namen
1715 Apr 19; Johannes Sweem; Martha; Simon Van Namen, Sara Van Namen
1715 Jun 06; Johannes Van Campen; Arent (b 5/21); Johannes Sweem, wife Martha
1715 Oct 18; Willem Swame; Magyel; Hendreck Willemsen, Maritje Wyllemit
1715 Oct 18; Johannes Swame; Albert; Willem Seymensen, Elybet
1718 Jan 12  Johannes Sweem, Lysabet, Altje Paraels (Parcels? wife of Nicholas? This is the only spelling as such in the entire book)
1718 Apr 01; Johannes Sweem; Lysabet; Altje Paraels
1718 Jul 20; Johannes Sweems, Jannetje La Forge; Jan; Adriaan La Forge, Mary Merchen
1719 Mar 01; Lambert Gerritsz jr, Lysbet Sweem; Magdalena; Jan du Puy, Susanna du Puy
1719 Mar 01; Johannes Sweems (s of Anthony), Mary Rus; Jacobus; Jacobus Biebaut, Rachel Sweem
1719 April 19 Matthys Sweem & Catharina Mangels Ral, Anthony , Anthony Tys Sweem & Neeltje Jansz
note: witnessed by parents of Mathias Sweem
1719 Sep 06; Willem Stilwell, Sara Pareyn; Willem (twin); Sr. Johannes Sweem, Daniel Pareyn, Elisabeth Parein, Maria Sweem
1719 Oct 18; Willem Sweem, Marya Lageler; Johannes; Abraham Manez, Maria Sweem
1719 Nov 15; Jan Stilwell, Elisabeth Parein; Johannes; Johannes Sweem, Jannetje La Forge
1721 Jul 02; Lambert Gerritz jr, Lysbet Sweem; Nicolaas; Nicolaas du Puy, Catharina Christopher
1721 Jul 16; Jacobus Biebaut, Maria Sweems; Jacobus; Michel de Chene, Susanna Van der Hoeven
1722 Mar 18; Johannes Van der Hoeven, Anna Sweem; Cornelius; Michel du Chene, Susanna Van der Hoeven
1722 Mar 18; Willem Sweem, Marie Lageler; Cornelius; Pierre Manin, Elisabet Sweem
1722 May 20; Johannes Preyer, Maria Ral; Anna; Ary Van Woggelum, Catharina Sweem
1722 Aug 26; Jan Andrevet, Leah Sweem; Neeltje; Johannes Sweem, Anna Sweem
1723 May 26; Abraham Manez, Anna Jansen; Abraham; Pieter Manez, Elisabet Sweem
1723 Aug 25; Johannes Sweem, Mary Perine; Elisabet; Obadias Winter, wife Susanna de Puy
1723 Aug 25; Lambert Gerritzen jr, Lysbet Sweem; Abraham; Catharina Gerritzen
1724 Feb 02; Johannes Van der Hoeven, Anna Sweem; Lea; Jacobus Biebaut, Marya Sweem
1724 May 17; Jaques Hervan, Geertje Bries; Cornelis; Jan Andrevet, Leah Sweem
1724 May 17; Jan Andrevet, Leah Sweem; Leah; Jaques Hervan, Geertje Bries
1725 Feb 21; Simon Van Namen, Sara Praal; Moses; Maria Sweem
1725 Mar 14; Jacobus Biebaut, Maria Sweem; Maria; Johannes Van der Hoeven, Anna Sweem
1726 Jan 01; Pieter Andrevet, Rebecca Cole; Elisabet (twin); Henrik Slecht, Cathryna Wynants, Cornelis Janszen, Lea Sweem
1726 May 29; Johannes Van der Hoeven, Anna Sweem; Elisabeth; Anthony Sweem
1726 Jul 03; Johannes Dekker, Maria Sweem; Maria; Charles Dekker, Lena Sweem
1726 Aug 14; Eduard Jones, Catharina Dekkers; Eduard; Zeger Dekkers, Maria Sweem
1727 Feb 19; Jacobus Biebaut, Maria Sweem; Elisabet;
1727 Oct 22; Matthys Sweem, Catharina Mangels Rol; Jannetje; Johannes Sweem
1728 Feb 18; Johannes Van der Hoeve, Anna Sweem; Johannes
1728 Feb 18; Charles Dekker, Lena Sweem; Charles;
1728 Apr 21; Johannes Dekker, Maria Sweem; Sara; Simon Van Namen
1728 Apr 22; Johannes Sweem, Mary Row; Rachel; Lea Sweem
note: Given name Rachel appears in the Sweem family.
1728 Apr 22; James Botler, Sara Pereine; Anna; Joh. Sweem
1728 Apr 22; Hendrik Janszen, Francyntje Parein; Belitje; Johannes Sweem
1728 May 05; Anthony Sweem, Anna Brooks; Maria; Johannes Sweem, Marytje Borkelo
1729 Apr 07; Jan Andrevet, Leah Sweem; Jan;
1729 May 15; Jacobus Biebaut, Marytje Sweem; Petrus
1730 Apr 05; Charles Dekker, Lena Sweem; Matthys; Barent Sweem, Maria Canon
1730 May 24; Lambert Gerritzen, Lysbet Sweem; Elisabet;
1730 May 29; Johannes Dekker, Maria Sweem; Matthys; Simon Van Namen
1731 Jan 24; Johannes Van der Hoeven, Anna Sweem; Anthony; Lea Sweem
1731 Nov 07; Barent Sweem, Marie Canon; Johannes
1732 Apr 09; James Butler, Sara Parein; Jan; Matthew Sweem
1732 Oct 29; Charles Dekker, Lena Sweem; Magdalena; Sara Van Namen
1734 Apr 21; Matthys Sweem, Catharina Mangels Rol; Matthias; Michiel du Chene, Hester Canon
1735 Mar 16; Charles Dekker, Lena Sweem; Mattheus
1735 Sep 28; Symon Hanszen [or] Symons, Helena Sweem; Isaak
1737 Sep 18; Ts Sweem, Catharina Merril; Geertruyd; John Merril jr, Geertruyd Symons
1739 Mar 18; Tys Sweem, Catharina Merril; Johannes; Jacob Roseau, Susanna Merril
1739 Mar 25; Joh. Dekkers, Marytje Sweem; Eva;
1740 Mar 30; Daniel Crocheron, Maria Du Puy; Abraham; Barent Sweem
1741 May 07; Charles Decker, Helena Sweem; Eva;
1743 Apr 19; Mateis Swem, Catrina Merrel; Maties; Jan Van Pelt, Susanna Tocet
1745 May 06; Matties Swem, Catrina Merrel; Martinus
1746 Sep 16; Matthys Sweem, Catharina Merrel; Benyamen; Elizabeth Sweem
1749 May 03; Simon Simonsen, Helena Sweem; Jeremyah;
1749 May 23; Matthys Sweem, Catherina Merrell; Catherina;
1751 Jul 28; Charles Deckker, Helena Sweem; Marya;
1751 Jul 28; Mathys Sweem, Chatarina Merril; Isaak;
1760 Oct 05; John Sweem, Cornelia Bergen; Marya;
Flatbush Dutch Reformed church -Baptisms 1677-1754 -Swaim
1680 Jun 27; Barent Tysz, Magdalena Jans; Johannes; Tys Barendz, Susana Rauns.
1680 Jun 27; Peter Jansz, Marritie Jans; Jacobus; Tys Barendz, Magdalena Jans.
1682 Apr 02; Jan Tysz, Grietje Jans b. of Flush; Agatha; Thomas Lambertsz, Femmetie Jurians his wife
Bergen, NJ Dutch Reformed church- Baptisms 1666-1789 Holland Society Yearbook 1913
1677 Apr 17; Willem Janse Loserecht, Belitje Tysen; Hendrick; Tys Barentse, Annetje Hendrickse
Will of Anthony (Tyse) Sweem Richmond Co., NY dated 16 June 1719 (b between 1657-1660 Holland according to Swaim family)
pg 150- Anthony Sweens, In the name of God Amen June 16, 1717. I,  Anthony Sweens in the County of Richmond, being sick. I leave to my eldest son Johannes 5 pds. In full at any pretense as heir at law. I leave all the rest of my estate both real & personal to my wife, Nealtie, during her life or widowhood. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth 50pds more than any of my other children. I leave to my daughters Elizabeth,Mary, Hannah, Racheal, and Leah 30pds. To my grandson Thomas Willmoth 25pds. I leave all the rest of my estate to my sons Johannes, Mathyas, & Jacobus. If my son Cornelius is not deceased & should ever return to this place he shall share with the rest. I appoint Colonel Thomas Farmer & Dr. Johnson of NY & Goeson Adrianse of Richmond Co. executors. Witnesses Abraham Egbertson, Obadiah Vister, John Dupuis. Proved  March 10, 1719/20. 
Note 1: Sons Mathias & Cornelius to NJ according to NJ Surpreme court cases.
Note 2: Given name Rachel appears in the Swaim family.
Second Series
p. 25, Et. seq.
Sept. 1, 1755
Maths. Swain
Anthony Swain
Stephen Parcel
Thos. Parcel
Henry Parcel, junr.
Nicholas Parcels
Swain Ogden
NJ Supreme Court cases
38263 Swain, Anthony (Defendant) Gabriel Stelle v. Anthony Swain Undetermined Undetermined 1734 - 1735
23556 Swain, Anthony (Defendant) Robert Lawrence v. Anthony Swain Undetermined Undetermined 1735
38264 Swain, Cornelius (Defendant) Gabriel Stelle v. Cornelius Swain Undetermined Undetermined 1735
46103 Swain, Mathias (Defendant) Arthur Wascott v. Mathias Swain Undetermined Undetermined 1767
45877 July 1722; Nicholas Parsell of Great Barren Island, NY & Elizabethtown, NJ owes debt to William Walton
29039 Mar. 1724; Nicholas Parsel of Great Barnes Island, NY dispute over sale of land in New Britain in East NJ, with Abraham Ackerman
First term, 1727, Essex Court of Common Pleas; Thomas Parcell in dispute with Sheriff Benjamin Bonnell
4523  Aug. 1742; ejectment of Thomas Parsels, Junior & Wife Mary in possession of Essex Co. premises,
from there, as per Joseph Bonnell, Judge
March, 1735, ENJ Proprietors book C3-291; Nicholas Parsel of Elizabethtown sells to William Walton a part of the New Britain tract between the NW branch of the Rahway River which comes down between the mountains above John Blanchard’s plantation at Springfield & southern most branch of the Passaic by the road from Elizabethtown to Whippany, as laid out by Daniel Dod
NJ Calendar of Wills
1778,,June 12  Parcel,Thomas of Newark twsp Essex Co. Will of Wife ,Lois, use of 1/2 of the farm except 60 acres which I shall give to my 3 brothers. Brother Swain Parcel, when he is 21, 20 acres across the North end of my farm. Brother Anthony Parsel, 20 acres across my farm , joining the above land when he is 21.. Brother, Parker Parsel, 20 acres when he is 21. Son Thomas 1/3 of my real & personal estate. Son, William 1/3 of my  estate. Daughter, Eusebel Parsel 1/3 of my Estate. My executors are to be guardians of all my children. Executors wife Lois & my friends John Stites,Walter Smith & John Tuttle.. Witnesses (Capt) Isaac Reeve,David Littell & Nicholas Parcel. proved 17 July 1778. Lib 20,pg120
American Revolutionary War casualty Thomas Parcell was b. 1744, 34-year-old Captain Thomas Parcel (a.k.a. Parsil) was mortally wounded ata skirmish in Connecticut Farms (present day Union, NJ) in June 1778. He was consequently brought to his home*, where he died under the shade of a large locust tree on the Fourth of July, the second anniversary of the declaration of American independence. Predeceased by two baby daughters, Lucy and Elizabeth, Captain Parcel's survivors included his younger brother Nicholas, who was killed two years later at the Battle of Springfield, NJ. All are buried here, as is his widow, Lois. Although she later remarried, she chose to be buried at the Captain's side after her death 44 years later. The patriotic Parsil brothers' brown sandstone steles, cut by the same carver, feature soul effigies of the portrait type, which was typical of the latter part of the colonial era. The Captain's bears a grimly Puritanical inscription that harks back to earlier days:

"Inclosed (sic) within this gloomy Mansion lies
One who was regarded good and wise
When Death's dark Cloud obscured ye vital Sight
Life's Sun waxed dim & plunged ye Shade of Night
Attend ye Fair ye wise surround the Tomb
Peruse these lines to know your Doom"
Note: From the above will of Capt Thomas Parcel dated 12 June 1778 we find Capt Thomas as the eldest of siblings & bequeaths to his minor brothers Swain, Anthony & Parker land from his Estate. We know he had a brother Nicholas b 1747 who is not a minor in 1778 when he wrote his will & also a brother Remington who was not a minor. New information adds a brother Mathias b 20 April 1754 d 1 Dec 1807  Springfield, Essex, NJ , also not a minor in 1778.  Mathias Parcell names a dau Catherine presumed after his sister Catherine & a son Parker presumed after his brother Parker. The given name Mathias from the Swaim family.
NJ Secretary of State Deed Book C-3, page 291
Nicholas Parsel
William Walton
(Transcribed Feb 2014 by William G. Johnson -spelling intact)
This Indenture made the twelfth day of March in the ninth year of Reign of our sovoroign lord George the second by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith Anno Dm One Thousand seven hundred and thirty five Between Nicholas Parsel of the bounds of Elizabethtown in the county of Essex and Province of New Jersey Yoeman of the one part and William Walton of the city of New York Merchant of the other part witnessboth That the said Nicholas Parsel for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and ten pounds current money of the Province of New Jersey at eight shillings per ounce to him in hand paid by the said William Walton at and before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof he doth hereby convey and acknowledge He the said Nicholas Parsel Hath Granted Bargained and sold and by those presents Doth Grant Bargain and sell unto the said William Walton All that certain piece and parcel of land being part of the greater tract called New Britain lying situate and being in the Eastern Division of New Jersey aforesaid between the Northwestward branch of the Raway river which runs out and comes down of and between the mountains above Mr. John Blanchard’s plantation at Springfield and the southern most part or branch of the Passaic by the road which cometh from Elizabethtown to Whippany as it had been laid out by Master Daniel Dod in two distinct tho adjoining pieces. The first of the said two pieces of land beginning  North thirty seven degrees thirty minutes West thirty eight chains ninety links from the house of one Cornelius Bryant late of the said town deceased thence running North sixty nine degrees West thirty two chains ten links thence North fifty three degrees twenty minutes East fifty four chains sixty links thence South thirty four degrees East thirty nine chains fifty links thence South sixty five  degrees West twenty nine chains ten links thence West nine chains to the place it first began. The other piece Beginning at the aforesaid Branch of the river at a place well known thence running South sixty five degrees  West twenty eight chains twenty four links to the fourth and last corner of the above said former piece of land. Thence North thirty four degrees west thirty nine chains fifty links along the North East bounds of the aforesaid described piece of land thence South forty five degrees thirty minutes East twenty one chains eighteen links to the above said branch of the river. Thence down the said river South and South westerly to the place where it begun both joint pieces containing three hundred twenty five acres of land whereof fifteen acres allowed for highways and being deducted remains yet three hundred and ten acres as by a certain instrument of writing under the hands & seals of May Bickley Ebenezer Wilson Lancaster Lyons and Peter Fauconier and also by a map thereunto annexed bearing the date of the twenty fifth day of March Anno Dm one thousand seven hundred and twenty one reference thereunto being has may more fully and at large appear Together with all and singular the house out houses buildings barns stables woods trees fields meadows pastures marshes swamps ponds pools lakes waters water courses runs and hroams of water horoditaniouts easments commodities and appertains to the above said recited tracts and parcels of land belonging or in any wise apportaning or accepted reputed taken or known as part Parcel or member thereof and the rovortion and Rovortions Remainder and Remainders of all and singular the above Granted Premises and also the Estate Right Title Interest Possession Claim and Domains whatsoever of in and to the same or any Part or Parcel thereof To have and to hold the said two several tracts or pieces of land and other the Premises thereunto belonging unto the said William Walton his executors heirs and assigns for and during the term of five hundred years next ensuing the date hereof and fully to be complete and entire Yielding & Paying thereof Yearly during the said term one copper coin in and upon the feast of St Michael only if Demanded Provided always and upon condition that if the said Nicholas Parsel his heirs or assigns Do and shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said William Walton his heirs admrs or assigns the said sum of two hundred and ten pounds current money aforesaid at eight shillings per ounce Together with all lawfull interest thereof in and upon the twelfth day of March next coming without any deductions or abatements whatsoever That then and from thenceforth those presents and every thing herein contained shall cause determine and be void any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding and the said Nicholas Parsel doth for himself his heirs abnd assigns Covenant and Grant to and with the said William Walton his heirs admrs or assigns the aforesaid sum of two hundred and ten pounds current money aforesaid at eight shillings per ounce with the lawfull interest thereof in and upon the said twelfth day of March next coming without any deductions as aforesaid according to the true interest and meaning of those Presents and also that he the said William Walton his heirs admrs and assigns shall and may at all times after default shall be made in performance of the provises or condition herein contained peaceably and quietly enter into Have Hold Occupy Prosper enjoy all and singular the said two several pieces of land and premises and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtancies for and during the remainder of the said term of five hundred years hereby granted which shall be the to come and unaspired without the lott suit trouble Hinderance Molestation interruption and Denyal of him the said Nicholas Parsel his heirs and assigns and all and every other person and persons whatsoever and further that he the said Nicholas Parsel and his heirs and all and every other Person or Persons and his and their heirs any thing having or claiming in the said premises above mentioned or any part thereof shall and will at any time or times after default shall be made in performance of the proviso or condition herein contained make do and execute or cause and procure to be made done and execute all and procure to be made done and executed all and every said further and other lawfull and reasonable Grants Acts and Appurtancies in the law whatsoever for the further better and more perfect granting and acquiring of the said two several pieces of land and ____with the appurtancies unto the said William Walton  To Hold to him the said William Walton his heirs admrs and assigns for and during the rest and residue of the said term of five hundred years above granted which shall be then to come and unoccupied as by the said William Walton his heirs admrs or assigns or his or their councell learned in the law shall be reasonably advised or devised and required  And lastly it is hereby covenanted concluded and agreed upon by and between the said parties to those presents and the true interest and meaning of those presents is and it is hereby so declared that until default in performance of the proviso or condition herein contained he the said Nicholas Parsel his heirs and assigns shall and may hold and enjoy all and singular the said premises abovementioned and receive and take the ___ and profits thereof to his and their own proper use and benefit any thing herein before contained to the contrary notwithstanding In witness whereof the said parties first above named have to these presents Indenturos interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written
Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of us
(signed) William Chetwood John Blanchard Thomas Hill
Nicholas Parsel (his mark) |/|
I the within named Nicholas Parsel do acknowledge to have had and received of and from the also within named William Walton on the day of the date within written Deed the full and just sum of two hundred and ten pounds current money of New Jersey at eight shillings per ounce having the full consideration money within mentioned Witnes my hand the day and year above said
Signed in the Presence of
Wm Chetwood John Blanchard Thomas Hill
Nicholas Parsel (his Mark)
Be it remembered that on the six day of July One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Six Thomas Hill one of the witnesses to the within Instrument came before Robert Lottis Hooper Chief Justice of the Province of New Jersey and being duly sworn declared that he saw Nicholas Parsel party to the within deed seal and deliver the same and also that the said Parsel put his mark to it in his presence. (signed) R.L. Hooper
New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church
Baptisms- Parcel,Persell,Persel,Parsel,Parcell
                        Parent, Parent, child, witnesses
1674 Sep 19; Willem Marits, Magriet; Ritzardt; Ritzardt Jellert, Willem Parcel, Jannetie Eerwy
1696 Jun 10; Willem Parcel, Maria Pieters; Nicolaes; Jacob Phaenix
1696 Jun 10; Willem Parcel, Maria Pieters; Yti; Jacob Phaenix
1696 Jun 10; Jan Parcel, Maria Pernam; Maria. NB, dit kint is ongedoopt; Pieter King & wife Maria
1702 Apr 01; Willem Persell, Maria Van der Meer; Waters;
1703 Apr 15; Nicolaes Pesset [Parcel], Aeltie Hyer; Tryntie; Willem Hyer, Dorithea de Graw
1706 Oct 02; Nicolaase Paersen [Parcel], Aeltje Hyer; Christina; Wouter Heyer, Styntje Paersen
1708 Jun 20; Abraham Vredenburg, Jezabel [Isabelle] Persel; Abraham; Johannes Montanje, Annatje Vredenburg
1708 Jul 18; Johannes de Lamontanje, Sara Parsel; Sara; Jan de Lamontanje, Annetje de Lamontanje
1709 Sep 18; Abraham Vredenburg, Isabel Persel; Margrietje; Johannes Montanje, Annatje Vredenburg
1709 Oct 19; Nicolaas Parcell, Aaltje Hyers; Maria; Gerret Hyer, Marytje Hyer jd
1709 Oct 26; Jeremiah Redding, Johanna Percell; Christina; Willem Dobbz & wife Catharyna
1710 Jun 11; Johannes Vredenburg, Annatje Montanje; Elizabeth; Abram Vredenburg & wife Jesabel Percell
1710 Dec 20; Johannes Montanje, Sara Percell; John; John Percell, Mary Percell
1711 Apr 18; Nicolaas Persell, Aeltje Hyer; Dorathea; John Persell, Lea Van Alst
1711 Sep 02; Abraham Vredenburg, Isabella Parsell (obyt); Abraham; John Parcell, Sara Montagne
1716 Jul 25; Johannes de Lamontange, Sara Parcell; Annatje (b 22 July); Abraham Vredenburg, Elizabeth Montangie
1719 Feb 08; Johannes de Lamontagne, Sara Percell; Joseph; Jesse de Lamontanje, Gerretje de Lamontanje
1719 Mar 11; Roberd Kok, Idie Percel; Roberd; John Percel, Maria Percel
1719 Nov 18; John Parcell, Elizabeth Brouwer; Jannetje (b 21 Oct); Adolph Brouwer, Jannetje Brouwer
1720 Feb 17; John Cure, Gerretje Cosyn; Sara; Jeremiah Redding & wife Anna Percell
1721 May 28; Roberd Kok, Ide Percell; Maria (5/21); Johanna de Lamontange, Elizabeth Percell
1722 Jan 20; John Percell, Elizabeth Brouwer; Jannetje; Richard Percell, Sara Montanje
1722 Aug 29; Johannes Montanje, Sara Percell; Abraham; Jan Percell & wife Elizabeth [Brouwer]
1723 Aug 18; Richard Cok, Ida Percell; Roberd; Willem White, Johannes Bant, Maria Percell
1724 Jan 05; John Persel, Elizabeth Brouwer; Maria; Roberd Cok, Idie Cok
1725 Nov 07; Roberd Cok, Idie Parsell; Johanna; Johannes Bant, Johanna Waldrom
1726 Mar 02; Richard Parcell, Hilletje [Breka] Broekard; John; Isaac [Breka] Broekard, Maria Persell
1726 Mar 06; John Parcell, Elizabeth Brouwer; Elizabeth; Joost Vredenburg, Magdalena Vredenburg
1726 Oct 16; Jan Hyer, Jannetje Stymets; Annatje; Gerret de Graw, Aeltje Hyer wife of Nicolaas Percell
1727 Mar 26; Thomas Percelle, Arey Rimmentum; Steven; Jan Hyer, Sara Bos wife of Gerret Hyer
1728 Jul 17; Hendrik Brasjer, Abigaal Parsel; Isaac; Abraham Parsel, Anna Smith
1730 Feb 11; Hendrik Brasjer, Abigael Persel; Maria; Bernardus Smith, Margrieta Vredenburg
1731 Feb 17; Jan Persell, Lea Van Alst; Annatje; John de Vine & wife Annaatje Persell
1731 May 23; Laurens Elbertse, Christina Persel; Aaltje; Gerrit Hyer & wife Sara Bos
1731 Jun 27; Marten Bogert, Aaltje Persel; Belitje; Henry Braisser, Abigael Persel
1732 Apr 09; Henry Braisjer, Abigael Parcel; Aaltje; Isaac Braisjer, Geertje Parcel
1733 Aug 12; Abraham Parsel, Jannetje Van Iveren; Willem; Burger Van Iveren, Elsjer Van Iveren jd
1734 Mar 06; Isaac Smith, Marytje Percel; Walter; Arent Van Hoek, Sara Bos wife of Gerrit Heyer
1734 Nov 06; Henry Braisier, Abigael Parcel; Willem; Willem Rooseboom, Sara Rooseboom wife of Jacobus Quik
1735 Apr 27; Abraham Persel, Jannetje Van Iveren; Myndert; Burger Van Yveren, Elsje Van Yveren jd
1735 Aug 20; Marten Bogardt, Christina Parcel; Lea; Gisbert Bogard, Elisabet Provoost wid Johannes Beekman
1736 Oct 06; Abraham Parcel, Jannetje Van Iveren; Marytje; Henry Braisier & wife Abigael Parcel
1737 Jan 26; Henry Braisjer, Abigael Parcel; Abigael; Steenwyk de Riemer, Jannetje Van Iveren wife of Abraham Parcel
\1737 Mar 30; Marten Bogard, Christiaan Persil; Aaltje; Jan Persil & wife Lea Van Alstyn
1737 Dec 18; Willem Persil, Jannetje Chahaan; Neeltje; Barny Chassis, Neeltje Cosyn wid Henry Bekkit
1739 Feb 07; Marten Bogaart, Christina Persel; Christina; Thomas Persel, Lea Persel jd
1740 Apr 06; Henry Braisier, Abigael Parcel; Sara; Jacobus Quick & wife Sara Rooseboom
1740 Apr 23; Richard Agins, Engeltje Mors; Isaak; Willem Parcel & wife Jannetje Chahaan
1740 Sep 21; Abraham Parcel, Jannetje Van Iveren; Jan; Johannes Bas, Elisabet Van Iveren jd
1740 Nov 19; William Parcel, Jannetje Chahaan; Samuel; Richard Hagans, Neeltje Chahaan wife of John Nichols
1741 Feb 04; Marten Bogart, Christina Parcel; Christina; Abraham Rycke, Lea Parcel jd
1742 Mar 14; Elias Brevoort, Lea Percel; Henricus; Henricus Brevoort & wife Catharina de Lameter
1742 Jun 30; Abraham Persel, Jannetje Van Yveren; Sara; Ide Van Yveren, Aplonia Vredenburg wife of James Bias
1742 Nov 03; Henry Braisier, Abigael Parcel; Henricus; John Braisier, Maria Vreland wife of Abraham [Poutreau] Peltro
1743 Feb 24; Johannes Bas, Elsje Van Yveren; Myndert; Abraham Perscel & wife Jannetje Van Yveren
1743 Mar 02; Marten Bogart, Christina Persel; Jannetje; Hendrik Van Gelder & wife Annetje Van der Voort
1743 Oct 30; Willem Persil, Jannetje Arbanes; Johannes; Jacob Van der Grist, Neeltje Arbanes wife of Jan Onkkels
1743 Dec 14; Jacob Persil, Mettje Kees; Rebecca; Hendrik Brasser & wife Abigael Persil
1744 Oct 03; John Parsel, Annatje Brega; John; John Parsel & wife Lea Van Aalst
1744 Dec 19; Martinus Uittenbogert, Carstina Parsel; Maria; Jacob Parsel, Maria Wikveldt jd
1745 Jan 20; Elias Brevoort, Lea Persels; Jan; Jan Persels & wife Lea Persel
1745 Apr 28; Abraham Persil, Jannetje Van Iveren; Sara; Ide Van Iveren, Aplonia Vredenburg wife of James Byas
1745 Apr 28; Abraham Persil, Jannetje Van Ysen; Sara; Ide Van Ysen, Aplonia Vredenburg wife of James Byas
1745 Jul 14; Henry Brasher, Abigael Persel; Cathalyntje; Johannes Poel & wife Sara Wilkenson
1745 Jul 17; Jacob Persel, Mettje Kees; Jacobus; Willem Persel, Catharina Haas jd
1746 Apr 30; Willem Persel, Jannetje Arbanes; Willem; Jacob Vander Grist, Catharina Lorey wife of Charles Marcy
1746 Nov 16; Johannes Tukker, Maria Woertendyk; Robert; Richard Kip, Jannetje Persil jd
1746 Nov 26; John Parsel, Annatje Breca; Isaak; Joris Van Aalst & wife Aaltje Breca
1747 Apr 17; Francis Manne, Hanna Kip; Abraham; Cornelis Bogart, Jannetje Persel wife of Richard Kip
1747 May 17; Benjamin Deelen, Elisabeth Vredenburg; Jannetje; Abraham Persel & wife Jannetje Burger
1747 Jul 05; Jacob Persel, Meetje Kees; Jacob; Willem Persel & wife Catharina Haas
1747 Dec 27; Elias Brevoort, Lea Persell; Jakomyntje; Jakob Harsen & wife Jakomyntje Bokee
1748 Jan 06; Richard Kip, Jannetje Parsil; Richard; Petrus Kip, Sara Kip jd
1748 Jul 27; John Parsell, Annetje Broka; Pieter; Pieter Broka, Engeltje Broka jd
1748 Aug 17; Abraham Parsell, Jannetje Van Iveren; Willem; Isaak Braisier, Aaltje Braisier jd
1749 Jun 04; Jacob Persil, Metje Kies; Maria; Isaac Moris & wife Tryntje Kool
1749 Jun 04; Jacob Persil, Metje Kies; Geertje; Simon Pietersse, Geertje Hartman jd
1749 Jun 22; Richard Kip, Jannetje Persil; Petrus; John de La Montagne & wife Maria Daely
1749 Sep 13; John Persel, Annatje Bergau; Isaac; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persel
1749 Oct 25; Henry Braser, Abigail Persell; Daniel; Isaac Braser, Aaltje Braser jd
1749 Nov 22; Richard Parcell, Hilletje Breka; Roelof; John Parcell, Engeltje Breka jd
1749 Dec 06; Henricus Brevoort, Catharina De Lamaitre; Elias; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persell
1750 Jan 31; Benjamin Deelen, Elisabeth Vredenburg; Daniel; Richard Kip & wife Jannetje Persell
1750 Mar 14; Elias Brevoort, Lea Persell; Lea; John Persell & wife Annatje Broka
1750 Jul 25; Martinus Bogert, Christina Persell; Johannes; Thomas Persell, Lea Persell wife of Elias Brevoord
1751 Jan 06; Richard Kip, Jannetie Persell; Jacobus; Abraham Montanie, Catharina Kip wife of Cornelus Bogert
1751 Jul 10; John Persell jr, Neeltje Van der Voort; Nicolaas; Nicolaas Persell & wife Geertje Kool
1751 Sep 04; James Cammel, Sara De more; James; Jacob Persell, Susanna de Graay jd
1751 Oct 02; Thomas Persell, Debora Pandfold; Tomas; Tomas Behanna, Annatje Persell jd
1751 Oct 02; Jacob Persell, Martha Kees; Willem; Willem Deen, Sara de Moree wife of Willem Cimmel
1752 Jan 15; John Parsel, Annatje Broka; Thomas; Johannes Van Alst, Lea Bogert jd
1752 Nov 29; Richard Kip, Jannetje Percell; Elizabeth; Pieter Brouwer & wife Sara Kip
1753 Mar 07; Jan Dyckman, Engeltje Breka; Hilletje; Johannes Persel & wife Annatje Breka
1753 Mar 14; Hendrik Ellis, Maria Sichelsse; Sara; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persell
1753 Mar 28; Johannes de Voor, Belitje Bogert; Aaltje; Johannes Persell, Sara Persell jd
1753 Apr 04; Jan Persell, Neeltje Van der Hoef; Jan (twin); Abraham Persell & wife Jannetje Van Ieveren
1753 Apr 04; Jan Persell, Neeltje Van der Hoef; Elisabet (twin); Pieter Vander Voort & wife Sara Sneediker
1753 May 06; Johannes Bas, Elsje Van Ieveren; Elsje; Myndert Van Ieveren, Maria Persell jd
1753 Jun 27; Antony Seckerley, Annatje Persell; Willem; Willem Seckerley, Cornelia Seckerley wife of George Misserve
1753 Aug 12; Jakob Perssel, Mettje Kees; Jan; Johannes Poel, Sara Wilkeson
1754 Jan 09; Elias Brevoort, Lea Persel; Johannes; Philip Minthon & wife Tanneke Chasin
1754 Jan 27; Gerrit De Grau, Annatje Persel; Walter; Walter de Grau, Maria de Grau jd
1754 Jan 30; John Berrian, Aaltje Braizier; Abigael; Henry Braizier & wife Abigael Persel
1754 Aug 07; John Perssel, Annatje Broka; John; Anthony Shackerley & wife Annatje Perssel
1754 Sep 25; Isaac Brasier, Neeltje Bogart; Abigael; Henry Brasier & wife Abigael Persel
1755 Feb 05; Petrus Brokaa, Jannetje Persel; Petrus; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persel
1755 Feb 05; Martinus Bogaart, Christina Persel; Jannetje; Petrus Brokaa, Lena Bogaart jd
1755 Mar 09; Richard Kip, Jannetje Perssel; Sara; Jeremias Brouwer & wife Jannetje Elswort
1755 Apr 16; Jakob Perssel, Mettje Cees; Isaac; Henry Breezier & wife Abigael Perssel
1755 Jul 23; Anthony Shakerly, Annatje Perssel; Lea; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Perssel
1755 Jul 30; John Barrien, Aaltje Basjer; Henry Brasjer; Henry Brasjer, Abigael Perssel
1755 Dec 04; Gerrit de Grauw jr, Annatje Perssel; Elizabet; Richard Kip & wife Janneke Perssel
1756 Feb 01; Johannes Pas, Elsje van Iveren; Meindert; Abraham Persel & wife Jannetje van Iveren
1756 Feb 25; Josea Paterson, Cathalina Benson; Abraham; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persel
1756 Oct 20; Philip Minthorne, Tanneke Harssen; Jacomyntje; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Perssel
1757 Jan 09; Richard Kip, Jannetje Persel; Hendricus; Richard Van Dyck, Catharina Kip wife of Cornelis Boogert
1758 Oct 18; Teunis Van Tessel, Feytje Jakobs; Abraham; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persel
1759 Aug 05; Jan La Metre, Elizabet Post; Isaac; Isaac La Metre & wife Antje Persel
1764 Nov 04; Jakob Persel, Mylie Keeft; Gerrit; Gerrit Foreest, Rebecca Peersel wife of Gerrit Hardenbroek
1765 May 12; Anthoney Sekkerley, Anna Persel; Cornelia; Pietter Sekkerley, Cornelia Sekkerley wid George Muserve
1766 Aug 10; Gerrit de Grauw, Hanna Persels; Gerrit; Richard Kip jr, Elizabet Kip jd
1767 May 10; Benjamin Stout, Jacomyntje Breevort; Lea; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Persel
1769 Jun 11; Hendrikus Brevoort, Hilletje Bregan; Lea; Elias Brevoort & wife Lea Perzel
1774 Oct 16; James Kip, Cornelia Rykman; Richard Parcel; Richard Kip, Elizabet Brasher jd
1783 Feb 20; Abraham Persel, Angenietje; Feitje; William Lysner & wife Ceity
1785 Jan 02; Thomas Thorn, Catherine Brasher; Abigael Parsells (b 12/14/1784); Jacob Hagerman, Abigael Cameron
1785 Nov 20; Thomas Parcell, Ann Montanje; Ann (b Aug);
1787 Jan 28; Jacob Gerbrantz jr, Catharine Halloway; Catherine (b 12/13); Albert Parsells, Grietje Gerbrantz
1787 Aug 26; Thomas Parsells, Ann Montagnie; Elizabeth (b 7/6);
1789 Jul 26; Thomas Parcells, Ann Montanje; Thomas (b 6/5);
1791 Sep 17; William Parsel, Martyntje Ruyper; Sarah (b 8/23);
1791 Dec 02; Thomas Parsell Anne Montanje; Thomas (b 9/14);
1792 Mar 18; Jacob Freeland, Altie Carmer; Effy (b 2/17); Jacob Parsel & wife Margarit
1793 Nov 17; Nathaniel Mouresse [Morehouse], Elizabeth Parsells; Elizabeth (b 10/8);
1795 Jun 05; Thomas Parsells, Ann Montanye; Thomas (b 3/7);
1796 Jan 03; Nathaniel Morrison, Elizabeth Parsels; Nathaniel (b 11/20);
1797 Mar 03; William P. Roome, Deborah Parsell; Peter Parsell (b 1/1);
1798 Mar 09; Thomas Parsells, Annie Montanje; Elizabeth (b 12/29);
1798 Dec 30; Nathaniel Morrison, Elizabeth Parsells; Janatje (b 11/13);
1799 Nov 17; Thomas Parcells, Ann Montanye; William (b 9/27);
1800 Sep 05; William P. Roome, Deborah Parcells; Ann (b 8/8);
Marriages- Parcel,Parcell, Parsell,Parsells,Parsalls,Persel
1700 04 Aug; Nicolaes Parcel, jm; Aeltje Heyers, jd van N. Yorck. deerste op beeren eylt; twede alhier
1706 17 Jan; Abraham Vredenburg, jm Van Esopus; Isabelle Paersil, jd Van N. Tuyn
1706 17 Jan; Johannes de Lamontagnie, jm Van N. Tuyn; Sarah Parsil, jd V. N. Tuyn
1715 16 May; John Parcele; Elisabeth Brouwer
1727 19 Nov; Henry Brasier; Abigail Parsell
1731 21 Jan; Abraham Persil; Jannetje Yver
1734 16 Nov; Martinus Bogart; Christina Persil
1735 27 Jul; William Parcel, jm; Jannetje Chahaan, jd, beide van Nieuw York; alhier woonende
1741 08 May; Elias Brevoort; Lea Persel
1744 23 Feb; John Parsell; Neeltje van der Woerd
1752 26 Sep; Anthony Shackerly; Anna Parcells
1755 15 May; Nicolaas Berrien; Marie Parsel
1758 13 Oct; Abraham De voe; Elisabet Parsel
1761 19 Oct; George Pain; Sara Parsalls
1762 07 Jan; John Parsells; Margaret Van Aalst
1764 16 May; Dennis Oblinus; Catharina Parsalls
1766 08 Jan; John Howes, jm; Marie Parsell, jd beide van N. Jork; wonende alhier
1771 03 Nov; George Higday, jm; Elisabet Parcels, jd byde van Newyork; won-ende alhier
1783 18 Jan; John Mills; Jane Parcells, Wid, beide van Nieuwyork
1785 20 Sep; Abraham Parsells; Leah Van Der Hoeff
1793 03 Jul; Peter Pinfold; Sarah Parsells
1795 01 Aug; Thomas Parsells; Mary Hurst
1795 15 Dec; William P. Roome; Deborah Parsells
Marriage Liscense issued NY
1753 11 Apr; Garret De Grauw, jr.; Hannah Parcel
1758 23 Sep; Abraham Devoe; Elizabeth Persell
1768 15 Oct; Abraham Lavine; Hannah Parcell
1783 18 Jan; John Miles; Jane Parcells
Schraalenburgh (South Church), Bergenfield, New Jersey, Reformed Dutch
By Bergen County Historical Society
Note: 3 books of records & 2 church’s. Records starting 1724
Baptiised              child          born         Parents                                           witness
1792 Sept 9    David Parsel      June 17            Israel  & Getty Demorest                   Janettje Demorest        
1791 Dec 4    Abrahan Devoe         Oct 30                  John & Helina Godwin              Abraham Devoe & Elizabeth Parsel his wife
1789 April 12  William Persel        Jan 5                    William Persel
1783 March 30  Johannis Persel     Feb 21                 William Persel                                Johannis Blauvelt & wife
1780 June 11    Jacob Persel           May 6                  William Persil & wife
1778 Feb 22    Abraham Pircel                                    William Pircil & wife                  Abraham Kuyper & wife
Schraalenburg, NJ  Dutch Reformed Church
1792 March 4   Jacob Lyens    Jan 5           Samuel Lyens & Fytje Persel              Jacob Persil & Grietie Truman
1791                   Hendrick Persel   Oct 12           William Persil & Rebecca Ossly
1784 March 28   Hanna Lyens      Feb 1              Samuel Lyens & Fytie Persel
1783 Sept 26      Samuel Persel    Oct. 10            John Persil & wife                                     Johannis Blauvelt & wife
1782 Aug 25      Abigail Smith     July 12            Nicholas Smith & Abigail Pessel              Jacob Meyer & Abigail Persel
1780 Jan 1         Annatie Lyens  Dec 12,1779      Samuel Lyens & Fytie Persel                    Jacob Persil & Gritie Truman
1777 Oct 19       John Persel       Aug 29              Jacob Persel & Gritie Truman
1774 Feb 13      Gritie Pessel      Jan 12                Jacob Pessel & Gritie Truman
1774 Jan 16       Jacob Myer       Dec 19,1773     Jacob Myer & Ebbi Pessel
1772 Sept 27    Abraham Persell    Aug 19          Abraham Persell & Angenietje Vervellen         Jacob Persil & Gritie Truman
1772 May 10  Maria & Catrina Smith (twins) April 10   Nicholas Smith & _____Persel       Ari Blauvelt & Altje Smit his wife & Hendrick Vervelen & his wife
1771 Jan 13    Jacob Keen Persel  Dec 4,1770      Jacob Persel & Gritie Truman                    John Keen & Rachel Ridenar his wife
1770 March 25   Lea Smit       Feb 17                 Nicholas Smit & his wife                             Jacob Quakkenbos, Lea Christie his wife
1770 March 25  Bernardus Persel  Feb 27           Abraham Persil & wife                Bernardus Verveelen & Marritje Blauvelt his wife
1769 July 9     Abraham Meyer     July 9             Jacob Meyer & Ebbi Persel             Abraham Persil & Nietje Verveelen his wife
1768 March 13 Lea  Smit            Feb 20            Nicholas Smit & Maria Persel               Jacob Quakkenbos  & Lea Christie his wife
1767 Nov 15    Paulus Persel      Sept 16            Jan Persil & Maria Livesie
1766 April 20  William Smith     March 31        Nicholas Smith & Maritje Persel      Nicasse Kip & Lea Vreelant
1766 March 30 Walter Persel     Feb 10              Jacob Persel
1764 Nov 4    Johannis Smitt    Oct 27               Nicholas Smitt & Marya _____                    Jan Christie & Beeletje his wife
1764 July 29   Margrietje Persel  July 3              Abraham Parsel  & Margrietje Livesey       Paulus Livesey & Hester Livesey
1763 Oct 23  Walter Persel          Sept 24            Abraham Persil & Agenietje Verveelen     Vreederick Verveelen & wife
1763 July 10   Elsie Parsel          June 12            Jacob Parsel & Margrietje Truman              Nicholas Smit & wife
1762 Jan 3  Abraham & Jacob Parsel (twins)      Jan Persil & Marja Livisi                             Jacob Persil & wife
1761 March 1  Sophia Parcel    Feb 10               Jacob Parcel & Margrietje Truman              William Parcel & Bregje his wife
1759 Aug 19  Dirck Persel       July 24               Jan Persel & Marya Livesey     
1757 May 8   Rachel Pesselen  April 17             Jan Pesselen & Maria Livizy                         Paulus Livizy & Margrietje sister
1755 Nov 9   Johannis Persel    Oct 17               Jan  Persil & Maria Livejey                           William Persil & wife
1749 Aug 20 Abegael Percel      July 24             Walter Percel & Fytie Ridnars                      Daniel Cammegaer & Gesie his wife
1745 June 23  Joannes Ritnar                              Hendrick Ritnar & Marriietje Reuger           Walter Persil & Feytje his wife
1744 Nov 25 Maria Persel        Nov 13             Walter Persel & Fytie Ridnar                         Albert Westerville & wife
1741 Dec 3  Abram Persel       Oct 31                Walters Persel & Feytjin Ridnars                    James Cristy & wife
1738 July 23 Jacob Persel       June 25                Walther Persel & Feytjin Ridnar                    Johannis Cristy & Billetjin his wife
1737 May 8   Annetje Hessel                             William Hessel & Geertjen Pieterse                Klses Pieterze & Annetje Ariaanse
1735 Nov 16  Jan Persel                                     Waltrus Persel & Feytje  Ridnar                      Jan Ridnars & Lena Ridnars
1724 May 3   Jan Persel                                      Nicholas Persel & Geertje Kool                      Barent Kool & Tryntie Kool
1755 April 14                                John Persel ym  Martyje Livesey yd
1763 July 9                                   Niclaes Smith ym Maria Persel yd
Marriages recorded 3rd book of Records South Church
1799 March 10                          John Pearsal and Margretta Marthagen
1799 Aug 13                             Isaac Pearsals and Rachel Goetschius
"The Newtown Presbyterian Church was founded in 1652, in which year
the settlement afterwards known as Newtown Village was commenced.
This name was changed in, about, 1895 to the present name of Elmhurst.
The church was at its inception Congregational in form of government and
all its affairs were considered in public town meeting and recorded, if recorded
at all, in the town records. It was not until the pastorate of the Rev. Samuel
Pumroy that this manner of conducting the affairs of the church ceased and the
Presbyterian form of government was instituted.
Samuel Pumroy commenced his pastorate in 1708. In 1715 he became a
member of the Presbytery of Philadelphia and from that time the Newtown
Church gradually assumed the Presbyterian form of government though it
was not until 1724 that there was a regularly elected session. In that year
three ruling elders, Content Titus, James Renne and Samuel Coe, were
elected, and from that date, June 28, 1724, this religious body became a
fully created Presbyterian Church.
The records of baptisms, marriages and deaths commenced with the baptisms
in 1727, the marriages in 1709 and the deaths in 1728. Previous to the
pastorate of Mr. Pumroy no such records were kept, or at least none are now
in existence. In these records some years are entirely missing while in many
others the entries are very meagre.
During the entire Revolutionary period no records were kept, the church
edifice was destroyed by the British and the congregation scattered. No records
of the period from 18IO to 1819, which includes the pastorate of the Rev.
William Boardman, can now be found; either there were none kept or they have
been lost.
1716 June 7   Henry Parcel of Bush’s Island & Elizabeth Force of Westchester
1729 Jan 10 Martinus Bogart of York & Etta Parsel of Barn Island
1736 Aug 14 John Parcel & Elizabeth Boss
1740 May 11 John Parcell & Martha Case
1753 April 14 Gerritt De Grave of NY & Hannah Parsel
1762 Nov 7 Nicholas Parsalls & Sarah Parsalls
1768 Aug 25 John Parsall & Sarah Betts
1768 Oct 20 Abraham Devine & Hannah Parcell
1771 Jan 17 Joseph Borroughs & Mary Parsel
Jan. 27, Three children of John Parsel, drowned-
1772 May 27.
Child of John Persel, Jr.-
Memorandum begonnen Int Ano 1741. (begun in the year 1741)
Elisabeth Persen 13 Sept 1741 Johannis Persel dau. Joseph Montanye & wife. M. Susanna Brinckerhoff
Nicklaes Persel 30 Oct 1741 Jacob Persel son. Nichlaes Persel & wife.
Keya Persel 1742 28 maert. Johannis Persel dau. John persel & wife Elisabeth
Jan Persel, Maregrita van Alst, 5/18/1766, Elizabeth, Jan Persel, Elizabeth Bas
Transcriptions of Early Town Records of NY,NY Historical Records Survey Project,Town Minutes of Newtown 1656-1688 Vol 1
John Parcell, Will dated 7 May 1677 of Dutch Kills in Newtown,Queens, NY - names wife Judith Parcell & four children  Thomas,William,John & Katherine. Grandchildren mentioned but not named.. Apponits Capt Richard Betts & Jonathan Boath of Newtown executors. used mark instead of signature..
Note: James Riker adds a son Henry.
Un recorded NY, Will dated 28 Sept 1677  residing in West riding York shires in America (Newtown) gives his entire estate to his son Thomas. Wife still living but not named. witnesses by John Allin & Theophilus Phillips clerk
NY Patents p140, John Parsell to son Thomas both of Newtown,plantation formerly belonging to Burger Georges, for 4000 guilders. Thomas to pay 275 per yr so long as John & wife live. 28 Sept 1677. wit John Allyn
NY Calendar of Wills-Unrecorded dated 22 Dec 1724
In the name of God,Amen. Dec. 22,1724. I William PARCELL, of Newtown, in Queens County,being sick. I leave to my son Nicholas, all the Plantation where I now live, being 75 acres, as it is lotted & bounded, Except a small piece of salt meadow of about 6 1/2 acres, adjoining Johannes Van Alst. And an acre of land at or near my point, by the river side. I leave to my wife 1/4 of all my grain that shall be raised on my farms, both here and in the Jersies, Also a room in my house, and an acre of land near my point by the river side. I also leave her my Indian women. And my son Nicholas shall keep 2 cows for her, during her widowhood, and she is to have firewood & fencing. I leave to my son Walter, all my Plantation in New Jersey, being 146 acres, And he is to pay to my son Jacob, 50#, on May 3,1731. I leave to my sons Thomas and Abraham, my Plantation in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, But if by any means they are debarred from the siad Plantation, they are each to have 100#. I leave to my daughter Abigail, a negro women. To my wife and my daughter Abigail , all household goods, my daughter to have her share when of age or married. I leave to my son Nicholas, a negro man, and 6 1/2 acres of salt meadow, and he is to pay my daughter Abigail 25#. I also leave my daughter Abigail a cow that was my daughter Catherines. I leave to my sons,Thomas, Walter, and Abraham, each a negro boy. To my son Abraham, a loom with tackling and a cutlass. To my son Thomas, a sword. All the rest to my four sons. Also a Drought lot in the bounds of Newtown, to be sold, and the money to my four sons. I make my beloved cousin, John PARSELL, and my neighbor, Isaac Burgaa, executors. witnesses, Jacob Blackwell,George Van Alst,John Culgar. Proved Oct. 6 1728.
Abstracts of wills on file in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York (Volume II. 1708-1728)
In the name of God, Amen. I Thomas Pearsall of Spectacle Island otherwise called Harts Island, in the county of Westchester, being in poor health, I leave to my wife Christian Pearsall, the use and profits of all the real and personal estate "towards her support in her decripet age and during her life". "I leave to my son Nicholas Pearsall, 5lb, as his sole and only right, and not to claim or make any disturbance in law or equity as my heir in law."
I leave to my son Henry one certain Island called Spectacle or Harts Island, lying within the manor of Pelham in the County of Westchester. And he is to make payments of 300lbs in installemnts to my Estate. I leave to my daughter, Eda Dobbs, 15lbs. I leave all the rest of my estate to my children Nicholas,John,Henry,Hanna and Eda. I make Thomas Pell esq., Hermanus Rutsen, and my son, John Pearsall executors. Dated April 20,1723 Witnesses Johanes Rolofsen, Jane Francis, Edward Fitzgerald. Proved April 6,1732 And the Executors having refused letters of Administration being granted to his son Henry Pearsall. The widow was also dead. Daughter Eda married Walter Dobbs. The daughter Hannah married John Lanyon.
Note: Harts Island is now owned by the City of New York and a large part of it is the city cemetery know as Potter's Field. W.S.P. (William S. Pellateau)
The John Watts DePeyster Publication Fund series. [Vol. 36]
Will of Abraham Parcel of Newtown,NY dated July 17,1781 Proved May 10,1784
It reads in part (ex)
To William Parcel, son of my brother Thomas,105 acres of ground in the eastern division of NJ in New Britain, between the Rahway River and the southern most branch of the Passaic, being part of a 315 acre tract laid out by John Harriman; said tract now devised begins at or near the North Mountain, extends to the South Mountain. Unto my son William, the residue of the said tract being 210 acres.